Accounts to go check out: @marvellieux and @TalentedWords
5/16/2017•9:14 P.M


⭐️✨Click✨⭐️ Accounts to go check out: @marvellieux and @TalentedWords I'M SO FREAKIN PROUD OF THIS!! Rate? /10 🌸STAY LOVELY LILIES🌸 5/16/2017•9:14 P.M

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so true! I love this!
ya sure!
10/10 A M A Z I N G || 💐 💕
love this!😍💕
HELLOOOO fren!💕❤️👋
I'm doing great, just about to go to bed😴💤goodnight, friend!
thanks so much! 😂
what's ur fav emoji? 🤗😇
Hey, GoofyGenius changed this round! The theme is 'animals' and it's an individual round, please enter soon! :)
aw, thank you so much!💕❤️
FOR ALL Y'ALL COMING FOR THE ICON PACKS: I have made a decision to make packs of pictures, such as an animal pack which has a bunch of animal pictures for your icons! please let me know if you're interested and I'll be happy to be you icons :) 💕
*to make your
HEYY! LOVE THIS. Can you make me an icon with Niall Horan in it? Thanks love! xx
can I have an icon?!
HELLO 💁🏼 I am doing this thing where you reposts collage about stopping the hate which means the world to me since I used to get bullied and I know what it's like 😭can you please like my most recent post (it might not be my most recent anymore) IT WOULD BE AMAZING IF YOU COULD! 🍿🍿 you can also repost on your page to spread the word and finally get hate stopped! 🥇 thanks, bella_rain 🛍🛍
OMG Ikr, it's literally sooo interesting, like you had to watch another episode!
URGENT‼️ you are on PineappleBoca team for GoofyGenuis games YOU ARE THE LAST ONE to enter there collage with animal in it PLS PLS go to PineappleBoca acc and see the chat page ONCE FINISHED WITH COLLAGE go to GoofyGenuis acc and remix it on her round 1 game post THANKS ~@--Wonder (PineappleBoca wanted me to remind you thanks again😘)
uhmm 1000/10 AMAZING!!!❤️❤️
Yeah, I've finishe the whole season on the first week it came out! Oh and be careful when you reach EP 12, there's a part of Hannah in a bath tub, I recommend to skip it! ;)
yeah it's not over yet (do a quick animal collage and you'll be good!)
ahaha you guessed it! hello, friend!👋💕❤️
mmm it's ok i guess.. like i have nothing against it and know most of the songs, my friends just sing it all the time at lunch lol😂
Hey, round 2 has started! Please go to our teams chatpage to find out who you'll be collabing with, the theme is summer!
hi, this is hotcheetoqueen. this is my pic acc! plz follow, lily!😊