Round 2!
Entries must be in by 20th of July.

750x750 That-Gryffindor-Unicorn

Round 2! Entries must be in by 20th of July.

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can you please join my contest πŸ’œ
hi, i just found ur account but i really love it!! i like ur style and everything else abt it ! if also reallyyyyy love it if u entered my icon contest! hope u do! have a great week and remember God loves u!!!
icon contest results are up
Entries are closed, Sorry I am late with the results
it’s fine, I already knew that, I just wanted to do it if you don’t mind, 😐 sorry
Hi! i would really enjoy it if u could enter my contest games in honor of my account getting 400 followers! πŸ’ž thanks for being one of them! there will be 5 spots for each team and u can choose from Harry Potter, Avengers, Beauty and the Beast, and High School Musical i really hope u join! thanks for reading this πŸ’žπŸ˜