Collage by Cosmic_Clouds


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what type of theme do u wanna do
I was thinking of something along the lines of ur collage which says stop thinking about what might go wrong
what theme do u think we should do lol
what parts do you want to do??
um I can do the text if u wanna do the background and I'll also do the pgns as well
I haven't done a collab in ages lol
Thankyou so much for joining the first games! Be aware are name will be changed to Back2SchoolGames! I would love if u would join that!Thx weather u won or didn’t! Cosmic_clouds u done a great job I’m so sad that u didn’t get further!
ok I’ll get started on the background!
ok once u have done the background I will start doing the text and pgns
Hi! This is SunmerGames! Next games are coming School games! Come join! First come first serve!
hi! I did the bg