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did you draw this?
also that’s a little lame but also it’ll make it a fun surprise for you
well you’ll be surprised so that’s good
you don’t seem very happy about it
me too :)
he’s not going to forget you
a saying I really like is how when a new member gets introduced (marrying grace and the kid) the person who has the love (Jake) doesn’t stop giving it to you cuz he doesn’t have enough, his love gets bigger
plus aren’t you technically his dependent
I mean you live with him and he keeps you alive. I can’t remember if you guys live with parents or something
ok yeah so you’re a dependent so he can’t forget you because he has to feed you 😂 but also he loves you so much so he won’t forget you
it’s ok to be worried you’re not stupid I’m just trying to reassure you. you should talk to Jake about being worried though because he’ll be able to reassure you better
girl u more beautiful
what the question
will I made him to not to hurt u again and he felt bad for making u sad and idk yet
I love thissss