Collage by butterfly_fields_extras


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Can I do bg?
sure what theme?
maybe wanderlust?
Hmmmmmm we can maybe do like wonderful theme I thinks that’s what it is called lol
I will get started ASAP
ok 👍🏻
Nothing showing up for me it just shows random pictures
Here I have something else in mind
try to search up “aesthetic wanderlust”
ok what is it?
Here let me remix my idea
Sorry took so long here
That’s just the layout what do you think?
Ok thanks!
I will try to get it done this week sorry I am really busy with school and other stuff!
Can you see it?
so pretty
are you done with bg can I start doing the text?
Yea just put the text in the bottom right please
ok I’ll do it ASAP:)
k sounds good
let me know when you want to post it!
I feel so bad rn so so bad I am so sorry I put on the wrong collab me and my friend made this and she does not want it being posted rn I have something else mostly like some of your collages I thought I put the right one so sorry again! 😢
it’s ok:)
Omg tysm your so forgiving and understanding and nice!
np 💕
I’m confused are we doing another collab?
What do you mean?
I said that I feel so bad rn I am so so sorry I put the wrong collage for our collab and me and my friend made this and she did not want it to be posted rn and I made the remix the real one after you said it’s ok
oh so I can start working on text?
Yep you can and so sorry again for the collage mixup!😢
no worries 💕💕
I’ll start working on test ASAP
Ok ty
I’m almost done
Also when your done can I add a few extra pngs I forgot to add and maybe a filter?
And it’s fine u don't have to add and more pngs
done now you can add what you wanted
and pls let me know when you are ready to post:)
Ok tysm sorry for the mix up again