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yahhh I can’t wait for our vacayyy!!!
10/10 boooom
aww I hope you get some inspo soon💞💞 have fun on your vacation🦋
aww have fun on your holiday!! and aww I think your style is completely unique and different from mine, you always make your collages blend so nicely together!! like wow how do you even do that🤩🤩 I hope you find inspo soon, please don’t leave I would hate to see such amazing talent to leave🥰🥰once again have funnnn ❤️❤️
have fun
YAY!!! Have fun on vacay! I think your style is pretty unique! Enya's styles differ a lot from yours and the only similarity is the pastels. I hope you can find inspo. I don't really know what pics you are looking for but I can send you some on Pinterest if you want.
I always guessed you and Becca were friends irl though
have fun on your trip! I thought Becca was your irl friend (I have a couple on pc too)! I hope you get so inspo soon and plz don't worry about having your own because you do and your collages are incredible! 💖💖💖💖💖
yay- have fun on your holiday!!
sounds like fun! have a great time. i never knew you and becca were irl besties!
have fun on vacation!!!!
ooh luckyy have fun!!💓
ah okie amber. have fun on holiday with becca!! 🙃🍃🥥
miss you amber.❤️ have fun in vacay
have fun on your trip!
and I failed your quiz 😂🤪
some advice is to collab with people who have unique styles, but don’t let anyone get you down by saying you are “stealing” someone’s style! just create whatever you want to❤️
btw I love your icon🧽
one I love your page it’s so creative
and also your profile pic is super cute
hiya! just wanted to let you know that round 3 for our scavenger hunt is up on our acc! happy hunting ✌🏼✨ em and sav x
hey, would you like to collab?