tap here! 🍇

hello guys!! how is
everybody doing? 🫶🏻
qotd: favorite singer?
model: olivia rodrigo


tap here! 🍇 hello guys!! how is everybody doing? 🫶🏻 qotd: favorite singer? model: olivia rodrigo

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this is amazing omg!!🫶💕
your probably the edit queen of 2023💓
and ahhh yes!! thank you so much🫶
how are you? I seriously missed talking :(
I actually am too, I do it online but my mom helps me too,
yea my grandma actually passed away a few months back😕
color scheme is so pastel and cute aaaaaa
aotd : soso hard 4 me to choose just one but kurt cobain is 4ever and always near and dear 2 my heart !!
hope ur doing well emma !!! ive been good other than being locked out of my main 💔 i turned 15 on the 15th and went to see evil dead rise in theaters !!
frank Sinatra is my fave singerrr 🫀
@caption; i’m ok!! js sm stress 💔💔 hbu? <3
so cool!!!
AOTD: atm Taylor swift and EDEN!
qtod: Taylor Swift!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
aww ty! and ofc, you deserve a shoutout❤️
yea I’m doing ok now, just miss her
This is so pretty!! Love the pics you chose ❤
thats so sweet !!! ive missed talking 2 !!
ive been on the hunt for some good dvds 2 , for some reason all i ever find is like.. disney movie bootlegs !?!?
YES U GET IT !! it makes sm sense 2 me , there is something so endearing about abt the fall that just never fails to bring joy just by the thought of it !! 🎃 ++ its the best time 4 a goth like me to stock up on room decor & daily wardrobe piece LOL
+++ THANK U <3 it was fun !! the movie was SUPER gross i thoroughly enjoyed it though, i havent seen a horror flick in the theaters in sooo long so i was happy 2 have an excuse to finally go again !! it was a v rainy day aswell so i mostly just stayed home after that and kept watching my fav films
dude i LOVE those movies i hope u get some thrift store luck and find all of them !!! i've been looking 4 nosferatu, but im a cheerleader, and nowhere on dvd but its always so hard to find anything good 💔
NO U MAKE SENSE 4 me thats a compliment because i literally heart slc punk sm 🤞 literally any 60s-90s movie about an alternative subculture im sure 2 b obsessed w 😭
me 2 !! im so xcited too spider & a new wes anderson movie in the same month !!! its gonna b such a great time 2 go to the movies 🙏🙏
aotd: Ethel Cain rn for sure
YES OMG I need ur Spotify too, ur always posting great artists
it’s @SooSuperSick!! the pfp is the criminal penguin from Wallace and Gromit
I haven’t actually read myorar😳 is it good
Stunning omgg!
omg thank uu!!! and that sounds so nice, where are you going on vacation??
and noo nothing fun for me ahha!! i have just one more day of school left :))
thank you!!
hey!! this is gorgeous!! how are you doing? wanna be friends? my name is Chloé btw😅
ahh lucky!which movie did you watch? two more weeks of school here :/😧I just caught a cold so I’m not going anywhere this weekend😭butt I’m going to an escape room next/next next week w my friends✨
hey em! do you want to collab soon?
ok great! mind making the chatpage if you have time?
and awhh ty sm!
I’m in LOVE with your pfp😭😂