inspired by @Triplet-klf (1/4)
we reached 1.1k <3, tysm for the support!! 
quote by me :)
new theme: minimalist + spring
honestly rlly excited for this since I’ll be focusing more on my text and getting to play around with diff fonts & styles


🌿6/4/22🌿 inspired by @Triplet-klf (1/4) we reached 1.1k <3, tysm for the support!! quote by me :) new theme: minimalist + spring honestly rlly excited for this since I’ll be focusing more on my text and getting to play around with diff fonts & styles

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🤩🤩 love the quote!!
I’m so excited to see what you do with this theme! also the quote fits wonderfully!! I love the rhyme :D
Ooo!! This looks so good! The detail in each word and the color choices! 😩 I always love how people make these more detailed texts. Something I can’t grasp.
I think the robot looks like a frog 👀 but that’s just my personal opinion 🐸🐸
technically we aren’t supposed to be there without an adult, but our coach is lazy and we have a competition tomorrow- we have the keys to the school and did some ~hiding~ and “oh yea this guy with a beard is our teacher…”
and yeah, I high key freaked out. I’m a terrible public speaker too and i definitely was a hot mess during it ;-; ty for your thoughtful comments though lyly!!
little did you know that I knew you had an exam 😈
awe thank you so much lyly!! and yeah the new theme is gonna be slightly simpler which is treat i think, cause I'll probably be able to post more often😊💗
btw this looks stunning, love the spring vibes🌻 and the quote is amazing😍
LYLY!!! this is honestly my favorite collage of yours!! the text is impeccable!
yay!!! your deserve it !!! CONGRATS
This is gorgeous! I love how simple everything is, and honestly you could make any style look amazing! Something about the way it all fits together makes it look amazing!!
Wow this is gorgeous!! The colours, how you put the words it's all perfect. Can't wait to see more of this theme 😍
woah amazing
yeah i’ve been ok hru !!
very nice ❤️
No problem:)
i love this
woahh amazing 🤩
i love this
aw :( have u had a bad experience with them or something?
this is gorg
I’m loving this new theme alr!
love the simplicity
congrats on 1.1k!🥳🥳🥳
hey Lyly!! hru?? 🌿
Congratulations! You have made it through round one of the Collage Showdown! Round two has been posted and you have until April 30th to submit. Best of luck!
Aahh thank you lyly ❤
Haha no idk any marvel stuff, haven't watched any of the movies 😅
Aahh you're so kind!! Don't worry about not seeing the poem immediately, like idc when you read it.
Honestly it's just that I feel like I haven't lived the ending yet?? Idk if that makes any sense. But I feel like it deserves a better ending, but I haven't quite managed to figure out what the ending is.
tysm lyly!! rareglcw is my fave too💕 and yes, i though about rarelcve as well but if i'm not wrong, it's already been taken on ig!🙄🤧💗
how have you been btw?? i feel like we haven't chatted in a while😭💕
thanks! it really bothers me that people who don’t even know what ive been through can ACTUALLY say that just right to my face 😞
Of course I can. I usually send out an alert a week before it's due to all contestant who have not entered and then another one around 2-3 days (like you requested) to anyone who still needs to enter.
good 😈 I hope you stay obsessed
thank youu :)
I think I'd like the marvel movies, but there's just so much. I always feel like it would take a lot to get into it now
awww thank you🤧 i honestly like my username too, i'm just in the mood for a change rn lol, probably i will regret it but who cares😂💗 btw, i hope all your exams are going well! i'm currently on easter break, so i'm enjoying a couple of days of peace and quiet, although i still have to study and hand in assignments for uni😭
awww thx for the nice comments lyly!! ofc i can tell you how i did the text! so, i used the app "phonto" (idk if you're familiar with it, but it's free both on ios and android so I'm sure you'll be able to download it😉). in order to obtain the semi-trasparent effect, i just lowered the opacity settings :)💗
pls tell me if you need further explanation and i'll try to be as helpful as i can ehehehe💗
aaaah stopp🤧 you're too sweet😭and btw i wish i were able to make collages like yours! i literally don't know where to start from lol
thank you so much and you too! hru?
thank u sm!! <33
i like the colors you selected for the text