(13•5•23) -tap-
It feels like ages since I was on pc! Life’s just so chaotic and crazy right now! I’ve decided to extend the due date of my contest to 26th of May as multiple people still haven’t submitted their entries. I apologise to the people who have


(13•5•23) -tap- It feels like ages since I was on pc! Life’s just so chaotic and crazy right now! I’ve decided to extend the due date of my contest to 26th of May as multiple people still haven’t submitted their entries. I apologise to the people who have

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(13•5•23) -tap- It feels like ages since I was on pc! Life’s just so chaotic and crazy right now! I’ve decided to extend the due date of my contest to 26th of May as multiple people still haven’t submitted their entries. I apologise to the people who have though and to those who haven’t please do so asap! What are all your thoughts on this one? This is a bit of a new style for me. qotd: dog or cat person? aotd: I like cats but it has to be dogs! Keep shining! You’re a star!
yeah… I haven’t been active on Pc much either!
tysm!!!!!! I’ve missed you! x
not much really… I’ve been reading a lot and just school I guess. life’s kinda boring at the moment!
this is wonderful!!
aww Bria!! thank you so so much!💕🫶
you are a wonderful friend too and this is BEYOND GORG! I missed talking to you🫶<3
I’m good! how are you?💕💕
I’m good! how are you!
btw check chat page :)
Hey Brianna! hru? I just wanted to say that you can enter a collage to my contest if u like,so I’m writing u to the contestants but if u don’t enter a collage there’s no problem! 💕
thank uu!! and i’m ok, hbu
this is so pretty omgggg you’re so talented <33
i’m doing well! my crush is back, she was gone for five days- I get to see her for like five hours tomorrow!!!!! ahhh!! super excited!!
what have you been doing??
oh my! so sorry! just now saw this, literally hv been grinding w my family’s sports games and school and my job.
so i haven’t been on here in so long
but ok this guy is like 4 months older than me and he’s super sweet. he mom knows him from a while back but he’s amazing and he used to be a baseball boy so you can imagine🤭 he has the floppy hair, like all of it. he treats me so well and he actually makes me so happy!
this is really pretty
things she’s said to me lately: 1. “you could be a model” (she kept saying that lol) 2. “you’re so pretty” (very often” 3. *this morning when we were comparing hand sizes bc i’m super tiny compared to her and I accidentally intertwined our fingers lol* she lit up and swung our hands around and kept saying “OMG THIS IS SO CUUUTE🥹😍” and her brother was like no stop it it looks so weird- and she was like what why?? with the HAPPIEST FACE it was so cuuuuute 4. SHE CALLED ME “LOVE” i forgot exactly what she said it was yesterday but I think it was “hand it to me love” and then collapsed laughing saying “HAHA THAT WAS SO WEIRD BUT ALSO CUTE” 5. (is it number five?tbh idk) her nickname for me is “my little walf” (walf is short for waffles which is like 60% of what we talk about lol)
Omg this is so pretty!! Love how you added all the star shapes ❤
Thank you!!
Ahh yes, this can be such a crazy period. For me it's pretty chill, looking forward to summer tho 🥰
pretty good, mostly looking forward to summer..and not report cards✨😦
WHATS UP!? IKR…every time you return to your cute little break I was like :” WHEN DOES SHE COME BACM OMG🌱🦋😭😂” ANDDD YOUR BACK
thank you!! and doing good 🫶🫶 nothing much tho…waiting for the summer? wbu!
ooh and yess sorry I never got to reply to your request…YES! Omg the collab last time was fantastic I agree!!💕wanna do it now??
I’m missing u so much girly ❤️
hey brianna! how are you doing? how was your day?❤️
I’m good bria! how are you? I’ve missed you smm!
should I repost our chatpage 😂
Ty! and this as well! I’m good, in holidays rn!😂
what about you?
briaaa ugh I have forgotten how beautiful your account is 😂🤩
ughhhh briaaaaaa I misss youuuuu😭💕
omggggyour onnn😭🤩
I’m good hbu 💕
that’s good! and I have been doing my basketball clinic for about a month now, it’s going good!
yesterday I just got my first pair of basketball shoes!
😂😂so that was exciting!
and schools finally ending so 😅
I usually play point guard or shooting guard!
for me it’s almost here not quite tho 😂😭
also I might have asked this before also but I’m assuming you live in a foreign country than the USA considering you call it “holiday” haha😂
oh no! maybe try updating the app or updating your device?.
and it’s okay if you can’t enter!! no rush girly💕
I good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna collab together or is your PC app to glitchy?
ohhh thxs!!!! i’m good!!!!! busy but good! I miss you and seeing your beautiful collages! how have you been 🩶🩶🩶
Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least THAT'S working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey brianna! ahh I'm glad you're back! I missed you sm!
oh what are you preparing? I'm sure you'll make it great!
I'm good but I just had a little break for pentecost; school starts monday again 😭
we were in sicily for the holidays and we just came back yesterday! 💕
wel for the summer time we just call it summer vacation or summer break :)
honestly I am just glad you are online😭 I’ve missed you😂💕
My BFF replied: omg thx i really never do online collages which i love i really got to look at a bunch of your collages
My BFF: when summer-breezes told me all about your collages so i made one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love doing pc when me and summer-breezes get home i will download piccollage
thank you!💗 That’s great to hear, I’m fascinated to see that we like the same things!!🌱 I would love to be friends, I’m Hayley! <3
thank u again :) yes they are!!💗💗
Aahh your so sweet, but really I'm okay!! I've got people I talk to and writing about it is a great outlet too. The same goes for you tho, if you ever need to talk I'm here :)
I'm good and you?
Yes the world really would be a nicer place if we would all just accept each other. Just doing the little things I can :)
I'm fine, tysm for asking! This is stunning omggg
what’s up?
aww ty this is gorgeous!!
haha yes!! aw Bria, I missed you also!💕 I haven’t been very active lately too, due to graduation and school ending…how are you tho!!👀🌷
ahh well, I have told you about my crush right?? so he just asked me to do something after school and I agreed, but I can’t help to think that after school is ending, nothing will be the same right??☹️🫶
also about the collab, when do you want to do it?? <3
ahhhh tysm
thank you!💗 same here :)
thank you!💗 I really appreciate what you said, and your complex collages are wonderful also :) it made me think of the collages I used to make haha🌱
ahh thank you! and you always make me smile🫶🏻💕
No it’s sadly not! but she’s one of my friends on here
Aww thank you!😭💕
THANK YOU! I’m a bit excited too, I’ve never done different themes!😂
have I ever told how lovely you are?💕
I love yours too!🫶🏻
another time: Thank you (haha I don’t know how to say in other way you’re so sweet ahh!)😘
I think you’re posts fits all to the others!
I love your account, always was a bit jealous 😂
Yeah!! I’ll try to now:
yes to you know Brianna!💕
thank you haha!💗 yes hmm to think about it, have been off for almost 4 years!!🌱 my collaging skills really were lost by now😭
one thing I love about PicCollage is whenever you come back, whoever the group of people change, you always find your place and friends💗💗
Ahh if you wanna share, that's cool!! And really mine wasn't very good either when I started. Practice does wonders :)
Yes exactly!! Just letting people be who they wanna be
I've been finishing my story, been reading a lot, doing some fun things with friends
aww thank you! that means a lot! you're one of my closest friends on here💕
love you too!!❤️
how was ur day so far?
hey Brianna! thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well too. since summer just begun, I’m not really doing anything haha. nor will I be doing anything much over the course of the summer unfortunately. hru and what are your plans for summer? ☀️ 💕
the break from school is the best part tbh 😅
hello Brianna thank you so much! I’d love to be friends!💜
how is your day? mine was good thank you💜
this is so prettyyyy
aww thanks :) I’ve been pretty good, hbu?
yess heartstoppers the best haha
omg hii!
i’m pretty good! just had prom and grad night at disney is was so fun
how r u doing?
thanks I was rather bored 🤣
thank you so much, Brianna🩷 I will miss you terribly too, and you really said what I meant. I feel like my life is a little different and mixed up…so I wanted to sort it too a little.💘 thank you so much for understanding me always and being an angel friend..I support you always and forever!,! gonna miss you when I log-off😭🩷 (we have the same amount of followers haha)
exactly Bria!!💗 you said everything. hmm oh well, your collages really are beautiful! talent sparkling in you <3 my old account was making complex collages, I think it has to do something with stars and colors
I think that’s it💗
aww thank you😭💕
haha I hope you feel less lonely today! my day was pretty good, just saw my crush at school😅
do you have a crush?💕
heyyy! how’ve you been? 🩷
you’ve reached past 150!! 🎉
well I hope everything tones down and you can have a relaxing summer 🫶🏽
I’m going to the beach tmr and hanging out w friends some other days, hbu? any vacations/plans??
oh well happy winter then haha! yes, school can be such a pain sometimes
oooh good luck with your crush!
honestly idk, I might just bc my pc anniversary is coming up? I’ll keep you updated
ahhh i’m so excited but super nervous abt what’s to come LOL
aw i’m sorry to hear that, i hope you enjoy your break
team foster-keefe 100% !!! what about you?
lol me too!😅
I'm good holidays have started now💜
ohh who is it? is he kn your class? (if you feel confortable sharing)
yesss his name is adam but he's not in my class sadly
oh i’d didn’t see that! thank you for your enthusiasm 💓
thank you! i’m doing well. exams weren’t all that bad. oh, i doubt my performance in english (sadly because i have a not quite educative alternative teacher) but overall i think i did well!
oh my gosh 😭 does he know that you like him?
no I didn't tell him about😭
I think he doesn't like me😭
hello! no not really... but I think I want to go to the beach a lot! and you?