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omg hi!!
wassup lol ;)
hey hey hey! loved this idea! nice to meet u!
Welcome to PC!
😊I should’ve done this when I first joined a year ago!
ikr? I had an acc at one point and then I deleted it bc I wasn’t into stuff like this at the time. but then I decided to get the app back and whaddya know! I’m still here as we speak!
ofc! I’m aly, welcome to pc! u can always comment if you need any help or anything!! <3
welcome to PC!you seem so different than me! but im sure you’re a great person, I bet we will get along . hope we can be friends! :)
welcome to pc!! I’m Sophie and if you need anything I’m always here <33
YESSS I would love to be friends <3
yasss let’s be friends!!
can’t wait to c ur posts
ahhh! so nice to meet you!! hoping to become friends and collab soon! <3
hi nice to meet you and welcome to pc I hope you have a great tim
and Yass let’s be friends
im 13 and a half
do you like it’s for you
thx for the comment follow me 😄
I love that ur also a follower in Christ bc there’s not enough ppl on pc like that
hi! welcome to piccollage!!!
nice to meet you!
how are you??😁
you’re so welcome!!
so welcome, lets be friendo
your first post is nice 🤩👍
let’s be friends
hey I would love to be friends and maybe some time collab!!
Hey! Welcome to pc! 💕🤍so far I love your acc! 🤩and also i’d love to be friends!✨💞 can’t wait to see your amazing work!! and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! -sweet_lavender
pretty good :)😂
your already at 100?😳😳 wow congrats I only got my 100 in like 5 months or something lol
love it
New Post!!!! Come Check Them Out!!!!-Aisha and the squad!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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oh ya lol no prob!
yeah when I came here (on pc) I didn’t even know anyone and how to find people lol😂🤦‍♀️
I really like your icon!! it’s so matches to your user and acc.,😍😍
ah thanks!! :)
tyyy congrats on 100
Tysm so excited for your new account 💕
Tyyy✨✨✨😁🍄 Have fun on your new account!!🤩
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aw tysm!!!
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thank you! and yes i also really hope they can find her soon so her family can get closure :(
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thankyou for following me you are really nice
Hi! Wanna be friends?❤️☀️
aahhh tyyy 💕✨🤗
hii!!! welcome to pc! i think you're going to like it here! if you ever want to collab let me know! have a blessed day! Jesus loves you 😊
ahh ty
and hru
Welcome to Picollage
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hi, hope we can be friends, please follow me I hope pc welcomes you and good luck
Hi I am flowersbloming I am really new to pc and I would love it if u would follow me it would really make my day and I hope we can all achieve things together and reach our dream goals it would be wonderful if we could all share that experience much love flowersbloming❤️❤️
Kia Ora , would you be able to enter into my Spring contest hope you like it and to try be the lucky one to get 1st Place ..... But anyways welcome to pic Collage hope ur having a good day and enjoy ur time on this wonderful sharing app
hey! welcome to PicCollage !!! PC is an amazing place!!! can’t wish to be friends with you!!! you sound amazing! if u have any questions…feel free to aks!!
also I’m trying to get to 2k if u can help me that would mean the world to me
aww tysm!! 😊
if you ever need any tips or have any questions i'll be happy to help!! 😁🤍
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Ooo hey! Nice to meet you, you can call me Geo 🐸
hi 👋
contest now!
Hello guys to celebrate 95 followers I posted something u guys might like remember remix to collect! Lol -flowergirl111
tysm for the spam!! so happy ur back!!
i’ll definitely give you a shoutout, and ofc a tumblr girl pack! i’ll find some and have it posted soon!
i love ur name
is anyone else having issues with remixing?
glad ur back!
Hiii!! iam so glad you’re back!💞✨🤍 I would love to see what you create on her! If you need help with anything just ask!🤍
yeah sure but i’m currently working on one so i will get back to you when i can
ahh thanks i got bored of it at one point but everyone liked it so much i kept it
tysm 🤍
thank you!!
aww tysm!! 😊
i'm glad you're back!!
thank u!!!!
thank youuuu
open for collab now
hi! would this happen to be jennasis from the Bible app? idk if you remember me but it’s gabby aha 😂 I got locked out of my old acc and had to make a new one