Collage by andistillloveyou-


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hey daddy
babyyy i miss u
its fine. i understand
yeah babe. yeah ik i understand. its okay. we’ll be here when ya’ll get back
oh okay daddy -rubs my huge belly-
smiles big- which one? -rubs my belly-
comes to u and kisses u softly-
-kisses and the baby kicks and i move ur hand to my belly- feel?
smiles big- she moves. alot. especially when she hears us talking
nods- i had a appointment today. she said any day now so i been trying. alot. drinkin buncha water. yoga. walking. bouncing on a medicine ball but nothin...
giggles softly- im nervous. -nods- wanna see the nursery..? i’ve been workin alot in it while u were gone
-opens the door- i finally finished painting so i was able to move all the furniture in. still waiting on curtains tho
thanks -smiles a little- i just wanted to get maybe navy or white curtains so it will break up the pink a little
-looks around and nods- yeah that would be cute
nods- yeah -rubs my belly and smiles-
bites my lip a little and blushes-
giggles and blushes deeply- daddyyyyy stop it -giggles- im huge axx pregnant and u still think im séxy
nahh -smiles- ur the one who is sexy. and also alot less like a whale
laughs and looks in the mirror- i feel like one
blushes and looks up at u in the mirror- oh stop
i love u too daddy
cuddles back into u- i really wish this baby would get outta me
just uncomfortable. i cant sleep. my back is killing me. its next to impossible to put shoes on
nods and smiles- maybe i’ll actually get some sleep
nods- me too
your brother has two gfs 😂😂-All
😂😂😂😂😂😂he’s gonna get a lotta haters dudes finna be jello 😂
comes with u-
lays on u- ooof im to big for this
laughs- yeah -lays on ur chest and my belly is against u-
mmmm okay daddy
-closes my eyes-
smiles and lays down on u and moves ur hand to my lower belly- it really hurts right here -is having small contractions-
tries to relax-
rubs it- daddy it really hurts -holds my breath a little having a stronger contraction-
-takes deep breaths- Lance i...-gets up leaning with my hands against the wall breathing through it and my water breaks- we needa g-go now...-goes and changes-
changes and has has a contraction and i whimper almost in tears-
breathes deep-
whimpers and tries not to scream in pain reaching for ur hand-
breathes having big contractions- mmmm -starts to cry-
goes with u slowly in pain-
-gets scared and cries reaching for u-
squeezes it softly and moans in pain having a contraction and they bring me to a delivery room-
they put me in a hospital gown and leave the top open cuz im sweating so im in just my bra and the prop my legs up- -the dr comes in- okay hun next contraction start pushing
-has a contraction and pushes screaming in pain- -watches and counts to 10- okay okay breath
-breathes laying back- -counts to 7- good okay big push. -pushes squeezing ur hand a little- -counts to 10- good good i see her head
-pushes hard holdin my breath- -gets her out and she cries- she’s here and perfectly -hands u scissors to cut the cord- -lays back exhausted and cries hearing her cry-
-goes clean her and wraps her in a blanket- -looks up at u crying- she’s okay?
smiles a little tired and holds the baby-
smiles watching u- u got her for a second? ima go take a bath. if she cries i have a bottle for her in the fridge. heat it up for 30 seconds and give it to her
thank you -kisses u softly and goes take a bath still really sore- -opens her eyes slowly in ur arms-
-relaxes- -yawns and looks up at u with her green/blue eyes like mine-
falls asleep a little- -cuddles into her blanket-
hey babe
hey babe -smiles up at u softly-
i missed u too daddy
go to sleep
hey babe just wanted to let you know that me and Hailey miss you so much
smiles softly holding her-
smiles big looking down at her-
hey babw
hey /Callie
daddyyyy -giggles-