Hey hey y'all I'm sick and when I yawn, tears come out because I'm so tired

~get rid of toxic people in your life~

Please hit paste in the comments I'm interested


Hey hey y'all I'm sick and when I yawn, tears come out because I'm so tired ~get rid of toxic people in your life~ Please hit paste in the comments I'm interested

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my paste is : haii what equation did you use for the last question on math
😂😂 I copy and pasted that and sent it to like 5 people yesterday haha the struggles. anyway this collage is cool ✌️
why is always a link from youtube
*is it
christy better back the hełl off my man
^^ OMG
this is gorgeous😱💕😍
∧_∧  ( ´∀`)  /⌒ ヽ / /   ノ \__ ( /ヽ  |\___) \/   |  /  \  (  ノ | /    \  |  / me      \_______ /
love this. awesome art🎉💖
I love this
My paste: 🔴TAP🔴 🔵Seriously out of inspiration right now...🔵 🔸Contest results will be posted soon🔸 🔺Please Rate 1-10🔺 🔷Ask if you want to collab!🔷 🔶Thank you so much for 2.7K!🔶
because PC hates me and won't post my collage and deletes my caption as well😒^
i can't send mathematical help if that's what you want 😂
^^ hahaha 😂
this is brilliant btw 😱💕
its an inside joke with me and my friend we don't actually know anyone named christy lol
paste:Physical map: Rivers- outline in blue Oceans and lakes- colour in blue Islands- red Political map Land- any colour that's not blue Star for national capital- red ALL WRITING IN BLUE OR RED PEN haha my friend asked if i could ask my other friend to tell her the homework 😂😬
I won first place in biggest straight man alive
Lol that was interesting me and my friend were taking turns going at her ex boyfriend^^
THIS IS SO PRETTY!!!!!!! @caption I hope you feel better soon
I love thisssss
T W O For the following hours, Edmund slumped on his seat as the other Heirs slashed swords through air, ran, Alex whooped incesantly—for he had not left after all, and the Ocean girl sat on the arena's floor, pulling out a handful of colorful bottles from a leather satchel. "What's she doing?" Alex asked. "Hush," Edmund mumbled, focused. They observed the black-eyed girl mix a couple liquids and herbs—for magical purposes, certainly. Edmund grabbed Alex's wrists to keep him from bolting up when she managed to hold a small line of lighting between her opposing palms. Looks like Pandora overdid it with the passing of godly gifts. Edmund tipped his head to the side, suddenly deep in thought. Far as he knew, all Invictus had given him—and Jaxon, and his father, for that matter—was the ability to turn into a jaguar. The way Edmund saw it? Nothing but another golden outfit to hide behind. "Yo, Eddie," Alex slapped his arm. "Check it out." Edmund followed his friend's stare as a fifth figure stepped into the arena.
OH MY GOD ^ 😂😂😂🙈
STOP THANKS :( also how did you comment
longer than a sentence tf
correction it does it's like 50 degrees in the morning sometimes and my uniform only allows us to wear skirts :(
A study in the simplistic natures of human art
that was my paste
Ithink it was from a collage of mine
You're so close to 20k amazing! 😱😊
@caption:Buzz aldrin 1 st to urinate on moon
@caption- omg that's awful! *virtually sends you flowers, a new plant and soft tissues* paste:^WATCH IT NOWWW IM TELLING YOUUUU *points walking stick at you, realises I don't even have one* *walks away defeated* *watches MR BEANS HOLIDAY and feels better* // omg I have such a weird thing I copied ahaha!!