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I’m doing good ❤️ and thank you!
oops I just skimmed through 😂. I have read Heartless though. It is so dark and mysterious.
Ikr the ending like 😳
wow. thanks for going through everything, that would have taken forever. I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive and I may have forgotten the password to this account for a while...but I’ve been actively trying to get better I promise. why do I tell people? honestly I’m not sure. I’ve been going on for so so so many years where I haven’t had the chance to talk about anything. Then things like insta and PC came along for me and I wanted to remain anonymous. I gave up on the insta after awhile and I’m not really sure what’s going on for me at the moment in time. life is empty. And I don’t know what to do about it. The people around me day to day don’t understand. “you’ll get over it” or they will say “sorry for your loss” then avoid me for ages. But thanks. your amazing.