how’s your week going so far?

the question for today is what’s your favorite board game?


tap 7/15/20 how’s your week going so far? the question for today is what’s your favorite board game?

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for your second question, probably salad. for your third, probably water, food, and shelter
This is so pretty!!
My weeks been pretty good, mostly chilling. Fav board game, hmm, I think monopoly
THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! 💕✨ aotd: Catan!
this is absolute gorgeous🤩⚡️
aotd- chameleon
wow this is beautiful!!
it’s a game where everyone gets a card with codes and stuff on there, and one person gets a card that says “chameleon.” basically the people with the coded cards are in the know, and the chameleon person has to act like he knows what’s happening. there’s a secret word in the coded cards, and everyone has to go around describing it
but remember the chameleon has no clue what the word is. so he has to guess and say something random
and if the other people catch you lying, they win
Emma this is amazing
BEAUTIFUL!!!! @caption: I love monopoly and I KNOW everyone hates it but idk it’s pretty fun ngl everyone screaming at each other lol
woahhh this is sooo amazing!!
You’re welcome
gorgeous 💕
thank you!🖤
Your account is so aesthetic and beautiful!
the vibes in this one are everything 🤤💕
my week’s been going pretty chill so far (for once, amen)—been trying to get ahead of finals 😨😂💕 what about yours? also my favorite board game is probably monopoly, as my brother and i will literally turn the wallstreet switch on for that game 😂😂😂💖
your welcome!
this is amazing !!!💙🤩 monopoly , how have you been ?
no problem!!! 🥰💗✨ THANK YOU SO MUCH !! 🥺✨💞🥺🥰💗 ILY
that’s great !!
and yes monopoly is amazing but my family doesn’t like to play it at all because it takes forever but my bf said he’d play with me
i’ve been having cheer tryouts all week and i tried out today and i feel really good about it !! an other coach higher up came to see us and judge and he was smiling a lot when i was doing my thing and all the other judges were and i felt GREAT
ah it’s no problem, I don’t think you’ve asked 🥰 I’m maddie 💗💞
is your name Emma? (just guessing from your bio)
thank you!!
with cheer there aren’t levels there’s just like elementary school cheer , middle school cheer , hs cheer , college , nfl , or theres competitive and that has different levels like junior and senior but yeah i just don’t specify things sometimes just so i can keep my age private😂
this is beautiful!! 😍
it’s for school , but we are planning on also being competitive
which if i make it means i get to learn how to tumble
1000000000% agreed 🥴🙏🏽
i’ve always wanted to learn how to tumble but i can’t even extend my arms all the way in a bridge😂
i just wanna see myself tumbling down the field tho ngl
but also i made it !!
i love cheer so much and i’ve made it every year and i really don’t want it cancelled like if i could cheer 24/7 i think i would
what’s your favorite part of gymnastics ? i find it so cool that you do gymnastics !!
i did it when i was little for like a couple months then i just felt like i couldn’t do it so i quit but i always loved it
im actually going to destin they say the waters are super clear there:)
my pin i believe is slappedbycami😳
ooo !
those sound fun !!
low key obsessed with your whole aesthetic like woah this is ins a n e
love thisss🤩🤩
obsessed with your collage style here!
how did you get that ocean girl in the middle