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what the fxck is your issue . ??
well now you’ve ruined my life ! just bc i kiss a guy doesn’t mean anything . i’ve stayed out your life so stay outta mine !! my life has been great and drama free since we stopped talking so just stop peyton !! you may think this is your way of getting back at me , but your hurting christian & alex as well . so cut it out
i’m not trying to get together with Alex , i’m not good enough for him and i know that !! so you can stop & leave christian alone . it’s just creating more drama & hate peyton .
i get i was a bxtch to you , i know i was but your being one to me now . treat others like you want to be treated . so cut it out peyton !! you keep saying you don’t want drama but your the one that’s fxcking creating it
you’re creating drama & i don’t do drama anymore so therefore i’m leaving . goodbyeeee
to bad it’s not gonna happen . bye peyton
they’re all better without me anyway , you said it yourself . & don’t put words in my mouth bc i would never wish death on anyone .
i don’t hate you , but they’re was no reason for you to tell Alex those things bc they weren’t true . & i was honest with Alex about anything plus he doesn’t feel that way about me
i’ve said i hate you whenever you pxss me off . i don’t actually hate you but certain things annoy me
*sighs* okay peyton
whatever peyton . have a good life
we always fight and it creates drama . if we could go back to the days where we got along then we can stay friends but you obviously have it out for me bc you were trying to make alex hate me . what’s so wrong with us liking each other ? plus we’re not together peyton
noah doesn’t hold grudges
ok . i’m done arguing
that’s not my goal in life but whatever you say . i’m done with arguing & i’m done with this . so goodbye
probably not - dylie
i don’t have any other friends on here that will make me one, sorry :(
pictures of me,, duhhh 😂 i don’t really care
well my pc kid is dylan jordan
my name , that im 20 , your nameeee , and that I’m bi
should I be scared 😂
I’m back I’m back 😂😂
😂😂😂 thank you
i like it !!
you’re very artistic princess peyton 😂💗
Peyton. I’m sorry. I love you and I think she’s gone now . I’m down fighting for her . that acc is fake anyway
I wouldn’t care
sorry I’m here but I’m on the road right now
lemme see what she said
ignore her
I would choose you over anything
I don’t wanna speak to her
-smiles and nods -
your more than the best..
you have a bf
your more than my best friend anyway . your more than the best. and it’s okay. everyone calls me that
a soulmate . obviously .
someone who sticks with you for life and you never let go of them. and you love them dearly .
friend way ig ?
you know how I feel about you
I have the biggest crush ever . there .
fr fr
Peyton - sighs -
oh yeah , him.
nvm it’s no use
today I’m busy princess
maybe some tonight
aw princess - hugs you-
-kisses your head- I’ll be here for a few minutes then back at night
oh . it’s too hard to explain . I mean I can it’s just a lot
your just, amazing . beautiful. anything I could ever want .
you make my heart full
yes it wasss
heyyy - laughs -
oh my gosh . peyton..