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?? bye wdym
oh, well if you want to end it I’ll respect your wishes
I’m hardly on ...
i guess
seems like you want someone who’ll be on meow
I’m sorry
I love you
here baby
where have you been:(
awe I’m sorry babygirl*kisses your head*
been busy, so I understand you:)
well gab, he has been in school , and Ava has been into the Disney princess ,obsessed
*smiles* I love you
I love you most baby
remix :)
I’m sorry - been busy babe
Blaise ?
where you so short ,I’m trying okay
yes princess ,I’m here ❤️
hey baby
I’m sorry*picks you up softly ,with a big smile*i love you , and you’re my world
:) hey
I miss you,sorry I’ve been off
hi baby, you’ve been gone .
it’s okay baby
hey baby:)
I feel like we are never on
I’m sorry
I’m sorry I make you so unhappy
hey:/ you’re back? I thought you left
it’s okay, don’t be sorry- I left also for a bit
I’ve been alright too
it’s okay, don’t worry about it
we are all good, Ava is growing up so fast:(
how are you doing.
you guess ?