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how are you?!
I'm good ☺️
awww hmmm try looking at your old style and recreate that to see if it sparks something
lol I use Superimpose what do you need help on?
what do you mean? you have to merge the overlay first and then you can place the other overlay
no I think you need to get Superimpose X for that (which is $3.99 I believe)
but when are you planning to release your new theme?
hmmmm ok bc I am currently working with 2 Collins at the moment but since there is some difficulties with the 1st and me and my other partner haven't started yet so I think I should be good
*yet on the 2nd
we can start now just give me ideas on what you want
ok do we use the photo you gave me or are we starting fresh?
I was thinking for the cartoon theme how about we use a chibi drawing of the idol
or if you want to use cartoons we can his is your acc so anything is fine
now what style?
like a complex and I do half and you do the other half
ok that's fine
yeah but this is your theme I want you to do what you want
ok hmmmm there's a lot of simple styles which one do you like best
ok let me think how I can do that
ok luckily I practiced that style so ik how to do it so would you want to start out or me?
ok who should we do from there? Robin,Cyborg,Beast Boy,Raven,Star fire?
I think I can add red and green
ok I will •^-^•
no I think we're good