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Your account is amazing. You're really creative and talented. You're also really kind, your comments always make me smile. ❤
you have such a lovely account with detailed and beautifully designed collages! You make killer collages!!💪🏼💪🏼👌🏼👌🏼✨ You’re also inspiring and super sweet!!
You are so talented! Keep doing what you’re doing! Love your account! ❤️
your account is amazing!! you are so talented and your collages are so pretty. your a massive inspiration and a such a kind person!! xxx
yOu aRe AWEsOMe!! Gerald is lucky to have such a good Aunty 😂. Your account is 👏so👏frickin👏amazing!! it’s da bomb! you leave the nicest comments and have the best personality (from what I know of)
nP 💕
I was wondering if you wanted to collab? If not I totally understand.
yAy tHaNk yOuuuuu
jsdks don't get ahead of urself
wah idk what to say
there'S PlENtY OF tHiNGS
um well for starters, your realllly funny and you crack me up every time we talk. our conversations are always crazy and weird (bc of me haHAHAH JK JK) and they always keep me entertained. obviously ur extremely talented and u inspire me and um ur really sweet i see the comments of u complimenting others (whoops i'm a stalker) also yea ur just an amazing person all round, kind, (unlike me 😂) sarcastic, sassy at the right times, and all the other good qualities 👍🏻
^aw look at me being sweet 💕
you’re beautiful, don’t let your anxiety or anybody else think anything else
(SELF ADVERTISING); hello! you are a great person at making collages and I was wondering if you could join my contest and come up with a new username for me! :)) xx
I don’t mind.
hahahahahahahaha no
oOf, Okay. could I do the quote and maybe add a filter?
whaddup bro?
but I don’t mind still
wAnna work on the collab?
I don’t mind
is there something/someone you want to do it on?
nothing I can think of
oOoOoO you are da CoOlesT person I know!! you’re super funny and kind and amazing and talented like wowza your collages are flawless❤️❤️😉😝you’re super inspiring and I’m glad you are ma fRieNd✨😝❤️
yes we are 😂. how about Adeline Morin or Avery Ovard?
lol, they are YouTubers
sO yeAh
Okie dokie
what did Siri say?
No problem and yeah you can enter more than once if you want
that’s fine with me
you are a very talented piccollagerr💖💖💖
Aha you are an AMAZING collager and like 10000000% better than me! even though I don’t really know you, you seem awesome and so nice to everyone ❤️❤️ Keep 👏🏼 It 👏🏼 Up 👏🏼 Girl 👏🏼 ~Paige :)
the song is called 7 days
tyy 🌿💫
I know everybody probably saying this, I ive only been following for like a week but your collages are so nice, but your comments are even nicer and you honestly just seem like a great person. keep it up!💕
tysm!! xx
you are amazing and flawless ❤️❤️
you’re so kind!!! tysm 💖
person who’s name starts with A, you are VERY VERY AWESOME. you are really cooooool & kind, and are (at least to me) who all dem pic collages should look up to. you are vEry VeRy great at counting because you know EXACTLY how many features you’ve got 😂 hehehe , but SERIOUSLY YOU ARE T A L E N T
Thank you soooooo much! I really appreciate it! Gerald is so lucky to have such a nice Aunty!!
awww thanks 💓💓
i don't really know what to say but you are such a kind, generous and loyal person and you share so much kindness and positivity with everyone on pic collage. your collages are so beautiful, inspirational and they actually have meaning and purpose. you are so talented and i am sure everyone on pic collage is so grateful for your gorgeous collages and the kind, supportive comments you send to motivate them to be kind and to try to make someone smile. thank you for being such a wonderful person and for inspiring us all xxx
hey! i just wanted to say you are such an amazing person and you are so supportive of others. what i also know is that you are kind, unique, beautiful, and special in your own way💗your collages are always STUNNING and you deserve a bunch of followers and likes💗i hope you have a great day☺️
yeah it wasn’t fun😬
thank u<3
That’s like a..good wow right? if so then THANK YOU SO MUCH I APPRECIATE YOU💗
ahh ikr!! i’m so excited!! ♥️♥️♥️
first of all thank youuuuu!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
and I don’t either know you too well!! but ur awesome and remember that!! and make sure no matter what people say u know your worth it and u know your special!! breath, laugh, smile, and stay strong!! 😄♥️😘
but I guess we can change the fact that we don’t know too much about each other... how old r u? I’m 16! 😃
hi so for my Riverdale Games (I’m about to start Round 2) some people left pic collage so I was wondering if you would be willing to take over one of the spots just let me know! tysm! I really appreciate it!🙃💜
Awwww.... thank you so much!!!!
Thank you ❤
aww tysm!!
omgb tysm!! those comments just made my day!!! ❤️❤️❤️
you’re so supportive and talented! ur always kind and honest. u have a fabulous and golden heart. truthfully, I am so so so thankful to have u as one of my friends on PC, you’re an amazing person who deserves millions of likes and followers.❤️❤️❤️
thanks for always being the person who brightens my day, thanks for being the person who always makes me confident on my collages and that people actually love it. thanks for being the best person ever, and know that I am always here for you and everyone loves you including me!❤️❤️
you are really talented your work always impresses me and even though we haven’t talked much you’ve always been really sweet❤️❤️
oOf, I really don’t mind.
I really have no ideaaaaaa gahhh
(SENT TO EVERYONE WHO HAS ENTERED THE CONTEST!!) hello! first of all, thank you sososo much for joining my contest! please go vote on which username I should change mine into, all the rules and stuff are there! you can only vote for one. :))
THANK YOUUUUU (hehe 100 commentsssd)
*sorry for the copy and paste message* Hey! There is only four days left until the end of my contest and I was really hoping you would enter 💫💖! There is some great prizes to be one like a fan page or a vote for feature 🌿💘! Love Becstar713 💖
you’re account is awesome! I don’t really know you that well but you’re a great person, really nice to talk to and make stunning collages 💖!
thank you so much,, you’re so nice💕
thanks smmmmm
aw thank youuu
Thank you for shining bright and being so supportive. YOU ARE GORGEOUS
no problem 💕
yikes I guess so😂 it’s an awkward start but it’ll get better
Yikes I guess so😂 well it’s an awkward start but it’ll get better
do you wanna be Team Jughead in my Riverdale Games?
Ive seen it. it’s really good.
do you want to do the original one for our collab?
whoa grate collages
lol it’s ok to keep ur age private!!
sure thing! thanks for collabing with me! 💕
I love to dance! and hang out with friends! and eat😉😉
what about u?
luv it 😂😂
nothing specific;)
lol! do u sing or play an instrument?
that’s so cool!!!!!
I can’t sing for the life of me🙈
another fact about me... my mom is dead😞
ya... aw I’m sure that’s hard too
awww thanks yeah life is tough for me sometimes it was meant to be a rap thanks
thanks for doing the collab with me!! you are truely awesomeeeee!! 💕
aw thank youu
it was! and thank you, that means SO MUCH 💞✨🌿
you are so talented and awesome, PC will always support you💞
your an amazing collager 😉