This is one I made awhile ago. And y’all. I can’t wait to use the new fonts!! They’re so prettyyy! But anyways, Halloween was good, I got lots of candy🍬But now I have to go do school😒QOTD: what did you dress up as? AOTD: Minnie Mouse♥️


Tap🐾 This is one I made awhile ago. And y’all. I can’t wait to use the new fonts!! They’re so prettyyy! But anyways, Halloween was good, I got lots of candy🍬But now I have to go do school😒QOTD: what did you dress up as? AOTD: Minnie Mouse♥️

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this is so gorgeous❤️
ahh I love this so much!! 😻😻
aotd: Patrick Star ♥️😂
aw thank you so much!💓💓
you’re welcome! :))
Patrick Star from Spongebob lol 😂♥️
I hope you had fun! ♥️♥️
I think it’s important that we acknowledge our mistskes and move on and learn from them. 💓💘💗💕💞
you’re welcome! ♥️
haha yeah 😂
how do I reply to comments?
how do ur collages get EVEN MORE lovely each time?! 💜💜💜💜💜💜
then y is the collage about her gone?
i did not delete it
u don’t know if im telling the truth ik I wouldn’t believe me either but trust me on this one thing ok?
i could be but im not. im really not
ik it’s not fair and i get it. if I delete the collage about u will u trust me?
that’s what I thought! but it’s like the boy who cried wolf. nobody is going to believe me cause they all hate me and love her.
because the only collage she deleted was the one about her and my most recent that she commented on. on her account
ik I’m sorry if I caused more drama. it’s not what I meant to do. i was stupid. and this account was a mistake
you don’t. and I get it. but y would I delete her collage? why not urs on anyone else’s. And I was the one who posted it in the first place
thank you.
i could have yes. but I didn’t y wud I delete my most recent as well?
I don’t want to argue either but I am telling the truth. the pass is not difficult to guess.
i realise y u don’t trust what I am saying but don’t u think it’s a bit weird that as soon as my collages get deleted. sakuracat is no longer active?
she is still inactive
it’s just very suspicious timing that is all. I realise that. you are a nice person
ok bye then.
I was on her page about to comment something when she deleted her posts
next thing I know she’s gonna make a hatepage for me
she was framing me
and I was typing the posts about the “mistakes”
so I was inactive
I was also revising for my tests next week
I mean why would I waste my time hacking her when I have no idea what her password is?
didn’t mean to say well that’s rude to you I was saying it because me and her were having a separate conversation xx
k xx
no problem at all! thank u!💕💕
thank u! also this is gorgeous❤️
aha I deleted all my collages from October 2016-June 2017 except for my 50 followers on in January aha
didn’t mean to put aha twice Oof
^^also I regret that
I also love December but it’s quite stressful, I love New Year’s Eve aswell hehe
what’s your favourite day of the year
ok so I’m not going to try and give an opinion on the whole gods plan for the people and such because I know nothing about religion in general. I personally never believed any of it because for everything the bible says there’s scientific proof to counteract it. (but keep being you if you’re religious, cool. if not, cool) it’s not really what makes them happy it’s just who they are. idk if your parents brought you up with religion or if you got into it but it’s a part of who you are and as a bonus it makes you happy. being lgbtq+ is not necessarily their point of happiness, but being with someone love is. as for the devil part of everything, I have a friend who is pan and she’s an atheist right so she doesn’t think the devil is real and all so if she doesn’t believe the devil is real how can he talk to her? idk much about religion so yeah I’m sorry if that wasn’t true and there is a logical explanation. but uhhh yeah I think people can do whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt others.
I should be the one apologizing about getting sidetracked 😂
that made no sense I’m sorry
it’s kinda like piccollage but more instagramy idk 🤷🏼‍♀️
i followed you on picsart
by the “they’ve always been that way” i mean that they’ve always been that way. They didn’t choose to be that way. As for the sudden realization, everyone is different. Someone might get a crush on someone of the same gender, realise it’s a crush and they know. Others do have that “aha” moment where they see everything’s that happen in the past, put it all together and realise that way. everyone is different and in a way I’m not really “qualified” to talk about it because I don’t have the firsthand experience. if you want to learn more on the whole realization process there are a ton of Instagram accounts that you can dm and find out that way and talk to someone who’s had sort of the firsthand experience
heyyy I just found your account and I love it already! this just makes me so happy it’s fall haha
i really like this!!!!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙