Collage by Mystic_Symphony


24 3
Round 4 has begun!
I postponed the round
** sorry for the copy and paste message* I'm having an icon contest you should check it out. date is moved to the 24th of May
Round 1 is up!
Round 4 is due on May 28, but I would like it if you submitted your entry before the due date
so I could present the winner ASAP
ᗯᗩᑎᑎᗩ ᗪo ᗩ ᑕoᒪᒪᗩᗷ?
despite the finals, I’m glad you entered into the contest
ok I’ll tell you how lol❤️ me or you will do the background and pngs and then remix it to the other person and they will do the text and then when it’s all done the person that did the text remixes it to the first person and then they post it (if that makes any sense 😂)
hmm maybe like tumblr beach or travel maybe photography ✨
and do u want to do the background and pngs or the text?
Round 2 is up!
ok cool I’ll do the background and you do the text or do u want to do the background and I’ll do the text ?
ok I’ll do the background ☺️
I remixed the collage ☺️
Task 1 of the Fandom Games is up! Don’t forget to enter by August 5!