Collab with…
the lovely @-incubi-! Ava did the breath taking text and I did the background! Really loved working with her, make sure to check out her account! Caption continued in the comments (specifically people for Emma‘s contest)👇💕


Collab with… the lovely @-incubi-! Ava did the breath taking text and I did the background! Really loved working with her, make sure to check out her account! Caption continued in the comments (specifically people for Emma‘s contest)👇💕

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caption continued: for Emma’s contest: (@-preppyxemma-) she can’t really log in her account bc her IPad died and on her phone PC isn’t working well (she can only comment), but don’t worry the contest will go on soon! wow it really felt like a long time I haven’t posted on here, I’m thinking about taking a break bc a lot of my friends on here left and even though I still have contact to some of them, I‘m feeling a bit abandoned😭💕
this is so good
my day was great, how was yours?
AWW TYY, you're so sweet omg 💓💕! I'm better now, just have a cough rn 😭 and I have a few plans like going to the dentist 😤 and maybe going to the beach, just depends really! what about you? x
gorgeous!! y’all did great!
beautiful!! and idkkkk about rory you just gotta find outttt!! and yes i would love to be your friend! 😽
this is so beautiful!! 🩷🩷
my day has been great! what about yours? :)
aw well hopefully you get to see each other soon!
I went to the beach w 2 of my friends today :)
oh thanks 🙏 so much that means a lot know that I can always talk to you xx 🫶🌻💛
yeah I’m not really sure at the moment how I’m feeling 🤷‍♀️ I just feel really sad I guess at the moment….I’m not really sure ✨🍉💗 Also I’m really 😞 how I haven’t really done my part of our collab, I should probably get to that soon…
This looks stunning ❤
I'm good, how are you?
lollll!! aw thank you!! your very sweet too 💜💜
AWW NOOO, but i’m glad the outcome was good!! he sounds so nice 🫶
EHH not much i just worked
that sounds fun though, you excited for the demonstration?
my day has been okay thank youu! aw nooo, you still have school 💔😭 good luck 👍 when is ur last day of school btw?
yeah I get that, maybe you will at some point!!
musics always the answer haha
My day was great!! Kinda busy, but fun. How was yours?
thanks for letting them know girly!
hey twin!
stunning collab!! 🌼
your welcome!
i love all your collages btw!! and my day is going great how’s yours? :)))
i’ve been repainting my bedroom today!! that’s is good lol !!
nooo i don’t have school anymore luckily
how did the demonstration go??
ahhhh Chloé this is stunning!!
I was wondering, if you’re free at all would you like to collab sometime in the near future?
I’m good btw, wbu? whatcha been up to?
thank you!!
I’m good! wbu?
thanks! it’s pretty good so far! just basketball is busy 😂 how abt yours?
ooh I have a lot tbh
rn its either Taylor swift or Kelly Clarkson! who are yours?
We didn’t paint it a solid color!! It has a solid black color background with my names and white flower doodles on it!!
OFC and the exams omg, so glad that ur finished with them!! 💓😭
I'm good thank you, my cough is still here 😭💕 but thanks for asking, hruu? 💓
the first time I heard it I was in literal tears
I love the song though
i’m doing well!!
my day was pretty good! I’m currently on vacation so we spent time at the beach and out on the boat
:) thanks
I’m pretty good thanks, hru?? :)
thanks!! :)
ooh I’ve never listened to jazz before
kellys new album is rly good!! my fav rn is either me or on of her older songs called I don’t think abt you
how abt yours??
NO ALL YOUU, ur so lovely!! and omg lucky, tell me how it goes!! I remember I had a crush once 😭
we talk occasionally haha! it’s hard being apart :(
how are you doing??
yess you should definitely!! i didn’t want to change mine for that some reason but i ended up liking it more now!!
haha no worries
she has such an amazing voice tho I wish I had her voice lol
and oooh! that's so cute omg, the chemistry is unreal between u guys!! omg, u defos should tell him but I totally understand if you don't feel comfortable. I feel like you should do it because like you only have one life and stuff, you really have to make the most of every opportunity. and seriously if it doesn't work, (I feel like it's going to work) it's okk too!!
OK SO... basically I had a crush on this person for a good time but I don't think he feels the same about me 😭 and then later on I found out he is going out with someone else 😭😭
yess!! very very good i went boating today and got seriously burned!! how was yours? 💕💕
I haven’t but if she does one for her new album I’ll definitely try to bc my parents also love her! have you??
no, she dosnet know I like her, but we’re besties so I don’t think we will lose touch:)
and my day has been good! i’m just starting on my last school term of the year! and CONGRATS ON YOUR EXAMS 🎉
Thank you!!
I have a brother and a sister :)
aww that’s a good start tho!! keep doing that and see where it goes from there <33
thank you 🩷
omg fun!!
i’m going camping on the beach later today !
yup, totally I'd be scared too if I'd ever experience what ur experiencing rn 😭😭 but all the best, and good luck !! tell me how it goes 💕
AHAHAHA thank you!! 😭😭 I really should start making poems 🤔 💅
it's ok, but girl thank you so much ♡♡
j’aime bien ce que tu fait💜 par contre j’ai l’impression d’être la seule française 😢
I went with friends!! Aww that sucks! Do you want to talk about it? <33
basically what happened is that I got led on by my ex and he said all of these things that I foolishly believed. he didn't mean a single thing and it broke my heart. he texted me last night quoting the lyrics to a song that made me sob so hard...God knows why he did this. if you want more context, go ahead and ask 😅
I understand exactly what your going through my friend group of three too
Maybe just give her time and hang out with other people for now and then try and talk to her again later
i hope it gets better for you though! 💕💕
hmmm…je vais t’envoyer un colis plein d’encouragements juste pour que tu poste !
I'm in the middle, younger sister, older brother :)
aww thank you!! 💓💓 AND NO I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD START WRITING STORIES AND POEMS but seriously I have no time for that 😭
I love the doodles for this background!! your collages are always so organized!!