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Want to go out with me pls
I just ask someone out sorry
Your dating me😭
Babe why😭😭😭😭😭😭
You said you loved me, and I love you so much and I’ll never stop😭🥺
Summer please answer me babe🥺
Your gonna make me cut🔪🩸
what I was doing dish
ok then I will date you
Who me
I dont know
what wrong
I want to go out with you and give u a kiss
I got
do i post it
On ur page
What are u going to call me
baby girl
Summer don’t date her
Mommy and i call u daddy
she was saying that you would break my heart
you broke my heart with Amaya if you will want to date me give me one good reason
Because I got with you because your so hot🤭, I wuv u so much💜
And because I would be nothing without my baby girl🥺
ok then want you do this them if you will want me give me your email
I can’t email
this is my school iPad
so you don’t have a phone
ya you can
my bother did it
ok then if that don’t work sent me a full pic have your self
Your already dating someone else😭🥺
No not now I am singie
yeah right