idk, but let’s pretend that this is homecoming week or spirit week or whatever you call it. also the school has been getting repaired, but not fully repaired yet. 

also what’s that sound coming from the basement...


idk, but let’s pretend that this is homecoming week or spirit week or whatever you call it. also the school has been getting repaired, but not fully repaired yet. also what’s that sound coming from the basement...

6 10
The principal and faculty have another meeting about what to do
Carmina, Hudson, and other students were talking about what to do as a fundraiser for the halloween/fall dance
Tobin and Nicolás were talking about frogs- correction. Tobin was talking about frogs, nicolás was bored
Dalton was trying to figure out what that sound was...he didn’t know where it was coming from. but he could hear it- he just wondered what that sound was
So many dead spots :/
this hotel is creeeeeeepy
i am gonna be on here and greenville
but please rp with me
I willlllll
what’s up dude
i had a pep rally today
it suked ask
I played for band at mine and my uniform was hot and uncomfortable
All my people were hanging out in the town
Kamri and Zac were talking
Bc they only know each other :)
Maya reads.
shall i have a person *accidentally* bump into them?
my people have been very clumsy lately
who needs a new or old friend!
also hiiii
ah yes *accidentally* pls
Leo was chilling on a bench somewhere. Noa totally wasn’t crying over Coco in a closet. // London, once again, had no idea where they were.
Carmina was walking around and she fell off her crutches and bumped into Kamari and Zac
Tobin was skipping around reading a book and bumps into Leo
Hudson walked around texting and accidentally bumped into London
Dalton walked around and saw maya and walked up to her and smiled “Hey again!”
Nicolás was walking around and walked into Noa
Kamryn was staring down at her drawing tablet, coming up with various designs. She looked up in surprise when Carmina bumped into them. Zac, in middle of a convo with Kamri, turned around, “Oh hey, Carmina right?” he asked, remembering the shoe whacking instance. He offered a hand and Kamri went ahead and grabbed her crutches
shoot I’m back sorry
hay Kat!!
London almost smacked Hudson, but didn’t. “Oh. Hi.” // Leo fell off the bench. // Noa was confused. She wiped away tears. “Uh. How’d you find me?”
Maya smiles. “Hiii!”
where has all the pEoPle goneeeee
i fell asleep
and then got yelled at
and now i have to interact with my siblings because tomorrow i won’t be home
empty chairs at empty tables
yikes dude
im seeing a musical today :)))
what are you seeing?
little shop of horrors
i am back
sorry i felt sick
are you okay?
part of me is scared this rp is dying
but i know it’s because i’m not on as often
i just haven’t been feeling well lately
every time i eat (it doesn’t matter what it is) it just doesn’t sit well in my stomach
i feel like i am gonna throw up
Nicolás went to the library and saw Everly and Natalie. He smiles and waves
Hudson was walking around and saw Sandra. He then sat down next to her and hid his head in a book as school security run past the back of him. as they leave he sticks his head back up and says “Sup.”
Nicolás whispers to Everly “Is she okay?...”
Hudson says “I think i just did a bad thing...” he then smirks and laughs a bit. he the stops and says “Let’s just say i went into a part of the school your currently not allowed to go in- i didn’t know they were THAT serious about it”
Nicolás says “Well i can be her friend- and i think i know someone who needs friends too. he is just a bit energetic...”
Hudson says “Yep. Too bad i’m definitely gonna try and get in there again”
reply for Dalton.
Nicolás says “Should i text him to come here?”
Dalton sits down next to her and asks “How have you been?”
Hudson laughs too “I am Hudson by the way”
aww I’m sorry
it’s okayyyy OwO
Maya smiles. “Gooooood. What about you?”
Nicolás texts tobin to come to the library quick. in less then a minute you see a boy come tumbling in at a fast speed. he was bumping into the books and tables and chairs- but he eventually stopped when he ran into Nicolás. Nicolás says “Everly, meet Tobin”
ha I don’t have a life on this rp :))
Hudson says “It’s cool to meet you Sandra”
Dalton says “Feeling Adventurous!” he laughs
awwwww :(((
aww bye bye
well let’s start off by making at least one of my people your best friend
awww ok
Maya smiles. “Let’s find an adventure then!”
Dalton laughs “Wanna go around town or sneak into the off limit burnt up places of the school”
okay well I have Collin, Mickey, mercy🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Collin walked around. Mickey sat on some lockers. mercy sat on a bench
i have carmina (evil and manipulative), nicolás (chill and smart), dalton (curious and adventurous), hudson (goofy and talkative), and tobin (childish and odd)
anyone on?
okay. imma try and build a plot for Collin so let’s get him a friend. I don’t care who just randomly pick ig
sorry I briefly died
hey sal
hi saw
and welcome back
ok ima pick from random google from 1 through 5
i got 5
okay sounds good😂
so tobin it is!
cool. Collin is also a goofy child so this should be interesting
Collin was sitting on top of some lockers. (why? no one knows)
this will be a fun duo
Tobin was tumbling around reading a book about frogs
Tobin saw Collin and says “hOwS tHe wEaThEr uP tHeRe?”
cool! also i am sorry about rose
tell her i said it was fun rping :)
ooo ok
what’s the idea?
“all the same. though I was hoping for a chance of rain” Collin remarks hoping down
that sounds cool
Maya nods. “Yessss!”
ooh fun.
Tobin laughs and says “Me too, there’s a drought down here!”
Dalton says “Then let’s go!”
Collin cracks a grin “the names Collin”
Maya stands up and smiles. “lEts gO!”
ok sure.
Dalton gets up and says “Whoop!” he laughs and starts to head off with Maya there
Maya follows happily.
i would join
me too.
Dalton gets there to the entrance. he stands there and looks at maya and smirks. “you ready?” he asks
Collin responded :)
oh sorry
Tobin smiles and says “I am Tobin, and it’s a pleasure to meet you!”
tobin looks at the ground and says “huh...that’s odd”
Dalton looks at the vine that appeared out of nowhere and says to maya “this place just seems to get weirder and weirder...”
“I guess there’s no drought after all. but what in the world...” Collin bent down and carefully lifted up a leaf
Tobin says “The miracle of life- or is that what you say when someone has a child?”
Maya nods. when the vine goes around her she yelps. “WT F”
I’m crying oml
so sad
Dalton starts freaking out and tries ripping the vine off her
Tobin tumbled down a bit and laughs “Hello!” he says cheerfully
why what happened
Collin watches the two of them, amused
so like the two love interests died in little shop of horrors and now I’m taking photos jfwnjdjdks
I’m ok it’s just rlly saddd
Tobin jumps up and says “I am Tobin!” he holds his hand out and smiles
what’s the little shop of horrors
Oh my friends my friends don’t ask me
what your sacrifice was for
oh wow
wait what
dang I wanna listen to Les Mis now
hi kids
Tobin picks up her book about frogs and says “cool ears!”
Collin chuckles to himself about nothing in particular before a vine rapped around his ankle and in a flailing attempt, he came crashing down
it’s a musical I just saw
Noa is still crying in a closet. This time she doesn’t know why. It’s not Coco. // London, again, doesn’t know where they are. // Leo jams on a piano somewhere.
Tobin turns to collin and gAsPs (;゜0゜)
I have people that can talk to people, claim them now :))))
one of them can run into one of mine brook :))
Carmina, Nicolás, and Hudson walked around
just bump into one of them
Collin rubs his head “ouch...” he laughs a little before standing up again
London skips into Hudson. “Whoops,” she says with a grin, falling over.
Tobin says “This is perfect weather for a kite, don’t you think?” he laughs
OOP I meant Nicolás hah
Hudson laughs and says “You okay?@
well then pretend hudson is nicolás
Tobin was confused on what was happening. but he’s seen weirder
oh no, if their miraculous falls off, how can they be heroioossss?
“Nope!,” London replies cheerfully, getting up. “I have clinical depression.”
Maya stares at the vine.
London is a mood
ok I’m back now 👌🏼
Collin stares blankly at the newcomers “I’m sorry I didn’t ketch that. could you repeat it one more time but in English please”
hey hey
Noa is still crying in a closet someone can hit her up if they want 🤙// Leo continues jamming.
Mickey happens to skip into the closet noa is in
Noa looks up at Mickey, trying to wipe away tears. “Oh. Hi.”
Nicolás says “oh i am so sorry”
Tobin laughs a bit and starts reading his frog book
watch Phoenix cause the second school fire
“That’s okay! I’m past the point of caring!,” London says. “Who’re you anyway?”
Mickey stares at Noa “hey is everything okay?” she said plopping herself right down next to Noa
Collin stood there awkwardly cause I’m unoriginal 👌
Nicolás says “Nicolás- you?”
Tobin looks at collin and whispers “what do we do now?”
“I’m..I’m fine. I think,” Noa says. “Probably.” // “London. At your service,” London says with a bow. They’re very strange.
well ima head to bed
okay see ya Brooke I love you bro
night 👋🏼
I should do that too prolly
Ima go kiddos see ya
don’t die
okay nighty night guys
reply for Dalton
who ah
welp I missed the ppl
collin walked around with an armful of empty cans that e would sn atch from other people and yell at them for not saving the earth
i’m vv upset rn but
it’s okay i’m being petty
hi cc
you ok lyds
i’m okay my friend just completely copied my homecoming outfit 😂
oof that sucks
^^im sorry :((
I’m in NY and my mom is testing my patience rn
I’m going to my moms work today for 10 hours 🤦‍♀️ because she doesn’t trust me to stay home alone 🤦‍♀️
Aw that sucks
I think there’s WiFi so it might not be that a bad
i’m slowly freaking out over this dance and i don’t know why
mammà Mia
wow pc why don’t you like mammâ mia
guys i am scared
my mom told me we are gonna get evicted soon
idk what to do
this might be the last time i rp on pichighschool
so i am debating sharing all my secrets now
oh no...
that’s not good.
so sorry Brookeee😢
aw i’m sorry Brooke that happened to my family about 2-3 years ago, it was total mess for me :/
Awww Brooke!!😓💞
Wait Brooke...
oh no
stay strong Brooke your an amazing person and I’m sure your mom is going to handle it okay💞✨
i wanna to rp to get stuff off my mind
and while i’m here i’m gonna get one of the big plots revealed just a bit early
i’ll wait to see if anyone comes on
wanna rp guys?
because i have many plans to be revealed in this rp but there’s one i might reveal a bit earlier than others for reasons i don’t want to mention
Nicolás, Carmina, Tobin, Hudson, and Dalton were all planning a break in into the basement. but they needed more to their plan
carmina had a broken leg so she was on guard watch
anyone on?
or did you guys all leave?
well either way i’ll rp with myself
Mrs. Jett and The Principal were talking about what to do to raise money to help repair the school. The were also talking about how some of the students were getting suspicious. They were also talking about something else- well more like someone else...
that’s okay, i understand. rps and sign up sheets and stuff like that take time
I’m here❤️
Myra was sitting at some tables flipping through a book.|| Ethan was at the front of school eating ramen:
Carmina was walking around looking through the school security the hacked into on her phone
i called it
where did phoenix cause the fire at also?
hey Brooke- I’m sending you lots of love and I hope things work out💕
oh geez another fire oof
thanks :)
wait- then entire school?
bahaha i also love how within around a week or two after the first fire another happens
this school is very flammable
well it doesn’t matter where, it just happened
Nicolás and Dalton were preparing for their expedition of the secret basement thing
I’m surprised the school has a budget to repair everything 😂
Tobin was freaking out over their plan, he didn’t want anyone to get hurt and he was stress reading doctor seuss
If it’s a grease fire water elves won’t be helpfulll
and hudson was scamming students and making bets. he was getting lots of money that day
Kamryn was working on a side project and Zac was likely annoying her again bc that’s how they work :))
i really enjoy the relationship between Kamryn and Zac :)
now who should i have bump into Kamryn and Zac
how should i reveal this secret
i know how
tehe hehehehe
this will be good...
Myra walked into to an alley and waited for someone. || Ethan walked into the hallway and smelled fire. The kitchen staff must of brunt a chicken nugget again
Tobin was reading doctor seuss in the library at a table in by the windows
Y e s
all i think about is that vine
i love myself. i may look like a burnt chicken nugget- but i still love myself
vine 😭
they said there was gonna be a vine 2 but we got tik tok?
the walmart version on vine
Tobin looks up confused and asks “Why? What happened now?”
my stomach hurtsss
Anyways I’m here :$
oh no
A person in black approches Myra, “Do you have it?” Myra nodded, “The doctors were hard to get around...but I have it.” Myra sighed and handed over a suitcase. In return she got another suitcase and left. || Ethan found a bone in the middle of the floor and shrugged it off, not the weirdest thing he’d seen
kat do you have tum tums?
also i just remixes on the teacher thing for mrs jett
“So he told me that- are you even paying attention?!” Zac asked his friend who was staring down at her tablet. “Huh?” Kamryn asked, watching an annoyed look erupt on Zac’s face, “I’m kidding! Carry on,” she gestured, resuming looking at her tablet. Zac continued his story about his shenanigans and Kamryn least that’s what she told him :)
myra is a drug dealer guys
No I’m driving back from the airport rn
ms stoner has some competition
did you come back from iceland?
it isn’t drugsssss
also would you like me have people run into kamryn and zac
oh kk hope you feel better
well it’s something bad or illegal i bet
I t. d e p e n d s
and hudson will find a way to buy it and sell it for more money 😎
the stuff that goes down in this school
tsk tsk tsk
yes pls and thanks
and now i shall have hudson *accidentally* run into myra
i’ll make it carmina
Carmina was walking around in her crutches and bumped saw Kamryn and Zac in the close distance in the halls
If I had Hannah here she would just steal it, rebrand it as smth grand, then sell into the highest bidder, take the money, and then kill the person if they have no use to her. Then she would sell it off to the second highest bidder and so on and so on😂
I just figured out my crush is dating someone 👌🏼
Maya is hanging upside-down from a tree branch. she had tucked her shirt into her skirt so she wouldn’t flash her chest to the world. she was scrolling through instaaaa
hannah and hudson would be good partners in crime, but i think hannah would try to kill hudson and take his share or make sure he never tells
Tobin says “What should we do?!”
i am sorry about that :(
like I guess it was gonna happen like sooner or later 🤷‍♀️
Dalton texted maya saying “me, nicolás, and tobin are gonna be investigating the basement. do you want to join us?”
if it makes you feel better the person i like is dating someone too
Myra walked out of the alleyway and looked inside the briefcase
wait did Carmina bump into them or just see them?
I’m gonna see a musical so I won’t be on I’m a bit until intermission
they’ve been dating for almost a year, but i am friends with both of them and sometimes they fight. he also gets jealous. idk what to do
she saw them, now she will bump into them
Maya texts back “Yes!” she climbs down from the tree, and goes to where they are.
carmina bumped into them and fell on the floor and dropped her crutches
Hudson saw Myra with the briefcase from across the street and walked up to her. he then asked “what’s in the case?”
I’m suffering from jet lag, so if I just leave suddenly that’s because I fell asleep
what musical
Tobin says “Okay...where do you think they would normally be at?”
what musical will you see?
oh okay
Maya walks over to Dalton. “Hi”
Myra walked back behind the school and dig and hole and threw the breif case into it.
Miss Saigon.
that’s what I’m seeing
have fun 💫
Dalton smiles and says “Hey!” he hands her a flashlight and Nicolás picks up his bad and says “You guys ready?” And Dalton looks at Maya, Tobin, and then Nicolás and says “I’m Ready.” and tobin says “I hope i’m ready...”
such a good show 🙌🏼
Maya nods. “Readyyyy”
thank youuu
Zac took a step back, “Oh hey,” he said to Carmina recognizing her from the whole shoe whacking incident, “Carmina right?” he asked as Kamryn picked up he rcrutches and gave them to her.
Nicolás says “Let’s go.” He opens the door and starts heading down and Dalton turns his flashlight on and Tobin stays in the back of the group so if something bad was to happen he wouldn’t be first to get hurt or something
Maya walks next to Dalton.
Carmina hopped up and says in an annoyed tone “Yes. yes i am.” she gets the crutches and says “Thanks...and what are you guys doing here-“ and she looks at kamryn and says “who’s the girl?”
Nicolás leads the group through the halls. there was a faint sound of footsteps in the far distance somewhere. but it could have just been the echoing of the group
Maya walks quietly.
Myra filled the hole off and sat on the back steps and saw something on the edge of the woods.
Tobin says in a scared tone “Did anyone else hear that...”
Hudson pops up next to myra and says “What are you doing...”
Maya looks at Tobin. “Hear what?”
Nicolás shushes everyone and says “Guys...silence...”
“Uh...You know burying my...dead cat,” Myra says.
Maya holds Dalton’s hand without realizing it* .....
Hudson says “Uh huh...if it’s your dead cat why don’t you look so sad?”
Dalton looks at maya and smiles a bit and doesn’t let go of her hand. He then says to the group “It’s probably nothing. Now first. We have to find a way to stop this fire as well as investigating this case before one of the faculty finds us and we get into big trouble...”
Maya nods. “I agree”
gtg to act one.
Dalton says “What should we do? call 911?”
awww bye
be back in a hour or so.
Maya shrugs. “I guess”
Tobin says “I’ll go and deal with the fire, you guys go ahead and investigate without me”
Dalton gives tobin a hug and they both whisper something to each other. Tobin and Nicolás give each other a nod and he walks out of the the basement ready to handle this fire
Tobin says to Draya “I can help you find her, We just need to think about where she would be”
Sorry I fell asleep, but now I’m awake again
My sleep schedule is all messed up
well if you need to sleep you should sleep
but if you want to stay awake and rp i’ll be here
Tobin says “We start there, but do you have a way to get there?”
hhhh i’m home
from homecoming
I’ll be off and on
Tobin says “Then let’s find Violet!”
“You’re welcome and I mean— it is the school,” Zac gestured around to the halls, “And-“ Zac was about to introduce Kamri, but she beat him to it, “Kamryn,” she replied
“I’m just good at masking my emotions,” Myra sighed
sorry I died my phone died
my friend and i are watching buzzfeed unsolved now
sorry i am working on a collage
how was homecoming?
Carmina says “Carmina...” and carmina looks and Zac and says “i think i would know if this was a school or not, i’ve been going here since last year.”
welcome to the rp
Tobin shakes his head as water flys around “Don’t worry i’m good. i feel like a dog getting out of a shower!” he laughs
im all aloneeeee
“then that’s the answer,” Zac simply stated. Kamryn remained quiet bc that’s what she does when she meets new ppl- she observes. So far she’s gathered that Carmina reminded her a lot of a girl named Myla Queen- now who is Myla Queen? Someone that you all have not met yet :)
its a Saturday night. woooo
Idk what I’m saying anymore🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
oooo. spoicy.
you're so creative Kat. everything has a story and its always a good one. when you become a best selling novelist, ima buy everyone of your books.
ryan sits on the empty football field. how fun. she played mario kart on her phone. like a boss.
Carmina gave Kamryn a look and says “Would you like to say something?”
we need drama
awe thank you💕 lately that’s what I’ve been rly thinking about and like I rly want to be an author as a career I just don’t know how well it’s going to go🤷🏻‍♀️
did reese graduate? hmm.....idk
so ima wait till tobin is done with the fire drama
its gonna go great Kat. i just know it.
homecoming was exhausting i mean it was okay? i’m just really introverted
ryan comes in first place and dances around the field in victory.
“I’m good, thanks,” Kamryn said, returning a look. It wasn’t the same look but you know it was a look but Idk what I’m saying anymore
my school won the homecoming game. i am shocked, our team is bad
Carmina looks back and Zac and crosses her arms and said “So what have you guys been doing?”
I- I don’t even know how my school is doing or whatever, I always go to different school’s games bc that’s where all my friends are🤷🏻‍♀️
i didn't go to homecoming at my school, and i didn't go to the game either. im so fun.
my old friends go to different schools but we just stopped talking and i have new friends at my school now, they are honestly much better friends than my old ones
d r a m a
drama indeed
I didn’t go to homecoming because my friends weren’t going and no one asked me out 🤷‍♀️
well ima pretend tobin was done with the fire thing for a second
i didn’t go, my older sister did with her friends and she said they won 33 to 7
“He’s been talking my ear off,” Kamryn said, finally actually speaking whoop whoop, poking Zac in the arm. Oh my goodness there’s a spider in my bathroom alright okay. Zac gave Kamri a look- so many looks tonight geez- “Trying to get adjusted to the new school,” he shrugged.
ryan plopped herself down in the center of the field again and started another round.
Carmina says “Well that’s fun- and here is a heads up to the new school, don’t get on my bad side...”
ima just say that Reese still goes. i think shes a senior.
i might have talon pop in during halloween or something like that or during a holiday saying he is on break or something from college
reese wanders the hallways. she can here a noise, but no matter where she goes, its always the same level. always from the basement. stupid basements. why could it be somewhere less scary, like a kitchen. on second thought, kitchen's have knifes and other optional murder weapons, so maybe not kitchens either.
eliza was painting banners for spirit week, her cast is off 😊
should I bring back Julian 🙊
smiley faces. hee hee.
your choice. it would be fun though.
Imma bring him back like I only have three characters in this rp so like 🤷‍♀️ why not
Julian was eating some vegan chicken.
ryan is on the last lap, closing in on victory, when the janitor (does he/she have a name?) yells "Get off the field you hooligan! Your not supposed to be there!"
“Alright cool, thanks for the tip,” Zac responded nonchalantly bc I feel like my characters have no voice tonight whoooop. I feel like I act drunk when I’m sleep derprived. Anyways, Zac definitely would of pushed the boundaries a bit and see how much he could get away w. He was normally a mischievous child, but once Kamryn and him came to the school, both swore that to their best of their abilities they would keep a positive or at least a neutral relationship with everyone. For being such a chaotic duo, kind of odd right? Well there’s a reason and it goes much deeper than one might think...
Nicolás, Dalton, and Maya (i am pretending she’s still with the group) were still searching the basement. Nicolás and Maya didn’t hear anything and thought it was only the tree of them- but Dalton was nervous. Tobin heard something, someone...and he was starting to think he wasn’t alone like the first few times he went investigating in the basement
Myra finished burying the suitcase.
myra’s being a bit sus
what am I typing we don’t know duh duh fugitive
ooo, now i am wondering about if something is going on or something happened with kamryn and zac...hmmmm
Ethan was playing piano in the music room
why is everyone always on at like 11 o’clock for me???
Maya, Nicolás, Dalton, and Tobin
gosh darn time zones
But right now Tobin is separated from the group
it’s 11 for me too
I’m always up rlly late
Hudson looks at myra and says “pft, a cat...”
I need to sleep bc I’m sick again and I have to work at an apple orchard tomorrow unless I stay home and just don’t
it’s 11:17
have fun my children
i have something at 4 tomorrow but i don’t wanna sleep
don’t die and I love you
you should sleep ✨ get better Jordan
reese has traveled her way into the depths of the basement.alone, but for her trusty mouse, Mr. Pickles. he was a birthday gift. guided by the light of her flashlight, she looks around her and shivers. she hears the noise, and rolls her eyes. "im walking into a murder." she tells herself.
It’s 3 am Iceland time and my body is still adjusted to Iceland time and I had to wake up rly early this morning
well have fun too :)))
how was Iceland?
i don't know when im getting up this morning but i'm babysitting and the parents still aren't home. so i can't leave.
“Her name was Daisy, she died in the fire.” Myra said plainly, “I could did her up if you don’t believe me.”
*tomorrow morning.
It was really beautiful and overall fun, but it was cold- well for me at least since I live in the south. I have a few pictures
that I can remix
that would be cool Kat!
Tobin was walking around and heard things coming from the room next to him. he says in a scared tone “Dalton...Nicolás...Maya...”
Hudson says “If she died in a fire wouldn’t she be in ashes or something? also please don’t- i don’t wanna see no dead cats-“
eliza at this point didn’t even know what shes drawing on these banners
reese bumps into a random pipe and jumps. "F***!" she rubs her head. "watch where you're going." she says to the pipe.
“No, she wasn’t burnt I found her after the fire..dead,” Myra explained.
ryan glares at the janitor. "I was about to win. you couldn't have waited five minutes longer?" she asks, picking herself up and sulking off. "rude." she huffs.
Julian eats vegan turkey.|| Ethan sits in the music room playing ballads on the piano
Tobin opens the door and sees a tall man. He gulps as the man slowly turns around. Tobin says in a scared voice slowly backing up “...h-h-hi...” and as he turns around tobin sees that he has a gun in his hand. He sees an evil look in his face and starts running away from the man
g a s p dr ama
then boom. a sound of a gunshot echos through the entire basement and faintly on the first floor of the school.
reese jumps at the sound of the gunshot and makes her way quickly to the nearest door. she opens it into a hallway and listen for another shot.
Nicolás, Dalton, and Maya stop. Nicolás looks back at Dalton and is silent. Dalton says nothing and holds maya’s hand and says in a low voice “should we go to the sound...”
Another shot is heard from the distance. Boom.
“Yeah yeah- well do it to Hannah,” Kamryn said, walking backwards and talking to Zac. She then paused, hearing the gun shots...
eliza flinched when she heard a gun shot and quickly dropped her paintbrush, looking around the room urgently and following the sound
“Did you hear that..?” Myra asked. “It sounded like gunshots,”
The group then heads to the direction of the gun shots. They hear one last shot. Then dead silence
Ryan wanders around the school. she can hear music coming from the music room (where else?) and opens the door slowly. she raises her brow at the boy at the piano. "i thought piano was a dead instrument." she mutters.
“It’s not dead!” Ethan shrieked.
Eliza stood in a middle of a hall when the gunshot sounds stopped and her breathing quickened, close to having a panic attack. “hello? is everyone okay?!”
reese starts walking down the hallway, towards the sounds. she knows its probably a stupid idea, but hey, shes kinda worried.
Kamryn and Zac shared a look, but Kamri furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head, “Gunshots...which isn’t good either,” she whispered, readying her guard.
Julian walked into the hallway at the sound of gunshots looking for the source of it because that’s smart
"well then it should be." ryan says, settling into a chair and sliding down, taking out her phone again.
The group then finds the man aiming the gun at tobin’s head as he lies on the floor. He had a gun shot in his leg and another that scraped the side of his chest. Tobin was bleeding and then Dalton looked at the man and the man looked at him. Dalton says “Leave him alone dad...LEAVE TOBIN OUT OF THIS”
Eliza ventured more down the hallway, trying to see if the noise picked up again. her breathing quickened and she tried to stay calm
Okay, so who would be down to give me some feedback on my novel outline for Nanowrimo? BC I AM STUCK.
reese opens a door and peeks down a dark hallway. " we go. all or nothing." reese says, making her way down town, walking fast.
i could
“Basement?” Zac wondered out loud, the sound seemed like it was coming from below them.
reese calls out "hello? murders?"
Eliza ventured further and found the group of people and the guy with a gun. she stood their for a moment before taking of her doc martins and chucking it at the man
Carmina looks in the direction and says “I am not going there...” she pulls out her phone and goes to the security cameras down there. She says “I’m not dying down there”
Julian finds the shooter and glanced at Tobin, and silently gasped.
Outline is a big fat mess but I’m going to remix it anyways bc why the heck not
The man didn’t get effected by the shoes and then starts to laugh...
Myra, called 9-1-1 and walked away from the school she didn’t want to die.
“Why it’s a nice instrument,” Ethan sighed
Eliza frowned, her brow knitted together. “Hey a****** why don’t you pick up your s*** and get out of here.”
Kamryn shrugged. She had no idea where the basement was.
reese stumbles into this group of people. "just as i suspected. a murder." she sighs
Dalton slowly walks to the man and says “Tobin did nothing...please don’t do this...” and the man says “he deserves to burn like his father...” and as he raises the gun and pulls the trigger dalton moves in the way and gets shot in the chest before tobin could get shot...he fell to the ground. he was bleeding heavily but wasn’t dead- yet of course. The man looks at dalton and shakes his head as he walks away in the distance...
"not when played by a 10 year old." ryan cringes. she opens mario kart. "maybe you play it differently. i dunno/
shoot eliza shoot eliza shoot eliza
"not when played by a 10 year old." ryan cringes. she opens mario kart. "maybe you play it differently. i dunno." she shurgs.
the man then gets one last shot and shoots eliza
supply and demand :)
rip Eliza 😔
your welcome
i mean it’s up to you if they are dead or not
Julian runs over to Dalton as soon as the Man leaves and checks his pluse.
eliza feels a sharp pain in her leg and blood starts to seep through her clothes.
Ethan’s gonna freak outttt
well i’m gonna head off, bye guys 💓
ethans gonna be like ... “do you hear something? must be people screaming cause they love my piano skills”
the ambulance and cops then come. the cops search for the man but have no luck. the ambulance then takes tobin and dalton to the hospital
“Were those gunshots?” Ethan asked and quickly took out his phone and texted Eliza, “I heard gunshots are you okay????”
reese nods. "yep. a murder. dangit." she says, crouching down next to Tobin and picking up his wrist. "he still has a pulse..." she feels daltons. "nor him...but that's a lot of blood. anybody have anything to staunch the blood?"
the ambulance also takes eliza
sorry i didn’t know if she was dead or not when i was writing that
eliza leans against the wall and slowly slides down onto the floor, gripping her leg gently. she clenched her jaw and tore a piece of her shirt off, tying it around her leg tightly for pressure
Julian sighed, when the paramedics came in relief and took a step back.
ryan sighs. "who knows. this school is probably the least safe school in the history of schools.
whoops. i was lateee
“There was a fire a week ago and now a shooting?” Ethan sighed and frantically texted Eliza.
They contact Tobin and Dalton’s mom. in the meantime Nicolás heads to the hospital to see if they are ok. He waits in the waiting room- what memories!
eliza sits in the ambulance, trying to control her breathing when she got the text from ethan. she texted back, “ask me later when you come visit me in the hospital?”
oh and don’t forget the second fire that happened today
this is so chaotic and i love it
ahh yes. hospitals seem to be synonymous with this school.
some people are going to be very confused
“Oh god..Eliza where you shot?” He texted back and got up from the piano and threw on his coat. “I have to go to the hospital...”
ryan nods. "sound about right. last year a teacher broke both ankles on the first day of school and no one cared. then there was that whole demon problem....that wasn't exact'y fun."
my characters don’t know everyone is dying but that’s okay :))
they live to survive another night
Again eliza texted back, “ask me later?”
ryan saluted him. "can I come? its boring around here and i want the full story."
“Sure,” Ethan says and sprinted to his car and texted her “Please just answer me..”
reese heads for a bathroom to wash her hands off. nasty blood.
Meanwhile Hudson and Mrs. Jett get into the hospital worried. They ask to see Tobin and Dalton and the receptionist asks their relationship to the patients and Mrs. Jett says “IM THEIR MOTHER FOR GODS SAKE, AND I AM WANT- NO, I WILL SEE MY SONS BECAUSE I SWEAR IF I DONT I AM GONNA PULL A CALLERY~AIKEN ON YOU AND I SWEAR YOU DONT WANNA SEE WHAT MY FAMILY DOES WHEN THEY ARE ANGRY!” hudson starts laughing a bit because he’s never really seen his mom this mad before. the receptionist just sits their with their face white and says “just a minute please...”
Julian followed Reese, “So um...Long time no see?”
Eliza glanced down at her leg while paramedics rushed her into the hospital, they muttered things saying they were going to try to get her into surgery as fast as they could. “Yeah..” she texted back.
ryan follows him out to the car and hops in. "is that your sister? was she hurt?" she asks, looking over his shoulder.
meanwhile both Tobin and Dalton were in surgery
Nicolás saw the whole thing play out in front of him and says “wha-“
umm idk what to do so Kamryn and Zac went to get dinner
reese shrieks in surprise and whirls around, bracing herself on the counter. "My god Julian. you can't just follow people into bathrooms without warning." she says.
“Close friend of mine...She was shot,” Ethan sighed and started speeding into the hospital and then sprinted into the hospital. At the reception desk he asked about Where Eliza was and had to sit in the waiting room because she was going up for surgery
mmm. delicious food. i knew yee well.
“Oh uh...sorry,” Julian face plams. “Sorry about that..”
yeah my ppl don’t know what happened or these ppl so dinner it is😂
these ppl are starting to sound to much like me
Eliza went through surgery for awhile, but eventually was placed into a room where she would rest until she woke up. She was having a strange dream, but was slowly stirring.
ryan taps impatiently on her knee in the waiting room, looking around. "i wonder why decided to male hospitals white...seems like it would be very easy to get blood all over and then it'd look all nasty."
I’m back
it’s intermission
How is it?
reese breaths slowly. "yeah yeah. its all good." she smiles. "yea...its been a while..." she says.
Mrs Jett waiting impatiently and Hudson was texting some people nervous too and was talking to Nicolás as lo
is it good?
Zac fell out of his chair
“I’m not sure...I guess it’s easier to spot?” Ethan shrugged
oh you missed a lot
it’s kinda funny because I’m in a hospital rn 👌🏼
that’s ironic
oh no! is everything okay?
that’s kinda scary ironic
Kamryn laughed
Julian smiles. “Well are we still...a thing?”
ryan shrugs. "maybe..." she slides down in her seat. "sorry about your the way. hope shes okay."
I’m fine lol my mom works in the er and I’m just hanging out here 👌🏼😂
iddddddk what to doo
your people can join everyone at the hospital lol
Tobin got out of surgery and was just asleep in his room fine, dalton was still in surgery. it wasn’t looking so good
"to be honest, im kinda confused. weren't you dating that girl...uhhh...whats her starts with an S....why can't i think of it?" reese mutters, rubbing her forehead.
but my characters don’t know anyone at the hospital😂
they know carmina, and let’s pretend she is there
eliza woke up and instantly flinched when she realized where she was. she quickly tried to stand up but failed and had to lean against a wall, cringing.
neither does Ryan. she's just along for the ride.
oh ok i’m glad you’re okay 💓
Kamryn and Zac made their way to the hospital bc apparently ppl are there
“Oh Stella...We were never formally dating just I guess a fling.” Julian shrugged
I was talking about it earlier oof
bahahaha i do that too sometimes
but mainly i start something crazy or kill my characters off
"OH. Yeah. her." reese says. "were we ever formally dating? i have no idea who i've dated and who was a fling anymore..."
Ethan was alerted by a nurse that Eliza was awake so he walked over into the ICU and into her room. “Hey...Is everything alright?”
I’m confused what happened.
a shooting
ryan starst humming the jaws theme song while sliding lower and lower in her chair.
Wait no I read it I’m just kinda scared cause what’s happening in this rp is like so close to mirroring the musical I’m seeing.
this musical is an emotional rollercoaster.
Dalton is dying
tobin is dying
eliza might be dying
oh. maya is depressed then?
mrs jett is the boys’ mother
hhehehe. we know everything. this has all been planned from the start.
dalton was shot by his father
it’s a mess
Usually my characters start to do random stuff like falling off chairs😂
oh dam. plot twist..
but if you think that’s crazy...just wait to see what i have planned later on in the rp
eliza glanced up and saw ethan before she tried walk over and hug him, tripping only slightly because of her bad leg, but she caught herself. “yeah.. calling shooters a******* wasn’t a good idea i guess.”
Miss Saigon is really depressing but the music and the score are just stunning
meanwhile dalton was still in surgery. why was it taking so long?
Maya is trying to get in to see Dalton. “Please you have to let me in... please!” The lady at the front desk is being a bititch and not letting her through.
ryan slides so far she ends up on the floor. "alas, my body can go no further." she says in a terrible British accent.
please don’t kill off Dalton I will be sad. and so will maya. but mostly me because I love them.
h i
if my characters get friends then I’ll go through with my evil plannnn
“I think we kinda were I mean we went out a couple of times, but not like to a restaurant.” Julian says
or else it would be basically me killing off my twenty fifth character of this to
Mrs Jett was scared and sad...she looked like she was about to cry but she didn’t. Hudson saw that and have his mom a hug. he then says “we are callery~aiken’s...we are fighters...” they both laughs a bit and the silence. hudson says “they are gonna be okay...i promise...”
Dalton got out of surgery, but he was asleep.
I just spent the last 2 and 1/2 hours watching doctor shows and I’m crying they are so sad 🤭
Ethan hugged her back and kissed her on the head. “Well next time don’t do that, because I really care about you...Stop almost dying,”
All this surgery talk reminds me that I have to get surgery soon and Im dreading it
Tobin and Dalton were in the same room because why not?
Mrs. Jett was told she can visit them now and she goes to their room with Hudson and Nicolás
Tobin was awake but Dalton wasn’t
" guessing we kissed at least once....maybe...hmm...why can't i freaking remember..." reese rubs her eyes. "its probably the lack of sleep."
The Resident, 9-1-1, and the Good Doctor
wait what surgery kat??
do you watch greys anatomy?
ryan slithers along the floor like a snake. "hisssss....." she...well...she hisses.
no I haven’t gotten into that one yet :/
“We kissed alot more than once,” Julian says walking closer to Reese.
which honestly I don’t know why I watch these shows because I can’t stand the open flesh images and all but oh well 😂
I recommend ittttt
I have to get it on my mouth and they have to pull two teeth- yes I still have my baby teeth🤦🏻‍♀️😂- and then they have to cut up my gum to take out the two teeth that are growing in there bc my mouth is tiny
gtg again. lol. be back in an hour or so.
wait Kat your getting surgery?
okay I’ll make sure to watch it
okay bye
oof that sounds like a mess
reese nods. "oh yea..." she whispers. "it really has been...a while..."
Mrs Jett was crying a bit and sat down next to tobin and he gave his mom that stupid little smile he had and says “hey got my doctor seuss books?” and they all laugh and she holds him close for awhile. she then sits down next to him and holds his hand and says “it’s all gonna be okay...i promise you guys...” she then says “momma’s crazy and she is gonna beat the sheet out whoever did this”
my dentist told me that I will always have some baby teeth because I don’t have any molars behind it. I will always be part child
bye 👋🏼
also byeeee
oof. i hope you get to eat ice cream afterwards though.
aw alright well good luck ✨
we will throw you an ice cream surprise pArTy. but shhhhhh you’re not supposed to know
“I traveled a lot this summer....I should have contacted you or something,” Julian sighed
rn i am watching catfish and i love this show
okay imma add a new character. you ready for this revolution also known as a fail. 😂
ryan slithers into the maternity ward and oggles at the cute babies.
it’s just something i watch when i’m bored and it’s so entertaining and interesting
oh I started watching catfish the other day
yeahhhhh new characters
I swear my dad is going to try and make me eat vegetables bc of nUtrItion BUT no once I get this done it’s all ice cream for the week
Ryan sounds really creepy rn 😂
eliza pulled back so she could look at him. “i’ll stop almost dying if you start trusting me.” she smiles slightly, her heart doing something weird when he kissed her forehead.
Kamryn and Zac look into the hospital, not knowing anyone
reese shrugs. "you should have. but i was busy travelling too...we both weren't very good at keeping in touch." she laughs a little.
OkAy. her names Millie and you better be nice or I will hunt down your oc and dig a grave for them. jk I’m too nice for that. oh also she’s blind but has special abilities you could say
ryan is only bored. and babies are cute.
Millie pondered life itself. but then she found a kitten and adopted it as her own
Kamryn and Zac are both bored
“I trust you Eliza...but I don’t trust myself,” Ethan pulls back a bit to look at her face.
Millie has a kitten so she is set for life😎
I might go to bed bc I don’t know what to do and it’s like four o clock in Iceland time rn
oh you’re still in Iceland? is it nice there
“Well, if you want again I guess I’d keep in touch a lot more...” Julian says.
ryan finds her way back to the waiting room. "i love babies." she sighs. "so feckin cute,"
my people existed
eliza frowned slightly, “why not? does this have to do with the suitcase?”
No, but jet lag
Zac did not exist
ohhhhh. jet lag is a meanie
oh btw i finished the collage i was working on before
Kamryn existed in another dimension
reese looks at him. "i hope so..." she says.
tell me your opinions
you should go to sleep if your tired Kat.
tell me your opinions
the cat started playing with the ends of the ribbon fastened around Millie’s eyes. she quietly scolded him then tightened it making sure there would be no causalities
I’m not that tired but I’m very tired at the same time😂
well that’s a dilemma
bahahaha same kat
“Maybe, maybe not.” Julian says and than glanced away and out the window
i should go to bed because i have something to do tomorrow
i hate when that happens.
but i’m energized
I had coffee like 20 minutes ago (prolly not a good idea) but I’m hyper now
“Well would you want to” Julian asked and leaned against a wall
I might get off my phone and read
"what are you looking at?" reese says, coming to stand near him and look out the window.
The kitten then ran away and Millie grew sad and went looking for her lost kitty cat
Carmina and Nicolás were talking in the halls
okay kat bye bye if you do then💞
Hudson and Mrs Jett were staying by Dalton and Tobin’s side
ok kat
have fine reading :)))
ryan found an empty hall where she could slide in her socks. HOT DOG SOCKS REIGN SUPREME.
wait jat did you mean ethan lol
oh no 😂
have fun reading Kat!
Millie looked through the halls. “CAT- who has no name- COME BACK PLEASEEEE”
lol. mistakens.
cat in the hat 🐈 🎩
dr seuss
potato cat
potato chip
cat potato
1 fish
2 fish
red fish
blue fish
Reese leans against the opposite wall. she shrugs. "i would rather not answer while we stand in the girls bathroom." she smirks a little.
👏 👏 👏
ooo wouo
eliza’s brow knits together and she tries to look at ethan. “we have to start trusting each other, ethan, and i don’t think i can trust you if you’re keeping this from me..”
the still unnamed kitten wandered through the school or whatever you call the place that tortured you every day with child labor and sleep deprivation
Bellatrix cucumberpatch.
“We could go somewhere else..” Julian tilts his head
benadrill cornadatch
bobberta duncan
whoop whoop
“It’s too personal...I really do like you and trust you Eliza.” Julian sighed
I really don’t want to kiss a time where a lot of ppl are on but then again my characters aren’t doing anything😂
" outside of here." reese says, pushing him out the door. "the answer is yes, but only if i can have one of those veggie burger things." she smiles.
someone interact with me
who do you haveeee
jat i like your icon
jat your icon is great
Julian smiles, “I have plenty.”
ima pick a new icon also
yes I meant Ethan whoops
"good. lets go veggie boi." she grins, pulling him down the hall.
kiss I meant miss lol
both Kamryn and Zac are available for interaction
kitty mister I Have Whiskers And A Tail trotted sown the hall looking for food
offer available until I decide to get my book
“out of all the personal things i’ve told you . . and you can’t explain to me why it seemed like you were dealing drugs?”
Millie brushes her hand dangerously close to the emergency fire alarm...
all my people walked around
“It wasn’t drugs! I’m not a drug dealer and never even have had drugs,” Ethan explained
well all except tobin and dalton
pretty iconnnnn
this conversation about drugs is very entertaining 😂
don’t do drugs kids
“how am i supposed to trust that? how am i supposed to trust anything you say right now as much as i want to?”
durhs drugs
Kamryn teleporated and Zac rose a bull through town
yep my loneliness has began to come outtt
Hudson says “Oh hey”
Also we are getting close to 1000 comments
carmina walked around
nicolás walked around
So Kamryn didn’t actually teleport and Zac was only mentally riding a bull through town...they both walked around
Mickey climbed on top of a taco truck then yelled “I’m king of the world!” as she flipped a crow off revealing her true state of drunkenness
ryan now needs something to do. otherwise shes going to spontaneously combust.
someone interact with miCkEy. or a multiple someone’s
They were talking about stuff
Bc ye
let’s. create. *inhales* DrAmAaaa!!
oof why is drama the easiest and hardest thing to make
“My family is in deep debut an organization and we are earning back some of the money by trading dangerous weapons...You really can’t talk to anyone about this.” Ethan lowers his voice.
Julian smiles and followed her into the kitchen
I kinda think it’s funny that Ethan’s having an intense conversation and my profile pic is Peppa
I could start drama but my characters need to know ppl
eliza should just go oink oink
who is free??
eliza worryingly grabs ahold of his hand without realizing, a look of worry and disappointment on her face. “do you know how dangerous of a situation that puts you in?!”
both Kamryn and zacccccxxxxcccc
that’s how you spell his name now
cxccxcxcccxxxccxxc is the egirl version of aksksksk skskks
“I’m aware...” Julian sighed, “It’s kinda safer for me if less people know..”
I have Myra
Mickey stumbled dangerously close to the edge of the truck then pointed out and yelled at Kamryn. “HEY! you there, why are you walking funny?! you’re making the whole world spin when you do it. stop it!”
sorry, il have to go. i think ill be back in like twenty minutes.
okay bye bye lOgAN
bye logan !!
elizas brow furrowed, “how can i help?”
I just realized all of my oc’s I use start with ‘M’. 🤦🏼‍♀️
kk bye logan
Kamryn looked at Mickey and then back at herself. Her feet were planted onto the ground. “Yeah, sorry to break it to you, but uh- I’m not even walking,” Kamryn gestured, raising an eyebrow at the apparently drunk person
Mickey, mercy, Millie, milo
“Just forgot this conversation even happened, and don’t tell anyone.” Julian sighed, “Anyways there aren’t many deliveries left anyways.”
i remixed another thing for teachers
Mickey rolled her eyes, exasperated by this stranger. “of course you are, how else would you explain the floating colors and flashing lights”
Kane pOofed into existence
“Because that’s what happens when you walk...” Kamryn said sarcastically, “Sure. We’ll go with that,” she added, walking over to the drunk person.
so what to do....
more dramaaaa
zacccccxxxxcccc riding his bull through ye town
eliza glanced over at a few nurses who were eyeing her because she was out of bed, but she ignored them, switching her weight to her good leg. “i’m sorry i pushed you..”
Kane got hit by a car
i am also gonna add another history project next week
then the driver rode off into the sunset
and if you didn’t do the last project yet go to my most recent post, it’s a remix
Kamryn personality is kind of more sarcastic then it usually is but idc
nicolás, carmina, and hudson walk around
tobin was reading dr seuss with his mom and he was holding a little teddy bear with a crown on it...huh
Mickey blinked a few times before bringing her hands to her face. “Dear God, when did I get so tan” she said randomly in a less enthusiastic voice
and dalton was still asleep and unconscious
aw Tobin acts like a child
“It’s alright,” Julian sighed and helped her back in bed. “Are you feelings better?”
Collin ran through the hospital halls and yelled at random people as if in a soap opera
Kamryn sighed and grabbed a cup of water, “Drink,” she said to the random drunk person. Why was she helping a random drunk person? IDK
something is wrong with my brain I apologize
yeahhhh collin
also collin should go check on his future best friend
*cough* princess mimi
nvm lol
it’s okay
zacccccxxxxcccc was still riding a bull
we all have something wrong with our brains
dyslexic check be like 😎
i’m not even gonna ask where he got a bull from
bella thorn who?
okay. Collin runs into (forgive me if I’m wrong) Daltons hospitable room and points at him. “YOU! how COULD you?!”
eliza shrugged and looked at her leg, “kind of, i’m glad you came though.”
idk either
dalton was unconscious. and Tobin says “yeah. hOw cOuLd yOu! tHaT wAs vErY rUuUdE!”
my characters are so ooc rn
although Zac riding a bull isn’t completely out of character...
but still
tobin then laughs and says “Hello again!”
lowkey bothering me but it’s fineeee
Bella Thorne be like b and d are like the same leTtEr
peppa or qeqqa?
Also I’m totally not looking for a random history essay I did so I can pass t off as my characters bc I’m lazy🤫
“Why?” Julian asked as we pulled a chair up to the side of her bed
Mickey stared at the cup and shrugged before taking it. not like she hadn’t been drinking unidentified liquids all night🤭. Then Mickey took the empty cup and smiled before placing it on top of kamryns head. “there. Queen of the world. Now you have all the power including spinning the world.” she grinned
i shall find a way to help you kat
jojo and ioio
where’s waldo or mhere malbo?
“because of you hadn’t of come, i probably would have freaked out... i’m not a hospital type of person. plus, you just tend to make things better.”
yay yay Brooke
Collins eyes grew wide “And you! oh don’t even get me STARTED” he threw his hands up as he took a seat on the foot of Tobins bed
i just remembered that dorothy/mrs jett is dyslexic
mhere malbo odiously
it’s 1 am and i accidentally facetime called my mom
i actually am dyslexic 😂👌🏼
oh no😂
Tobin says “Howdy!” and Mrs Jett says “I guess this is my que to leave...” and tobin says “Bye mom! don’t forget to pass me!” and she shook her head and walked out of the room
Julian smiles and interlaced his fingers with her’s. “I’m glad to here that, I’ll stay with you as long as you want me too/“
my friend had scoliosis, and we joke about it a lot
i’m bored so i am gonna remix previous projects that other people remixed bc idk if they are gonna do it
Kamryn smiled, wearing the empty cup like a Queen because she is a queen. That was easier than she expected
Collin slumped his shoulder all of a sudden tired. then he poked dalton in the side “do you think he’s dead?”
okay story time
it’s kinda funny because sometimes I joke about being dyslexic in front of people who I don’t know well and their like tHatS nOt fUnNy cAuSe your nOt dSylExic and I’m like iMmMm
i was trying to get my contact put and i could not for the life of me so i was literally pinching my eyeball and then i realized i couldnt see and that meant it fell out already and so i was just pinching my actual eye
what and experience
“so what is thy queens name?” miCkEy asked playing the roll
eliza looked at their hands and gently ran her thumb over the top of his hand. “you don’t have too.”
i’ll fight those ppl jat
“I do, because I don’t want you to be alone,” Ethan says softly and squeezes her hand
welcome backkk
Tobin says “hmm...possibly. he hasn’t said anything stupid yet so i am assuming so”
Collin frowned then leapt over his bed and grabbed the little emergent button thingy. when a nurse came running by he said “Quick! miss it’s an emergency. do you happen to have a sharpie because this here is too good of an opportunity to miss” he said looking back over at the (possibly dead) sleeping dalton
eliza glances up at him and smiles softly, “you’re pretty great, you know? and i happen to really like you.” she mutters
andddddd there was silence
tobin laughs and says “Yay! do it and your cool!”
peer pressure
also i might go to bed
Collin got a sharpie and turned to Tobin “ where should I start?” a mischievous smile keeps on his face
so good night
tobin says “mustache and a unibrow definitely”
Collin quickly finishes his masterpiece then stands back to admire his work “that should last at least a few days”
okay nighttttttt
dancing queeeeen
I’m gonna go too so bye bye
good night broooke💞
night ella night brooke
“Oh reallly?” Julian asked and smirked
goooood night!
night Ella
since ppl are leaving, I guess I’ll leave as well💕
night kat
night kat ✨
eliza nodded and smiled, “really. ever since you happened to have broken my arm.” she laughs softly.
night you three
“Well...would you to go out with me..maybe after you get out of the hospital?” Ethan asked
night buddies💞
“yeah, if i can manage to walk.” she smiled softly before kissing him quickly.
i might pass soon
wait pass sounds too detrimental
Ethan kinda shocked from the kiss kissed her back.
go to sleeeep if your tired
i probably willlll
Maya has locked herself in her dorm room. she has a ton of thoughts going through her head. Mainly that if Dalton died she would personally resurrect him and then kill him again.
eliza pulled back and squeezed his hand, “you should go and get some rest, i’ll be okay. hospitals aren’t comfortable overnight.”
“I’m willing to stay here overnight for you,” Ethan smiled
good night
goodnight miss
eliza looked at ethan with what was the most softest way the girl has ever looked at someone and she moved over so he could lay down.
i can’t sleep
i sleep now night guys
oh noes
good night then
i guess it will just be me
this will be fun
Ethan lays down next her holding her hand glad that someone her cared about was safe.
night 💞
Dorothy was in the hospital room with Dalton and Tobin. Then the man that shot both of them and put Dalton in that comatose walked into the room. He had flowers. Dorothy looked at him with anger. She says in a low angry tone “Get. Out.” he just stands there and looks at her. She says “You did this to My sons...” and says “Our son and HIS son...” and Dorothy says “He isn’t your son if you didn’t raise him...and that’s one thing i am grateful for.” He the grabs her arm and says “I warned you i would come back. You are mine. And you will never leave me.” And she spits in his face and says “You killed my family, you killed my love, you killed the old me. and now you almost killed my children. what’s left?” and he then slaps her and grabs her throat. he says in a cold tone “you think your strong, but i will be the one to kill you. your weak. weak like your mother.” and dorothy then knees him in the balls and grabs his throat and sneakily puts a gun to his gut. he looks down and back at her. dorothy says “that’s the thing, death made me stronger, and my mom was weak because she gave me her strength.” he looks at her and it was silence. Dorothy says “Leave before this becomes a blood bath.” and he walks away and says “this won’t be the end of it.” and dorothy says “i know...i know...”
god i love dorothy
d o r o t h y
dorothy is one of my favorite ocs of all time
mainly because i got to see her grow up
from sweet little 6 year old, to a moody loveless teen, then to this. and i am happy :)
does anyone wanna rp?
anyone on?
just me
that’s fun
I’ve been awake for 24 hours :)
*clap clap*
i just can’t sleep
besides that, you wanna rp?
it will be something to do
besides me trying to sleep and failing
fell into a tik tok spiral oops
I need to do Zac’s history essay but I’m too lazy to find a past essay I did
just write random stuff
any basic time period
if he does it and it doesn’t even make sense, he will at least pass- unless it’s something that didn’t happen and is a made up time period
what if something that did happen just not in this world?😂
idk this is dorothy we’re talking about 😂
just write about the school fire, or the shooting incident
it’s technically history
I’m just going to write something and see what he gets😂
or the teletubbies
let’s see how this plays out
meanwhile tobin was talking to princess mimi in his hospital bed, while dorothy was tense and stayed in the hospital room with the boys. she wanted to make sure none of them could be out of her sight
hudson was texting people and was sitting next to his mom. dalton was still asleep in his comatose
Carmina and Nicolás were walking around the halls
ima put back on catfish with nev and max
and done :)
ok back
and now i wait
unless kat went back to sleep
I’m home nowwwwjdjdmdndnsn
and welcome home
how are you doing?
and still rlly hyper and I need to get up in 6 hours 👌🏼
honestly idk I’ve been on my phone for the last 10 hours i need to read a book
me too
i can’t sleep though
so i’ve been waiting here
and idk if kat fell asleep or forgot to come back to this page or if she is working on something like a collage or her book
also if you want to we can rp
unless you wanna read your book
or go to sleep depending on your time zone
goodnight guys💕
good night
ima work on collages
it’s almost 3 am
i just made another collage
idk if anyone is gonna see it but ima remix it anyways
i’ve noticed when i don’t sleep and i am bored out of my mind i get the most work done
i’ve made 4 collages within 1 hour
and i’ve spent 2 weeks doing nothing
well now i know i have around 4 weeks worth of posts
so that’s good?
con, still can’t sleep. help
it’s 3:45 am
help me
no one is on
i can’t sleep
guys i am getting so paranoid
some random account just likes my most recent collage
and i’ve been posting a bunch of collages that haven’t been posted yet
why am i scared it will get stolen
plus i don’t even think this account knows anyone that know anyone here
it’s @pineapple_edits
they don’t seem like the type of person to steal
and in their remixes they have sign up thing for a pc middle school
so they might rp
but i still am paranoid
ima try and sleep again
i need rest for tomorrow
well today
dude I just got this update on my phone and it is VERY odd
wHat update
I think so
i like it 😎
i use dark mode
it is different to say the least. I wasn’t expecting all of these changes though😂
ohh yeah
when you turn ur volume up it shows up on the side
ooo fancy
okay I gtg but I’ll be on later
okay byee
I honestly didn’t know what to think about the new update.
i like it
i have my phone on dark mode and then i put bold letters on and it just works better for me
hi brooke
I love dark mode
oooo there was a new update on the phone?
while i wait and watch youtube, anyone wanna rp?
sure but elizas in the hospital
so is unconscious dalton and tobin
let’s make some injured pals!
eliza woke up and quietly tried to get out the bed without waking ethan and snuck out of the ICU and into the hallways where the vending machines were. she kicked it in a certain spot twice with her good leg and a few candy bars fell.
Tobin was in the hospital cafeteria thing trying to negotiate a cookie but he was messing with the person by talking in third person
that’s how you negotiate
Tobin then ate his cookie and walked the halls. He saw Eliza and says “Howdy!”
yes it is
eliza glanced up to see the boy who was reading dr. seuss when she first met him. “oh hey, you okay?”
Tobin says “Not really, tobin was shot and all. but now that tobin has cookie. tobin happy. cookie gooooood”
hi 👋🏼
hi jAt
eliza grabbed her candy bars and shuffled her weight on her good leg, leaning against the vending machine. “well that’s good.”
hi hi hi
I low key wanna start drammma but like there was just a school shooting
do it do it do it do it
m a y b e a tornado or a bomb?
y E ah
which oneee
Reese wandered around the school
Ryan is doodle dododo dooo
what about...both
cause half of the students are at the hospital and half are at school so 🤷🏻‍♀️
I’m not in the mood for a tornado
but a bomb would be Collin
My characters are bored
and need social interaction
kk I mean we could do two bombs one at the hospital and one at the school
oop Okay. 😂😂
Maya was depressed. she sighed. She went to the hospital to visit Dalton. The lady at the front desk FINALLY let her go visit the room. She knocked on the door before entering.
A bomb went off at school and the hospital
Ryan screams loudly
eliza stumbled when a loud explosion went off and watched as screams cascaded throughout the building along walls shaking and crumbling.
Myra gets knocked down onto the floor, the hallway filled up with flames, “Oh god not again..”|| Julian was in the kitchen eating a veggie burger when the bomb blew up it didn’t affect him at the moment.|| Ethan woke up abruptly from his nap, panicked because he didn’t see Eliza.
“Everyone is at the hospital- which isn’t good,” Kamryn paused, it wasn’t good for various of reasons. Ones that you may think, but also ones that you would never know, “I think we should...” she was cut off by being slammed back by the force of the bomb. Pain shot through her body and she felt like it was tearing her apart. Zac was also blasted back, but his injures were not as severe as Kamri’s
Maya’s eyes widened at the sound of the bomb. “šhxt!”
eliza looked around quickly, watching as people ran to an exit in the hospital, being pushed from everyone. “hey- hey!? what’s going on?” she asked someone who was passing her. they looked over with a trace of fear on their face, mumbling something about an explosion. eliza quickly tried her best to move down the hallways to find the ICU room where ethan was, but stumbled a couple of times as her leg started bleeding.
Reese’s head whips up. “What was that?” she asks Julian. “sounded like...” she looks around and gets up.
Both were unconscious.
Ryan looked around her and down at the floor. there’s a gaping hole through a wall and into the floor. she feels a sharp pain in her legs and lower torso, and looks down at her now bleeding body. the pain hasn’t registered, but she’s in shock.
“Uh...I think it was some sort of explosion..” Julian muttered and walked into the hallway
Reese gulps. “not again...” she mutters, following him.
Ethan found Eliza and glanced at her leg, “Your...leg it’s bleeding..” || Myra was thrown into a fall from the explosion and shattered her femur bone upon impact.
imma add another character brb
Zac stirred silently, but Kamryn was out completely, her heart rate slowing down
Ryan grabs are her stomach and winces. “holy f*** nuggets that hurts...” she whispers, trying to move down the hall.
the walls blurred before Ryan’s eyes and she fell to her knees. she crawls forward slowly, before collapsing and passing out.
Millie who was in the hospital, helping out as a volunteer, runs around looking for injured people and finds Zac and Kamryn and checks both of their pulses.
eliza looked down at her leg and then at ethan, just glad to know he was okay. “it’s fine— it’s fine, but you have to get out of here! i’m going to see if there’s anyone who needs help getting out.”
The fire form the explosion had filled most of the hallways with flame. “Reese, The hallways are dangerous right now..”
Reese checks her phone. “God..there was one at the hospital too..” she tells Julian.
“Eliza you can’t...your injured I’m helping you outside...” Ethan grabs her wrist
“there could be people who are stuck Julian...we can’t just wait here.” she says
“Oh god...The next hospital isn’t for miles...” Julian sighed.
Zac blinked, finding the roaring flames right in front of him.
“people are injured in here too! and they can’t get out.” she stays still and yanks her wrist back.
Millie sighed Kamryn’s pulse was faint and slow, so she started compressions.
Ryan is curled up in the fetal position. passed out in a hallway, bleeding.
“Your going to die! Eliza I can help out her please just get yourself outside.” Ethan said desperately
how fantabulous
eliza’s face showed no emotion. “if i get outside safe... and if you stay in here— you and tons of other people could die and if just be standing there knowing that i could have done something. so i’m sorry, but i’m not going outside.”
Reese nods. “ I want to help anyone who’s stuck...out there.” she says, pointing at the fire.
“Great, more fire.” Zac muttered under his breath, he saw Kamryn in the distance but there was already someone helping her. So he wobbled around, trying to see if there was anyone else who needed help
Julian nodded, “Yeah let’s go,”
Reese starts walking down the hallway, looking for any students or teachers.
Millie continued compressions and scanned the rest of her body for any other injuries.
Julian followed Reese and stumbled onto Myra who was lying on the ground panting, Ryan was near by too.
idk what to do with Ryan anymore. she’s kinda passed out...and bleeding out....but whatever...
eliza tried her best to get through the halls and found ryan. she glanced over at ethan and then back at ryan, trying to pull ryan up and slinging her arm around her shoulders. “i can help her out.”
Reese rushes to Myra and checks for a pulse. “she’s got a strong pulse...but she can’t be okay..”
Kamryn was basically broken
Ryan stays unconscious of course ✌️
Julian nodded, “Any broken bones? Any pain?” Julian asked. Myra nodded, “Y-Yeah my stomach feels likes it’s gonna..explode..”.
Reese winces. “please no...”
she looks at Julian. “help me get her up...but be careful.” she says.
eliza tried to balance herself and ryan and glancex through the halls to find a quick exit
Ryan’s at the hospital my dude
“Sure...Uh your grab her left I get her right,” Julian says
just realized 😎👌🏼
Reese nods. “okay. 1...2...3...” she lifts her left side
“Eliza, please get out of her, I’ll carry Ryan out..” Ethan sighed.
Julian does the same thing and lifts her up on the right and started walking to the front entrance
Well I probably left flat iron on, but that’s what happens when I’m told to get ready in ten minutes I can only straighten a portion of my hair in ten minutes...
is there anyone else who needs rescuing
I have to go I have a pointe class that starts soon and I gotta warm up
Reese trips over her foot and almost drops Myra. “Sorry!” she started Sri Myra, carrying her out.
*said to
eliza glances at ethan but ignores him, “i got this, okay. just trust me please.” she hears a loud rumble and notices as a hallway collapses at their left.
Celaena is so freaking similar to my character Hannah I swear
I gots to gooo
bye byeee
i’ll be on and off
Maya opens the door to the room Dalton, Tobin and Mrs. Jett are in.
Kamryn was dying fun
I’m back
I got some major inspiration for my book and I’m so freaking excited
like oh my goodness
now the only problem is connecting that part to the beginning of the book
and what’s going to be happening with the people in the regular world
is it just going to be parts
Dalton was still unconscious. It’s been many hours and he still hasn’t woken up. Tobin was eating cookies and Mrs. Jett was nervous. she looked like she was waiting for something to happen...she was anxious
like part one is in one world part two is in the other world and part three they come together and part four the discover smth which leads to the sequel
idk anything about books or writing but i can try to help
or is it going to be switching chapters like one chapter is in one world and the other chapter is in another
thanks :)
I’m just kind of blabbering😂
that sounds cool
I have 25 days to figure this out
25 days, ten hours, and 38 minutes to be exact
what happens once you run out of time?
ooo what idea for the roleplay do you have?
Then I’m going to try to attempt to write a novel with a half written outline😂
wait- now i have an idea too!
oof, well best of luck kat with your writing
ooo what’s everyone’s ideas
Maya looked at Mrs. Jett. “Um... Why are you here- never mind.” she looks at Dalton. “How’s he doing..?” Her voice is shaky.
OwO hi.
there’s 92 seventh graders at my school.
and 74 eighth graders at my school and I’m one of them. and there’s 70 or so sixth graders.
ok. Brooke replyyyy
my idea is a space type rp. your a crew of a people on a space trip going on adventures to a bunch of different planets and galaxies. i doubt it would work or last and would be confusing, but it’s not a terrible idea. and it’s one i’ve never seen before in a rp
hm. that sounds cool.
do you go to private school or was my middle school just packed?😂
Mrs. Jett says “He’s fine...just unconscious. has been for awhile...” she then looks at her and says “what are you doing here?...”
I go to a private school.
oh okay, I was about to say.
Ooh that’s a cool idea and I like rps that we get to go on adventures and stuff
idk if i would do it but it’s an idea
you should!
maybe i’ll do it over a break or over the summer. but that feels like it’s so long in the future.
I would do something related to my book, but it’s kind of a complex idea and I think it would just flop
rn this will be my main rp but if you want to make it or something you can. i will help make it thrive :)))
just get the basic plot of your book, and make it a plot of an rp. and if you want to can decide if you want to make it canon or not to your book.
Maya looks at her. “I was there... when it happened... when he and Tobin got shot.” She looks down.
anyone can claim this account
it’s for the space rp idea
i am just commenting so i can remember the account and it’s name
Who has Mario Cart and will add me as a friend,
i had an idea for a space adventure rp, and idk if i will go anywhere with it
I still need to download Mario cart lol
Brooke replyyyy OwO
I have Mario karttt( I’m stanky fish btw)
i added you kat :)
i have mario cart
i downloaded it last night
i literally just started
i got it like last week but i think it’s fake because i keep getting first place so i don’t think you’re actually racing people
my code is: 178763045201
multiplayer isn’t available yet so it’s just computers
Yeah bc I’ve exited out of the game for like a hour and started back up and I was still in the same race and I won
added :)
Mrs Jett said “And i am assuming you didn’t do anything- or you would probably prefer it being said it was so quick you couldn’t do anything in time”
Maya looks at her. “Well, yeah! I’m not the flash or quicksilver! I can’t move faster than the speed of light to save someone... I’m sorry... I should go.. shouldn’t I?”
okay so where are we on this rp
hunger games marathon 😎
that’s a good marathon
Mrs. Jett says “You can stay if you’s been very quiet here for awhile...i could use some company...”
ok, how do you add friends on mario cart?
because i’m confused
do you have to be at some level or something
go to your menu and then click friends
yeesh I need to get my eyebrows done they look horrendous
my sister goes on a hunger games marathon once a month
i’m kind of excitedddd because instead of just emceeing this year for the talent show i’m gonna do a dance choreography of a few songs as well ajdjsj
Maya nods. “Okay...”
I’m very confused on how old ppl think I am
are you 15 ?
I was at a makeup store w my mom and the mua asked me how old I am using a voice that she would expect me to be 10 or 11 and then moments later someone asked me if I worked there and it’s not a grocery store or anything where I can be the bagger and work at the cashier, it’s a makeup store booth where you need a license😂
i was served once and i was uH no i’m not 18 yet
mags just died 😰
who’s mags??
mags is a character in the hunger gamessss I’m watching them now 👌🏼
cause rereading all three of the books would probably take me like a week
i’m kind of dumb i saved all my homework up to today 😔
me too 😔
yo same
procrastination 😪
love this for us
long sigh
the opposite of waterfall is firefly
the opposite of cheerios is sue sylvester
what’s sue sylvester
okay so i have question
ooo what’s the idea?
what happens now— is the bomb still going on or
this school is a death trap
also that sounds like a cool rp
this school is chaotic
when did someone set off a BOMB
idk this morning?? one was set off at the schoo and one at the hospital also is this homecoming dance next weekend then
who knows
also whoever set off the bomb with be in huge trouble
probably suspended, expelled, or depending on their age arrested in jail or put in juvenile detention
i am stil debating what i want to be
so if any student/person in the rp knows who it is tell an adult or something
i just want to know who set off the bombs
jay who set off the bombs :0
was it a character or did it just happen
could my character be blue?
and so it was jat who set off the bombs?
Also hi
jat is going in timeout
Yes, it was Jat
i am just trying to figure out how you come up with the idea of a bomb
but i thank her
it’s more drama
what to do?
my everything hurts :/
you sick?
you okay ella?
no. I had a soccer game😂
and I swear there was this girl who belongs in college on the other team
she was freakin 6 ft and something
also hey Brooke and hey sal :)
tIMe oUt?
I t w a s a b o m b o r a t o r n a d o
I fell asleep
if your tired you should sleeep
no no no
time out
i sAy sO
n o o o
but now cause I took a nap I’ll get less sleep tonight
I don’t want to go to school tmr
Im still suffering from jet lag
I d I d I t f o r g o o d r e a s o n s
sorry back
go sit in the corner jat ur in tiMe oUt
n o o
what’s going on
there trying to put me in time out 😤
no i object 🙅🏻‍♀️
bUt i sAiD sO
jAt cAuSeD a bOmBiNg
and i bet she was in a hat too while doing it
hi lol
no u
wanna do something?
Nicolás was with carmina talking about who that man was
Dalton was still unconscious in his comatose and tobin was talking a nap
dustin played in sand near the beach
Everly was with Owen in the cafeteria. he was ranting about random stuff.
Sandra sat in the kitchen.
Natalie sat on the bleachers.
ember was in the gameroom playing some good old wii
Mrs. Jett and Hudson we’re sitting in the hospital room watching over the boys and talking about the man
ember is a mood
what wii game was she playing?
is bomb over then
Everly needed a break from Owen but she wasn’t sure how to get away.
i hope so
Nicolás started walking around and saw Everly. He smiles and waves and says “Hey!”
Owen whipped his head around dramatically and glared at Nicolás. “it’s yOu.” | Everly’s eyes widened as she looked at Owen. “oh my god!@
Nicolás was confused and says “Wait what? what do you mean ‘iT’S yOu’?”
Everly’s forehead creased. “Owen, get out.” | Owen looked Nicolás up and down and walked out.
Nicolás then laughs a bit and asks “what’s up with him?”
Everly shrugged. “he doesn’t like you for some reason.”
Nicolás sighs “That’s not good- but at least you like me” he jokes “i mean i think you do anyways...maybe this was all just a big dream!” he laughs
also i made another rp called @TheSalaciaMission i think
Everly frowned. “you’re right. I don’t like you.”
idk when i’ll open it but it’s there and i might give it away to someone else
Nicolás sighs “Oh no, i guess this is just a one way relationship”
Everly giggled. “I LOVE you!”
Nicolás hugs her and kisses her cheek and says “I love you more”
aww they’re so cute
Collin slips around
Everly smiled. “okay!” she wasn’t gonna fight him on that because they could do it for hours.
and i love them, they need more time together
bahahaha they could fight for hours over this
Nicolás says “So how have you been?”
Everly shrugged. “pretty good, you?”
Collin found an old fashioned camera and started taking pictures of everything he saw
Bye 🙁🙁🙁
bye Caroline
bye :(
Nicolás says “A bit rattled after everything that happened with the attacks”
tobin slept like a little boy. he was talking in his sleep about cookies
i was watching sad edits
is Tobin sleeping in his dorm room or just out in the open😂
Maya is sad because she has no one to talk to because Dalton was in the hospital
how did they get in the hospital in the first place
i finished my marathonnn
Maya was having a big sad.
im cryinggggg that cat scene gets be every time 😪
Dalton was still one was there except a sleeping tobin and Mrs. Jett. then an unknown visitor came, but it wasn’t that man from the basement. It was a female. She left flowers and an Envelope with a note inside. She the kissed his forehead and left the room
i feel like i might accidentally cause maya a bigger sad
I signed up for the starry rp :))
they got in the hospital because dalton’s supposed dad found tobin and attacked him. tobin, dalton, and eliza all got hurt in the incident
thanks :)
who wants to rp?
uh oh maya has competition
I will
Collin still hadn’t left the hospital and was avoiding all workers after being told to get out numerous times
ohhhhhhh that sounds rough
Peppa the Pig takes over the world.
j k j k
Kamryn was dying still
Zac was riding on his bull
cause ye ye
bahahaha only collin
wE nEEd a dOcToR
Millie apparently does more compressions and yells at a nurse, “I need a crash cart!”
Collin knows where all the doctors are. chasing him. my badddddd :))
oh no
Maya sighed. Maybe she should go visit Dalton again. And besides. She needed to ask Mrs. Jett a question. Something that had been bothering her.
A nurse caught sight of Collin. “you again?! I thought I threw you out yesterday.” collin gulped then threw his camera at her and ran
As the girl left the room she walks the hall. She sees maya and looks at her as she leaves the hospital
Mrs jett was sleeping in a chair in the hospital room with hudson, tobin, and dalton.
collin is going to get banned from the hospital, and when he’s dying they won’t help him
A nurse pulls out a crash cart and Millie uses the defibrillator on Kamryn.
well then I guess he just can’t die now can he😁
Collin bolted around a corner and quickly ran into a room avoiding the heated nurse
i guess he can’t :)
he will have my health care
Myra was in the hospital eating jello with Ethan.
wb zacccccxxxxcccc who is riding a bull😂
oo hospital jello is the best
Julian was talking to Peppa pig.
zac is gonna get thrown off that bull eventually
no he is an expert bull rider
all of a sudden another bomb went off
yOu thInK yoUr liFe is hArD??? i weAr a siZe 13 niKes— mEn siZe 13 niKes
im hereee
Collin looks around the room he stumbled into and sees Tobin. “why hello again.”
j k
hey logan
M E N S size 13 nikes
omg i am so sorry
Zac is an avaliable character. Kamryn is not waking up.
is she ded?
i have a friend whos 13 and wears a mens size 11 Nikes. she doesn't complainnnn
who knows I’m lazy
i was gonna say get back in the corner but clearly you are already a minority in this world facing harsh issues in our present day and age
Maya peeked in the room, and saw the flowers and the note. she then remembered the girl she had seen. Her eyes widened. She instantly turned and left the hospital
reese is idk. ryan is also idk. i think shes passes out my bros. i forget. curse you bad memory.
Oh nuu maya :(
my friend is 6 feet tall and she doesn’t get bullied or stuff, she just gets asked if she plays basketball or volleyball
oh no maya
Mickey was still drunk because drunk Mickey is the best Mickey
it’s so stupid i was :|
get some answers
uwu maya has bigger sad now.
big sad
Millie shocks Kamryn again if the defibrillator
aww maya :(
l e m o n k e
I used to be tall. I shrunk. all my guy friends are taller than me now. it’s sad.
Sorry but now I can think of the song Big Fun but w Big Sad
I am a short bean
Maya walked back to her dorm, millions of thoughts pounding in her head.
I’m barely five feet tall
i used to be short. got taller. not super taller, but tall enough.
me too😂
i used to be tall
Martha dumptruck In the flesh
remy plays old mcdonald on the keyboard // eliza’s sitting in a hallway that’s halfway still standing
in 2nd grade
hEre cOmes tHe cOoTIe sqUad
now i am average height
i’m 5’5
at five feet and five inches
dAng dAng dIggItY dAng-A-dAng dAng dAng dIggItY dAng-A-dAng
w e should- SHUT UP HEATHER
sOoOrry hEaTHer
look who’s with her oh my god
dAng dAng dIggItY dAng-A-dAng dAng dAng dIggItY dAng-A-dAng
ima just say that ryan is okay. bandaged, and bruised, but okay. i don't have the patients for hospital visits.
Millie isn’t a vsco girl 😪 she’s a le monke
Maya decided to not go to her dorm and instead went to a random dark corner place.
and reese is off in search of food.
martha dumptruck in the flesh, here comes the cootie squad. you should- shut up heather! sorry heather. look who’s with her, omg -dang dang all that stuff- (sorry if this is bad, idk if it’s right) it took some guts coming here, time to rip me out. look at this pig doesnt it remind you of someone- even the snout
wait you guys are getting sleep??
no sir
its 9:45 pm for me, but not really in general
bIg FUn
biG sAd
mOm aNd dAd fOrgOt to lOck thE liqUor cAbinets
i brought my sparkling apple cider
honey whatcha waiting fooooorrrr
weLcOme tO mY cAnDy stOoOoOre
- we died because of our gAy fOrBidDeN lOvE -
ShUT UP HEATHER! *shoves*
I decided to drink some matcha and now I’m bouncing of the walllssss probably won’t get any sleeeep
i am going to drink some nice ice tea and watch my catfish as i type on here
what about love.
have you ever been in love
cause if you have you’ll know
that love never excepts a defeat no place it can not gooo
Maya sighs. Did Dalton have a girlfriend all along? were her feelings just going to get thrown away? This always happened...
dOnt lAuGh wHen i sAw LoVe dONt tHinK tHat IM naVie
also update: i ran out of ice tea so now i have to drink wAtErTrrRrrRrRrRrRr uGhGhhGgGg
i’m crying i’m crying i’m crying jdjsjskd lake
guys, don’t think she is navie. that’s not her name
anyone want to interact with my characterssss?
I can’t speelllll :(
uMmmMmmMmMm i is pretty sure it’s nAviE
oh hey it came out ... on no where’s the cap
what came out?
characters need social intereaction pls and thx you
come to me, i have drama
let’s play a gameee
we haven’t done that in awhileeee
Maya sighed. She would ask Mrs. Jett in the morning. It was late. she was tired. it had been a long couple weeks.
finally I come up with a good idea that’s not destructive :)
Kamryn was still dying with only a 25% chance of survival, meanwhile Zac was anxiously pacing around
with what?
*plot twist another bomb goes off*
oh i’m quoting tik toks
plot twist my characters all die again :)
i’ll save the next bomb for later- wait what
oh no
yee yee
Millie as been trying to save Kamryn oof
has** geez I still can’t spell
i already know your gonna have a bomb at the halloween dance
Ik- but still- 25% chance of survival >:)
if we take all the plastic out of the oceans... how are the turtles supposed to carry their groceries?
bonnie, bobbie, bella, bree, brielle, baylee, baylor, blythe, bria, briana, bridget, bianca
Millie shocks Kamryn again with the defibrillator still no luccck
Bertha is a lovely name
maybe 15 if I get bored
b a r d a
bob is a good name
It was not looking well for Kamryn...
No not at all...
so what game should we play? truth or dare? spin the bottle?2 truths and a lie?
i’m winning
andddd Zacccccxxxxcccc was still being anxious (and he doesn’t know this, but he’s waiting for the game so he can make friends :))
hmmm...any gameee
important question
Her chance of survival has gone down to 10%, her condition rapidly getting worse
drama :)
wait i lost my ear bud
seven minutes in heaven
reese found some weird lookin bacon. YOLO. she eats it.
oh yay I got back for the good part :)
im actually kind of sick of seven minutes in heaven.
so should the girl that is actually making maya BIG SAD join this game too? because dalton is in a comatose so he can’t really i would have carmina, nicolás, tobin, hudson, and possibly the girl
10% rate of survival what would ever save her?
Millie makes the irrational decision to cut her chest open to see what was wrong with her heart.
Oh maybe that🤷🏻‍♀️
oh my Millie is at work
Or maybe Millie just killed her
it just starts relationships with no backing...which becomes an issue.
Actually Millie just killed her probably
idk I ran out of ideas
well thats pleasent
I agree Logan- I’ve always hated that game in rps
h m m
It kind of ruins any future relationships
anyone have any ideas for fuel to keep me awake?
what if we just play truth or dare?🤷🏼‍♀️
Maybe I should just kill her
truth or dare maybe?
I’m waiting to see is Kamryns OkAyYy
wait did we pick a game
n Oo dOnT
never give up on characters
unless what Kat?
s h e l b y
s a r a
s t a c y
s o p h i e
unless U N L E S S
s o p h I a
s a w y e r
sarah, sally, sammy, sierra, sianna, savannah, sydney, shay, shannon, shea
the suspense is killing meee
can we play a game yet?
Idk what game though
how could you Brooke😤
Maya walked back to the hospital. she wouldn’t be able to sleep if she didn’t ask Mrs Jett who the girl was. She nocked on the door to their hospital room. “Hello..?” she whispered.
Then Kamryn started to rapidly get better...and better...
sharing size? *demonically laughs*
You may think this is me being lazy, but it’s really not. There’s a reason. :))
Millie smiles and closes Kamryn up.
s h o o t
Mickey...ummm...does. stuff....
Myra cartwheels around the halls.
Kamryn :)
Katie :)
reese looks for Orange Julius Cesar.
Kat :)
Ethan plays sad ballads on the piano in the music room again
Kate :)
kelse, karma
You should use Kat :$
I vOte On kAthLeEn
what are we doing
Kathryn Kayla Kami Kelly Kat Katrina Kady Kiki
Use Katie
ryan pokes at a bandage around her stomach. "you my dear friend...are itchy." she says to it.
Julian was making food.
iD bE fIne wiTh kAt tOo
ocsv boys we got the squeezies
nO kAthleeen
name her after both me and Jat :)
oh my
reese sniffs the air. "smells like food." she says, following the scent. she finds julian. "wacha makin?" she asks.
wait so are we gonna play a game or no
I think
BROOKE whEreD yA go
i dunno where brooke went though...
we have a mystery to solve🤭
yayy :)
why you so 🙅🏻‍♀️ obsessed with me 🤷🏻‍♀️boy i wanna know 💁🏻‍♀️
Collin hid in a storage closet
I swear to god If I see another tik tok with people using cups at pointe shoes-
then accidentally knocked over all of the buckets and mops and was caught
my tooth hurts
Elon musk
ryan hisses at her stomach and looks around for a people.
we should vote on a game
elvira, queen of halloween.
idkw I just feel it’s a pretty rad name 😎
i vote truth or dare. or spin the bottle.
yeah that sounds good
Truth or Dare
Eyala :)
HA! too bad looks like Ella beat Elvira 😝
EYALALALLALA. My favorite name :)
eyala is also a rad name
i miss eyala :(
me too man
he was my bro
😝 Bleh.
he’s been on every once in a while but never to rp
imma finish a history paper that’s due in two hours 👌🏼
okay bye jatttt
Taking a break from rping
Well eyala is
where did he come from, where did he goo, where did he come from, eyala eye joe.
what a tongue twister
bai baiii
the wooooommmmbbbb
maybe brooke fell alseeps. if so, then we should start the game.
*everyone mysteriously teleported to the on-site location for truth or dare
Kamryn is resting, Zac will play
i am back
what did i miss?
although, I might go read in a little bit
Mickey is still drunk but she’ll play. and Collin is- well he’s Collin
can i join the truth or dare? and can my new oc join too?
nothing.. we were waiting for you.
Or maybe Kamryn will play too
yEs i aM
Should Kamryn play shrug
i had to go to the bathroom
i am allowing myself to join even though i think it just started
Mickey provides the bottle because she is stocked up on them
no we haven’t even done anything
I mean Kamryn just got healed but she needs to get friends
okay so how do you want to do this
idk. about its random. idk.
okay so comment the names of everyone playing to make it easier
Maya heard there was a game so she joined. I guess. 😂
Collin, Mickey
reese and ryannn.
I’m kinda back imma multitask
welcome back
is Kamryn ok
i’m confused
Nicolás, Carmina, Hudson, Tobin, and Zaylie
We dunno
is she alive?
i got distracted please explain what we’re doing
truth or dare
we’re playing a game
my friend said sorry to a chair. she's undeniably Canadian.
just say the names of your people playing i think
oh uh well i only have eliza and remy so
okay then, have them join
toooooo mannnnnyyy peopleeee
cut down a little. i can't keep all those names straight lol.
please. im going to die.
I’m hungry
And I kind of want to get off but my characters need to actually meet ppl😂
eat some food
what if we only use one character per person then everyone we’ll get a turn and it will be easier to keep track
i love how you keep adding more and more people to the list 😂
there will be other opportunities kat. if you want to get off, don't feel obligated to stay.
cause i’ll use Zaylie because she needs a life, but so does Hudson
I’ll stay on a little
im just gonna use ryan i think...
I’ll use Zac bc Kamryn almost Ford
not ford
I’ll use Collin
how about Two people then?
idk who to use
then two each 🤷🏼‍♀️
how do you expect all of us to remember all 19 of your characters...
I’ll use Hudson and Zaylie
let’s try and make a compromise
okay iris there will be other opportunities for your characters to interact but if you add them all tonight then probably only one will get to do anything
I guess Myra and Julian
Iris, sometimes you have to compromise. if you don't want to do that, then you don't have to play.
sorry i counted the last names, but still that’s a lot of people
do a random pick
bunny is being a meanieeeee to me
spin a wheel
oh nose
what did bunny do?
he spit on me
hOw rUdE
I knowwwww. he is in timeout now
he probably bits. or he poks.
if you’ll get mad at the random picks then pick the ones you want
who is bunny?
Wait are we using one or two
look in the remixes
my pet hedgehog :)
i think 2
you can use two I think
how dare he
he has a little timeout chair and everything
Iris. i don't wan to be rude, but choose or we'll start without you.
okay we should start the game before it gets too too late. iris I’m just saying you can use all of yours because then the game will never end so maybe try and narrow it down please
iris we all had to choose two it’s only fair if you do the same
soooo :/
awE bunny fell asleep in his timeout chair
it’s getting late too so
okay setting?? school classroom maybe🤷🏼‍♀️
that works
I love how all of your “awws” were the same length😂
how about its in the gym or a big open place.
that was funny
i can pick favorites
no. its choosing two.
i only have two 😂
Ryan. Boom.
spin a wheel
it doesn’t matter, we can play another game next week with different people
then you don’t have to choose
who was your first oc? Use them. Then who is your newest character? Use them.
your not even choosing favorites your just choosing two random ocs
should we just ... start
then eliminate from the wheel the ocs you’ll get mad playing as in truth or dare and ocs that would be borin
should we use a remix?
There is no food in this household.
you guys can join once you have ocs
and i’ll still be rping as my other ocs here too
Then use your first two
ooo I have returned
okay i’m going to be direct and i’m not trying to be mean, but could please just be a little bit more mature and just pick two if you really want to play this. we all had to pick two, especially brooke and she has more than three, and it would only be fair if you did too
I feeeel like imma pass out anytime I stand up 😤
aww why jat
you’ll get better
ryan sat in a classroom, as did reese. they yawned.
not sureee like I blackout and get dizzy
thanks Allie lol
wait I have a question: iris are you on a joint account with your other friends?
have you eaten lately??
usually it means your blood pressure is low jat
oof that’s not good
well then how come you can all talk on the same comment
it happens when you get up to fast and you get abnormal blood pressure regulation. i get it too.
um kinda
I’m on a liquid diet rn
but are you guys all on the same device??
oh oof
its more common on old people thoooo
I don’t think I have a blood vessel disorder cause it just started happening
are you an old people?
it cna also be form prolonged bed rest, and some medicines cause it too.
like maybe a three months ago and I’ve passed out a couple timesss
you all share a house? but you talk separately to each other ?
that's not good my bro.
jat do you get any nutrients from your liquids?
i just realized that
yeah think so
also jay are you okay?
hey iris I don’t want to be rude or anything but did you- uh...make them up. oof that sounded really bad but you know what I meant
eat a cookie :(
I don’t like cookies
eat cake
or pie
how about a few pieces of cereal
start off slow
there isn’t like anything sweet in my house rn
I mean I really don’t wanna go off the liquid diet till like next month
idk if i just see this but the comments asking iris and them questions keeps getting an orange underline under them that means they were reported
and red
wait are you serious right now
and other comments tooo
wait is that what it means? I thought it was a glitch
i think my pc is a bit broken
i don't see that
they are underlined
yeah it’s weird
wait what? I’m. or seeing that
i think no one is doing it
I’m not seeing that
like all of them are underlined that talks about iris
i think it’s just a glitch from how if you slide it you see the thing
most of them
I don’t see that
yeah it’s just me i think
I think it’s just a glitch because I see it all the time not just tonight
yeah me too
but besides that wanna rp on the truth or dare thing?
are you guys all sisters??
once my phone reaches 1% I’ll leave
and it’s on 2% rn😂
oop 1% gn💕
reese takes his hand and stands up. "where too kind sir?" she asks jokingly.
goodnight 🌙
night noght
also everyone who’s staying up, pls rest
“I’m not sure...The rooftop it’s always kinda nice,” Julian shrugged
just me and jat in the hat. im not tired though.
reese nods. "then to the roof!" she says, walking down the hall. "but first...Snacks!"
I mean I’ve pulled all nighters before on school nights I’ll be ok
“I already have snacks on the roof,” Julian smiles.
"you already planned this?" reese asks with grin.
“Yeah, I like everything being planned out,” Julian smiles
reese starts walking towards the stairs to the roof. "well then, you better hurry up! im gonna get there first and eat everything." she says.
Julian laughs and started running up the stairs to the roof and opened the door to a picnic
reese laughs too. "this is amazing! thank you." she says, jumping up and kissing him on the cheek.
Julian smiles, “No problem and sat down on the picnic blanket.”
reese sits down across from him and opens the basket.
imma head out I should probably finish my history paper
okay ;(
night night
I don’t want to go to school