hey there stalker-


tap hey there stalker-

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Hey sorry I was on a plane
ah it’s totally fine! I’m just getting out of school so it’s all good :D so for the collab- are we doing a theme or just whatever? and do ya want to do background or the text? idc whichever is fine with me :D
Can I do background please?
Your great at text so I think you should do it!😊
Alright sounds great! I’m doing a bit of schoolwork rn but I’ll start finding some quotes :D
Do you have any ideas for a theme?
I was think maybe spring but what do you think?
Yeah spring sounds great! :D I’ll start looking
how about one of these? Hopefully you can see those they’re small- xD
I remix the one I thought was my favorite but I am fine with any!😊
I'll start working on the bg ASAP
aight cool! take your time there’s no rush at friend ik ur busy <DD 💛
Sorry for taking a while I'll try and remix it to you tomorrow I have been busy all week sorry again!
Ayo! it’s totally fine lol there’s no rush at all <D
Sorry took longer than expected because I just kept forgetting to remix it on here I'm so sorry!
I just remixed it before the other comment
Hihi!! it’s totally fine, no worries!! although I don’t think it remixed it’s not showing up :0
Oh let me try again thank you for letting me know!😊
lol you’re welcome but I still don’t think it did- xD
Ugh pic why will it not show up!?!?
I will see if it works tomorrow I am so sorry
it’s fine!! maybe you could post real quick and I could save it?? or we can wait until tomorrow
Hey I never heard back from you do you see the bg?