I guess I'll also post this collab from a month ago too! 😂
Check remixes and also check comments!
8:51 PM•5/09/2017


⭐️✨Click✨⭐️ I guess I'll also post this collab from a month ago too! 😂 Check remixes and also check comments! 🌸 STAY LOVELY, LILIES 🌸 8:51 PM•5/09/2017

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This collage is S T U N N I N G ! ☺️💕💐 | xx
So another comment reading thingie! I want your honest opinion. What should I do more of? I was thinking of contests are weekly news! comment if you want me to post those things. and about my policy for self-ads, I want to remind people not to tell me to check out their posts! it's very unhelpful, and VERY annoying! I also wanted to say, I don't want to do my grid of collabs anymore, but I'm still open to collabs! if anyone would like to make a collab account with me, comment '🌸💕✨' and the first person to comment gets to have a FANPAGE!!! comment your favorite animal if you read all this! :)
Thankyou so much! why I am doing this is almost every collage is everyone making effort/time is so underrated within people's perspective, people doesn't really see the point of view of a collage is :/✨idk if that makes sense😂
She changed the theme of the round, now it's individual collages. The theme is animals (I choose it, BTW), and my favorite animal is bunnies! 🐰💞
🐘-cause of the emoji😂😂😂😂😂😂
yeah I think she is but I wish I knew her 😂👌🏻
I like her new style of collages it's very complex
I'd love to!💕thanks for telling meh💞😊
this looks amazing 😍
it's me @waybackintolove😂💕don't worry some people are still confused👌🏻
idek really I just post when I'm bored lel
when ur so bored and u have nothing to do in life
I do?!! OMIGAWD, you're so awesome! 😱💞
^^just "noticed" (stalking the comments) that what happened to @-elephantqueen-
I was just looking at the collage something featured idk the username
I was commenting at the collage something featured and I saw ur comment
like who doesn't stalk other poeples comments???!
OHH alright ty🗿🍑
haha thanks!!💓
lol haha thanks 😂
problem solve on @-ElephantQueen-
I aaaammmmm heeeeerrrreee😂💕
Sure!💋💋 we have two options : @crystal-talent and C0LLABERAT1ONS (my idea its lame😂😬)
But u can choose 😘😘
oh yeah sorry bout that hehee...maye talented-elephants?okay, yes i know lame....
So I just changed my user back to crystalized_!💋💋 now we can name it crystal-talent !😘💕
omg congrats babe!😶😱💞
yes that and I almost forget I lost all my fanpages if I changed my username sorry I'm so dope💩
so crystal-talent it is?😘👌🏻
Yay!🙌do u mind making the acc and telling me the pass? When it comes to telling the pass,this is what I do w\ my fpc frens; so first,go to one of my early remixes and comment the pass.Right after I see it, I will delete right away just in case😘💕
hi! GoofyGenuises games changed and we are both on team PineappleBoca! She needed me to remind everyone that it is an individual round and the team captain chooses the theme (go to her page!) PineappleBoca has chosen animal theme and you need to make a collage!!
Hey! GoofyGenius's games have started, and the theme for our team is animals! She changed it to an individual round because the huge collab was too complicated, please enter round 1 by May 22th! Good luck! :)
I love your account
and can you please make me an icon thanks
stunning colkage🌹💖