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twenty seventeen
may I use ur story for a story? I won't use ur names or anything...
stay warm and safe πŸ’–
....two thousand and seventeen....or both
last but in dutchπŸ˜‚πŸ™„
either one but normally twenty seventeen
I say twenty seventeen almost all the time, and I hope the snow melts soon
ok- thanks anyway 😊
thanks 😊😊
both but mostly two thousand and seventeen
Please enter! Round two extended to 1/20
I say, "Twenty Seventeen" be safe.
how are you guys when you travel in the spring? Is it much MUCH easier, or does the spring also bring on harsh times? Other then SS and hostels
both your choice
twenty seventeen
how do u guys have wifi on the run?
it's so cool! I wish I could have wifi on the go!
hey, follow for follow? I'm already following u
twenty seventeen
how do u guys have wifi on the run?^^^
& r u guys ok?!? u haven't posted n 4ever! 😬
more like 2 days πŸ˜‚
hope you are ok!
both ways
you can say 2017 both ways
twenty seventeen
I think you can say it both ways πŸ€”
twenty seventeen