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this has been a goal i never bought i would reach. i've been doing pc since july 2016 and i've had many user names, styles of collages, etc. thanks to the 1,000 people who have noticed my acc!💛
congratulations!! 🥳
aye congratulations💫
yay congrats! so well deserved! ✨
thank you!! and np! u can choose any quote you want :)
and omg congrats!! you deserve it!💕
congratulations, I’m your one thousand and one th follower!🥳😊💕
I don’t know how to say but I came across your account and it is amazing !! so modern and artistic, ( the style I like) you’ve really inspired me and your collages are so impressive! and beautiful if you haven’t been featured than there is something wrong with pc because your ac is amazing!!💖💖💕🤩🥵☺️😉😱🤗
hey! how’s our collab coming along? don’t worry, no pressure❤️❤️
no worries! focus on feeling better and school is more important! i understand the stresses of school more than anyone😅 take as much time as you like☺️
you’re welcome :) and congrats on 1,000!
np! i think that time is good!👍🏻❤️
pls enter kanni girl extras to be on team pitch perfect
good job emmerson!