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Wowie look I finally posted something!! This be a collab ((that I’m posting incredibly late but anywAYS-)) with mah bestie -Hunii- !!! She did the bg I did the text 🕺✨

Go follow Angel rn cuz she’s absolutely amazing!! 💛🤙🏻


🩴 tap! 🩴 Wowie look I finally posted something!! This be a collab ((that I’m posting incredibly late but anywAYS-)) with mah bestie -Hunii- !!! She did the bg I did the text 🕺✨ Go follow Angel rn cuz she’s absolutely amazing!! 💛🤙🏻

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this is absolutely gorgeous!!!
you both did a great job:))
thank you!!! and ofc 🤍
it’s amazing
This is gorgeous 😍
So pretty I love it!!💞
ahhh tysmmm
ikr I’m obsessed with it too
this is super prettyyy😍😩💓
this is prettyyy!! you two did such a good job!!! woaa :0
re//: oh wow, your mum’s phone? I used to use my mum’s work ipad (she used to work in a school and one of the apps was pc along with all these educational ones), then I used the family ipad before getting my own :’)
I think my parents did find out at one point, but honestly I don’t really mind now, I’m old enough now to make my own decisions and do what I want lol
sure! I’d love to be friends!! :] you didn’t need to ask! and aw, tysm! I’m probably the least cool person you’ll ever meet but ty for saying! and I’m glad people enjoy seeing my art, pc is definitely not an art platform but that’s all I’ve ever done here. and ooH you draw? I’d love to see your art sometime! I’m sure it’s amazing!!
Love this <3
ofc!! and aww thank you so much🥺❤️btw i'm good thank you! how have you been??💕
np♥️ how are you!
Thank you!😊
ahh i'm very happy you're doing well too!! btw purple is my fav color too (and green😚)!! i used to dye the tips of my hair neon purple some years ago and i loved it so much!!💜😍
oooo I’ve always wanted to dye my hair but too scared
I’m good and excited for March break!!!
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re//: it’s ok! no need to apologise, we all have lives and are too busy to be here from time to time. I’m doing good! I go back to college tomorrow after a couple home study weeks which I’m a little nervous about but I’ll be fine :’) how have you been??
yeah, same here, my parents trust me enough and the fact I’m the most cautious and paranoid person in the world probably helps that. they’re also not as strict as some parents, they’ve always been really loose with rules and stuff meanwhile this girl in my class still has time limits on certain apps and has phone curfews- I’ve never ever had that
ooh ok! I look forward to seeing it!! and that’s ok, I didn’t draw much when I got my first ipad a couple years ago. I know how hard it can be to find time to draw, just doodle something or work on a piece every time you have a spare minute or two. even if it’s ten minutes it helps a lot in the grand scheme of things
aAh ty! you’re so kind- and I do post on instagram sometimes, but I’m very anxious about people seeing or stealing my art there so my account is private. I find pc very easy to use, and I find I’ve just attached myself to it and the people here, I can’t imagine my life without it. I wouldn’t have anything to post if I didn’t post my art here lol, and it seems people actually like seeing my silly little pieces and characters so I guess I’ll continue for now
ahhh washing hair with cold water is... i can’t do that even though I have to because I’ve heard hot water is not good for the hair
but I will try to dye my hair!! what colour did you dye it?
don't worry ehehe!! and yeah sage green is def one of my favorite shades too🥰 i stopped dying the tips of my hair cause i like to cut my hair shorter now, so idk i think it wouldn't look as good! but i should totally try to do it again sometime eheheh😂
ahh so pretty!
this is so stunning 🤍🤍
I love your acc! do you want to be friends?
do you like my new pfp?
it’s a friend of mine😍
omg thank you!!!!!!!
I had my pfp as tom holland for ages!! my username was tom_holland_is_mine for a while 😂
yesss your pfp is amazing 🤩
I can’t decide on a pfp for longer than two weeks lol
I'm doing good thanks and I'm still alive as well but don't come on much
this is so cute!
hey dude!!! :0 I noticed the app needed updating and was like ‘hm I should check and see what’s going on’ lol. it’s nice to see you back!! I hope you’re doing well <3
new post!
hey hru??