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Hello! Thank you so much for signing up. The teams will be revealed and the contest will begin as soon as enough people have entered. The games will be taking place over on @ybigames. More information will be given shortly before the contest commences. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks again🌻
Hi! The games will begin today. I really struggled to get people to sign up to this one so I reduced the number of contestants to eight and took off team Lili. These games will be a little shorter but hopefully you’ll still enjoy yourselves! There will be four rounds and there will be a few eliminations along the way. Due to the small amount of people there are teams of two. Which on reflection, I think will be quite nice because I guess it’s kind of like a partnership! I hope that you’re all happy with the teams you’ve been put in. The contest will begin soon! Thank you again for all signing up and I do really hope you enjoy yourselves. - Emily💓
The teams have been revealed and the games have begun! You have until Friday 31st August to enter. Good luck !
Any questions, ask via @youblitheringidiot as I’ll likely see it sooner :)
Hello! Just a notice that you have about 15 hours left to enter round one. Please know, there will never be pressure to enter a round. I completely understand that real life comes first! But obviously, if it came to it, I would have to eliminate you just so that it’s fair on the others. Also, if you have already entered and you’re wondering why I’m telling you to enter... I judge the entries anonymously to keep it completely fair. So, if you have already entered, thank you and good luck!🌿
Round two and the one one results are out! You have until Sunday 2nd September to enter. Good luck!🍋
I’m busy all day tomorrow so I’m giving you another day to turn in your entries. Good luck !! 💓
Results out Monday :)
Hey👋🏻 The round two results and round three has been posted! You have until Wednesday 5th September to enter. Good luck :)
The round three results are out on @ybigames! For your final round, I’m getting people to vote on my main. You may vote for yourselves but please don’t ask people to vote for you as I would like to keep it as fair as possible. Good luck! The final results will be coming in the next day or so!💫
Aaaaand the final results are out! Thank you so much to all of you for creating such incredible artwork. Be sure to check the like section on my account to see the new additions to ‘the hall of fame’ 💓