A collab with the amazing KakashiKake you have to follow her!! Credit to TR1ANGLES for the background💕


✨TAPPY✨ A collab with the amazing KakashiKake you have to follow her!! Credit to TR1ANGLES for the background💕

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i luvvvvvvvv htis
Idk I don’t usually post collabs lolol
And I only say I’m a bad daughter because I spend literally no time with my family and the only time I do is when I’m wearing headphones- TwT
sure! 💗 give me a nickname to call you
you can give me one too as long as it’s related to cats😂😂😂
Yea I don’t think I’ll read the manga then xD The manga is always much sadder than the anime
Reply: Thanks!! I'm sure your drawings are great! If not then overtime with practise it'll get better. Tbh I actually was using a lot of references and even a tutorial on drawing an anime head-
aww, thank you so much!! <3
it’s gorgeous!
ahh I love it! I can see the succulents too!💕
of course!
Re: Cool, I want to do more but I don't know of what. I want it simple but cool/ nice
a beautiful collab😱😍💗✨
aH tysm! You’re a great friend too!
aw thank you so much! I would love to be friends!💗
haha ikr thanks👌🏻 I love your name Dawn! Btw my name is Alex😝
re: hmm, good idea,, might try to find some- my cat rubbed off... .-.
sure, background and quote is harder than most think anyways so don’t worry about it😊
tysm 💕☺️
aww thank you 😊 of course!! I’m Abby
aww tysm!! 💕
LOVE THIS! I'm doing well. But it's still not back yet... :/
#fun-life is the best (spread the word)
I've missed you too! I've been good, busy and exhausted but I've been pretty good^_^ How are you?
awww, thank youu ☺️✨🌸
haha yeah I like the way it’s unisex but sometimes it’s kinda annoying like before people meet me they don’t know what gender I am😅
so Dawn do you have any hobbies?💕
ahh ty! They take so long to make QwQ and it’s a yaoi swimming anime called Free!
this is soo cute! I’m great! how are you?
cool! I love to read and write. I also swim and love to play badminton! 💓
Yes... I know... It was taken away because I couldn't figure out how to computer program. DXX
aww thanks!!💕💕
Sorry I didn't reply to you earlier!! I was in Cape Cod with my family. are u still free for a collab?
this is such a good accountttttt!!
ahh thank you so so much and I love you acc too
hello amazing person! ik you probably hate copy paste messages (so do i ugh) so I’ll make this short. I’m in a contest judging based on the number of likes, so I would really appreciate if you went to my page and liked the first collage under my remixes/responses. tysm for reading 💕
haha yeah. what are your favourite books?💓
oh gosh, I am SO sorry! Got caught up with some personal stuff😅. I’ll work on it right away! I’m so so sorry, I nearly forgot. my apologies, I am so rude
I was close to being put in slytherin O_o I mean it's not that bad but still