Hello! Caption in comments :D


t}a{p 21/4/22-6:18pm Hello! Caption in comments :D

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Ummmm hi! :D It’s been a few months 👀 and I just wanted to say I’m really sorry. School has been just a whirlwind and I haven’t been doing good mentally, I’m still trying to cope. But I got this sudden longing to try and post and I had this in the drafts for MANY MANY weeks. I can’t really promise that I’ll be back to posting at least something once a week but hopefully I can feel a bit better by dropping this off. Thank you all for your time, have a lovely day/night <3
welcome back!! I’m so glad you posted, I am so absorbed in your story!!
Aahh I love this!! The part about Melly is so beautifully written ❤
Don't worry, take all the time you need. Your mental health is what matters most.
This is so good and easy to visualize as always! I honestly don’t know how you write like this 🤩
ur writing is always so captivating, rlly ur so extremely talented !!
and literally dont worry abt it , taking breaks is important, make sure to protect ur energies and ur soul !! <33 u got this , take all the time u need !
woooow amazing as always
aw thank you!! ❤️
srsly just wow I love this story and like vermillion’ character is like so brave and strong! 🌟
and how Elliot stood up to meela. great character development! 💕
i’m pretty good thanks! my spring break ends on sunday so i have to go back to school monday 🥲
Welcome back, this is so stunning by the way, I love it! Would you like to be friends, I'm Lucy
exactly like why can’t we have optional school but we have to go a certain amount of days
and we could have nap time of course lol
ofc I do!!
also, would you like to be friends? 💗
That’s ok maybe we you come on more. Also your name is so pretty!
missed you sm :) and as always this is beautifully written, o hope you have been doing great with sch now and basically coping well :)