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it’s ok! you’re absolutely fine!💕
no pressure :) take care of yourself
also thanks :)
don’t even worry about it xxx just take your time 💞
It's okay, take all the time you need ❤❤
thank you!! 🥲💗💞 you are MEGA talented though and they’re not as hard as complex edits 😵‍💫
dw about inactiveness! take your time and come back when you’re ready 🥰
Take all the time that you need, your health is the most important thing ❤️
girl np take ur time!
it’s totally alright!!
take your time. we’ll still be here
omg tysm🤍
omg Emma!! hey!! I’m doing ok, but great now that I’ve heard from you again!!
don’t worry about being active, come on when you feel like it. we care about you sm and we want what’s best for you 🤍 but omg im so glad to hear you again, but take your time, we’re always waiting ;)
yes, please only go back when YOU are ready. You come first always ❤️
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thank you so much!☺️❤️
ahh ive missed u! And yes come back when u are 100% ready
aww dont even worry about posting if ur doing good then that’s what matter :))
just come back when ur ready! :) can’t wait to see u again <33
ikr?! and i’m ok! hope you’re well!
thank you dude 😭 and ive been okay! not the best, but not the worst either 🤷‍♀️ how have you been? it’s been awhile 😩
Aahhw thank you so much 🥺❤
noo im so sorry! i really hope you get through whatever you are going through and if you ever need to talk im always here :)
that’s good yay!
and oh my gosh, are you okay?
if you need someone to talk to, I’m here. if you find that pc isn’t well that private, I have gotten pinterest and if u wanna talk to me, mine is @toxicrqin
just let it all out on me :) idm