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Only eight days left until the first of December! I'm already in Christmas mood, this weekend we will decorate the house <33 qotd: Favorite Christmas song? Aotd: all I want for christmas; last christmas & let it snow🩷🩷


•23•11•23• (tap) Only eight days left until the first of December! I'm already in Christmas mood, this weekend we will decorate the house <33 qotd: Favorite Christmas song? Aotd: all I want for christmas; last christmas & let it snow🩷🩷

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my favorite Christmas song is Santa tell me by Ariana Grande
Those are my fave songs too (except for let it snow)
This is lovely
How are you doing 🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷
we met in church when we were abt 4 and 5!! (I’m the younger one haha)
Also for the contest it won't let me enter my entry, what should I do???
hiiiii I’m so sryyyy I’ve been grounded 😭😭😭
btw so pretty love this sm~😍🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
so prettyyy!
ive been really good tho! life has been crazy so I haven’t been on pc but how are you?!
oh i’ve been okayyy thank you for asking, my thanksgiving wasn’t very special but im greatful for so much, so i enjoyed myself. how have you been?
do u have snapchat so we could talk on there? it’s okay if not
I love my great grandmother!! she’s 80 and has more energy than me. she’s a farmers wife and is always up and running. she taught me all I know about photography so we’ve been doing tons of it this week!!!
bcp trop beau 😍
awwww thank you
Im okay how about you?
just have to write a few birthday letters now haha to some friends
what are u up to today?
I’m okay how are you? just been super super busy lately 🫶
also this is so prettyyyy 😍
thanks so much
mrc bcp pour le petit message 🥰🩷💞💞💞
That sounds like fun >D< I wish I could ice skate bc idk how to. And snowing??!? It hasn't snowed yet here we're I live
it was just so different because this was one of my first thanksgiving that wasn’t held at the house i grew up in, and it’s the first year both my parents had thanksgiving separately (they recently divorced).
and my grandma had covid this year so i just had thanksgiving with my uncle and cousins
it was just a lot
oh ice skating is so fun! i’ve only went one time, but i love normal-skating!
omgg I missed u too! 💗💞 I’m good, rn I’m watching Christmas movies 😆
gorgeous !!
I tried a bunch of tteokbokki and it was really good! And you do acrobatic? what kind? that’s so cool!
I’m okay thanks for asking for real!!
wow that’s so cool!! I’m glad you had fun!!
I went to a friend’s birthday party and it was great!! I got a new poster for my room!!
How is your day going??
omg your right!! 17 days!!!
omg! this is amazing!
how are you doing?
I’m okay!!
I hope you’re doing well with school and all 🩷💕💖
Awww thank you so much 🩷
I’m gooooood :)
je vais bien et toi ?
it’s perfectly ok u can call me pearl🫶🏻
thx smmm btw urs r so pretty 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻
Thank you for these tips on figure skating!! And yes I will try if I have time (maybe when I finally go into college)
Fine, but got sick but I will be fine (not going to school tomorrow)
i’m great !! hru??
and i’m good thank youuu- everything is pretty good rn!! currently in florida and we have spent the last couple days in disney :) we only have two days left!😭😭💞
how has your week been? <33
and omg did you decorate your room? if so LEMME SEEE
I love any kind of photography!! hbu??
have you ever played dutch blitz??
not a lot, but im getting back into my skincareeee and reading my bible 😋
ooooh I love last Christmas, baby it’s cold outside, & it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!
what are your top 3 👀
So pretty! also come follow me!
I’m good 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 love ur name to
incroyable j aimerai trop savoir faire des truc du style 🥰🤗🤗
Amazing collage
school work lol trynna keep my grades up and trynna figure out if I wanna stay homeschooled or not
I LOVE SNOWW I unfortunately live where it doesn’t snow 😭
your welcome
that sounds so fun!! and i’ve been great thank you for asking 🫶🫶
how was your day???
do you think I should have an extras??
i’d love one but I don’t have an extra email so 😭
what have you been doing??
❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗 trop incroyable tes collages
Oohh this is stunning!!
Aotd: shake up christmas :)
Thank you!!
Oohh I love working in the garden :) and karate omg that's so cool!!
Well I love Lewis Capaldi and am super into bands like 5SOS, the vamps and new hope club
Hi! I'm good, been kinda busy. How are you?
that’s awesome I love ice skating✨ homeschool if alr lol
yes i’m doing a bit better now!!
your day sounds so fun!! I played video games and some card games and talked about classical music with a family friend!!
Thank you so much!!! 💕
waw 😍
Lmaoo sorry I did not realise it would seem like that 💀
Thank you ❤❤
No, I've never tried karate, but it always looks super cool
okay sure! my snap is def-notemma
Omg ice skating is so fun!! Hope your english exam did go / will go well! I've been preparing for my siblings' birthdays :)
im good!! wbu??
and that sounds so fun- i’ve always wanted to go ice skating!!!
and YESS i did have fun!!💞how has your week been so far? <33
thank youuuu! my day was good I just got back from basketball practice and my fav Christmas movie is probably Home Alone 🤪
and your so sweet as well ☺️
yeah I speak french!! fun fact hahahha
Yes, its dutch!! It is similar yes, because I can't really speak german (had it at school for a few years), but I can generally understand it because of its similarity :)
i’m too lazy to log back into my main so i’ll just use this one to say how are youuuu todayyy
hey chloe, how are you? :)
Thank you!!
thanks so much your collages are amazing and gorgeous
Tysm!! Am still getting used to it, but wanted the change :)
Oohh that's great!!
I've got 2 siblings and their birthdays are two days apart haha, so one's tomorrow and the other monday :)
Do you have any siblings?
oooh that sounds fun except for the math part 😭
im in Orlando rn going to sea world which is a theme park we have!! I skipped school today so im gonna have to makeup all that work but it’ll be worth itttttt
awesomeee I got a Apple Watch ✨
and YES!!! of course I'd love to be friends 🙂🙂
your welcome
c trip bien!!
on parle toutes les 2 trois langues!!
je vais bien et toi?
no i absolutely love it 😭😭
yesss! my weekend is goood hbu?? 💗😁
and my weekend has been ok so far🩷🩷i can’t wait for winter break, i need a break of school i’ve been so tired!
thank you ❤️❤️
i don’t go skating very often, but i used to go every friday. i love it sm
thank you so much chloe!!
i’m playing pokémon scarlet to train for the DLC next week and also playing luigi’s mansion 3 and super mario RPG and legend of zelda ocarina of time 😭 so many omg
and there are more I want to start but these are all long games .. okay technically i’ve almost completely defeated pokémon but the other three i’ve just started lol
I like long, hard games where you level up and do puzzles and stuff
trop beau 😍😍😍
hey there! (sorry for the copy and paste) The Pic Collage Awards 2023 began this summer, but unfortunately the results were never published. So I decided to hold such awards in the last month of this year: december! there are various awards for different types of collages & collagers - come check out my account for more information and vote please! :)
ahhh la chanceee
il y a 3 ans quil a nege a Madrid
quoits parle aussi l’italien???
aujourd’hui je vais étudier car j’ai un examen cette semaine et toi?
i was with friends all day, just saw that !!💕
yess it is!!! and basically i’ve just SLEPTTT and relaxed. i slept a total of 14 hours on friday 😭😭😭
i’m not very good. my great grandma just left aboit 30 minutes ago.. i’ve been crying on my bed
You can call me Evelyn:))
What do you want me to call you??
AWW THANK UUU- and yes i was SOO tired
and it was so fun thank u!! had its moments ofc since an ALL STUDENT TRIP with the SAME PEOPLE gets bad 💀💀😭i had some outings with my roommates at some points lol
Tips on creating a retro style collage. your collages are amazing and incredible
OMG NOOO- honestly that happened to my ex bsf and i but i never told her i liked him.. i knew she thought he was cute but she never told me about her officially liking him. jokes on her tho bc me and the guy are still good friends… 😭
and i’m good thank u! just tired and stressed and ready for winter break tbh… hbu love 🩷
(responding to your comment) Thank you! I feel like no one writes about these things, or I just can’t find the right books lol
I've got an older brother and a younger sister :)
c trop beau vrmt
Thank you!!! 🙂💗
I had a good time! and the Xmas decorations were so prettyyyy
how have you been?! :D
thank you chloe 💜 my great grandma left after her visit and it just hit me hard. my dad got covid too and i just want to go see my therapist but I can’t bc I might have it too… anyway how are you???
Awww thx!!! Sorry i havent been that active or i would have responded earlier. I'm great!!!! How bout u?
your welcome and I would like some tips on both text and background for creating a retro style collage. Also your collages are really pretty and amazing.
this is gorgeous omg!! aotd: def last christmas by wham such a banger haha
also idk if i responded to ur comment sorry! but in case i didnt i would love to be friends :) & thank u for being so sweet💞
hey!! I’m quite well ! excited for the holidays. hbu? :)
ahhh la chance!!
C’est trip bien!! Ma mere est Brésilienne mais elle nous parle en espagnol
Non, c’est quoi?? ça a l’air vraiment bien!!
merci!! bonne chance!!
I am doing fine, but kinda tired and overwhelmed (finals are coming closer and closer as the days pass by 😭😭😭)
How are you doing?? ❤️❤️
aotd: last Christmas
Oh heyyy!! I'm great hru??
Thanks so much for the tips on creating a retro style collage from both the background and the text it’s super helpful.
aww well I’m sure you’ll do great on all of them!! I’m currently sick so that’s fun 😭