Tap Wassup

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re:// yee i have seen them, im up to season 2!! i lovvv kageyama, suga, kenma and bokuto :)
oooh i’m excited the other chapters were really good uwu
personally i’m always a simp for kaminari so i love that he’s there too uwu, my favorite interaction so far is when we see from todo’s pov and how he got jealous bc he usually hides his emotions so it’s nice to see him with some :D
when your fren asks you who you like but you simp over a 2D character- “oH iT’s cOmpLiCAteD” (yeah my friend doesn’t understand cause she doesnt watch anime :’)
I got my platforms at the website dollskill
yes denki and y/n we stan
the kuroo cutout is an amazing addition to any room if you want to make one you can get printouts on rasterbator.com or something i think?
fair warning it’s creepy af but it’s amazing anyways 😌✌️
and yes ofc it’s a great story more people should read it!