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sorry they're all kinda eggies and no potatoes
i love them they’re all super cute
i like the first three sksj
ùwú oki
wait do i respond here or on the other post
so now it's between the first two(?)
on the other post right?
uh you can respond here
i’ll just go to the other post
cause it's less work😎
oh okay
yeah then between the first two
oH oKaY
i'll stop saying okay LMÃO
okay lol
i gtg eat really quick so brb
i mean alright👍🏼
out of the first two which one do you prefer?
uH i was gonna ask you the same thing-
i asked first!!
JDHS i kNoW buT i wAs goNNa asK yOu bC i cAn'T cHoOsE-