09.07.19 「t a p」
pls drop some name ideas below for my 100 baby challenge on the Sims lol
QOTD: what's something you don't ever want to experience?
AOTD: getting kidnapped - hełł no to tinted white vans


09.07.19 「t a p」 pls drop some name ideas below for my 100 baby challenge on the Sims lol QOTD: what's something you don't ever want to experience? AOTD: getting kidnapped - hełł no to tinted white vans

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aw thank youu!!
my mum and dad is completely different from yours except for the attitude one😂
aotd: drowning, I have a very serious phobia of the ocean and swimming pools so i think I would faint in the water before I could be saved😅
thank u so sweet!!
also love this
aotd: same^^^ drowning in saltwater. apparently the saltwater has this thing-chemical substance whatever that pulls your blood into your lungs and you basically drown in your blood. plus just not s great feeling :/
hi~ I’m free now so if you wanna talk I’m down
thank you aw🍡💖
I don’t know if it’s true or not but I ain’t gonna find out 😂
yeah lol omg
ooooo love dad jokes
For your Sims children, I have some wacky names- But a nice one is Elaine.☁
thank you!!
hey thx for the spam
“why are you not studying” sksksksk yes // tysm you too🥺🥺
sksksksk Harmony
I LOVE YOUR PARENTS 😂😂 they’re lowkey like mine
thank you!! Alyanna is such a pretty name!
I’m pretty good! I’m probably about to go paint so that’ll be fun. wbu? 💕
thank you!
Hiiiiiii❗️, I got your compliments and I wanted to say Thx so much, means a lot🥰💕, I do practice drawing a lot now that I’m enjoying my special talent and all in my life and I really love animation and I always draw my favorite cartoon characters specially Unikitty, and I gotta say your Acc is literally organizable and cute also unique and so glad you came to my Acc as much as I came to yours & your welcome to come see mine again😇💖🌟
😂I’d be gone by 3
aww tysm❤️❤️
thank you! ❤️
aww tysm i will 🥰
getting taken pretty much the same thing u said
thanks 🦋
aw thank you!💞
omg so sorry I just saw what you said!!😭😭 I feel really bad omg I’m so sorry I’m in London and my phone was dead and I didn’t have a adapter I’m so sorry😭
ahh thanks
I love your account
also congrats on 600
AOTD: I can't even write it. tbh it give me anxiety thinking about it
*copy an paste* lights camera action 🎬🎟come on down and join the movie games genres ranging form horror to comedy come join Before it gets full
this👏is👏my 👏mom omg it’s literally her
Also thanks so much for the comments💕
Hey!!! 🌹I’m Apollo🌹✨first of all, you’re amazingly talented and I LOVE you’re collages💕 second of all, I’m sorry for the spam. I know it’s annoying and I’m sure you get it all the time💕 and lastly of all, thank you so very much for actually taking the time to read this because I know there are more important things you could be doing right now✨ so I’m new to piccollage and I haven’t quite figured it all out yet, but I’m pretty sure you have🤔 if there are ANY tips (like good people to make icons, pngs, good editing apps to use, etc.)you have, then I’d love to hear them (ANYTHING HELPS)🤗 Also if you don’t mind follows, likes, and comments, are MUCH appreciated🤗 Have a magical day💫💫 ❤️love Apollo❤️
tysm it means a lot 🥰💞💗💘
aww thanks💗💗
oml your parents sound so cool!!! your mom’s nothing like mine 😂 and actually my dad’s pretty similar to yours just not as chill as him (from what I can tell anyways)
aww you are incredibly kind !! 😲
thank you so much 💗
i love this sm😂
AOTD: same bro i never wanna get kidnapped (well i don’t know anyone who does lol but) i’ve literally always had the worst fear of being kidnapped.
thank you so much 🥰💗
aw thank you🥰💓
thank you and yw💚
awh thank youuu
thank you sweetie ;))
AOTD: same! that would be so scary
hey I just got instagram just to let you know so we don’t have to keep using the chat page
ofc and aww thanksssss🥰
awwww thank you so so so much 🦋
Hi💕 I would really appreciate if you could check out my account💕
it’s peach_1sh (idk if that’s a cool name but what ever)
aw thank you so so so much!!💯💗
Your support means alot to me.💕❤💕💕💜☁
hey! I couldn’t find that superimpose app you recommended. I have an iPhone not sure if it’s only for Android tho💖
thank you ilysmmm 💕
thank youuu!! after so many times of commenting on each other’s page, I realised I never asked for your name😂
tysm 💖🤧
aw tysm💓
hiiii! It's cookies-and_cream!! Check out my latest post, it would mean the world💜💜💜 I'm hoping to get a 2nd feature, but I need your help! 😊
thank you!
aww thank you so so so much 🦋
thank you!
a: getting kidnapped or falling off a bridge 😅
tysmm! 🍃
thank you!! and yes it’s so annoying - or also the “yolo” thing on Snapchat where they will post questions or things people said and say “slide up” like - it’s anonymous for a reason lol
aw thank youu
thank you💗
this is so cute btw!!
thanks so much💕🤧
aw thank you💕
our parents are soo different mine definitely aren’t chill😅
(COPY AND PASTE MESSAGE) hello fellow kpop lover, I’m currently holding a kpop editing games and would love if you joined. There is more info on my page and the due date is 29th July. Thank you and good luck!
aw thank you sm💕
thanks London is fun💕❤️
Re: 💗💗💗❤❤ You're so supportive, it amazes me.☁
awe wow thank you so much🙊💗
aw thank you so much
Re: Thank you!!!💕💕💕💗💗☁
thank youuu😘
I don’t know how this make me laugh 😂💕
Re: Aww, thank you!!💗💗💗💕💕☁
aww thank you!!
missss ya!😿💗
thank you!! and yes I love Alice in wonderland ☺️
re: Why thank you very much~
Thanks so much💕💕
Re: Thank you!! Why was it stressful? my day was pretty nostalgic.☁
oof sorry for the late reply I’ve been good I got back from vacation and have just been hanging around at my house (my life is pretty boring) How have you been?
thank you ❤️ your account is even more amazing 🤩
I’m so Glad I could help!! if you ever want to talk I’m right here ☺️💕
aw thank you !! 💓💓
aww thank you❤️❤️
thank youu
thank you!💕
aw thank you sm !!❤️
thank you 😩💕
Hey, this is ifwe_burn, I deleted my acc my accident🤦🏻‍♀️ so here is my new acc, I’m so sorry for the inconvenience (sorry for the copy and paste message) tysm!!!
Thank you! 💕
aww tysm❤️💕
can I get a follow or shoutout
tysm 😊
your dad sounds awesome btw 😂
tysm 💫 btw I love your layout... Aotd: Having cockroaches crawling all over me... 😧😧😧 ooh I'm so scared of them 😂
Ooh names: Angelique, Capricica, Rosalicia, Wisteria, Zinnia and Rosewillow 💕
my mum is a dentist, She doesn’t really have style but she’s very pretty and she will really glow. My dad is an engineer. He’s really good at maths and he’s tall
awe thaaaaanks 🤧💫💗
oops I commented on the wrong post lol
so true!
awe thanks for commenting on my collages! you’re so sweet❤️ btw I love your account!
ngl it scared me whenever my mom would tell me “i have a third eye” & i would just be like “where??🧍🏼‍♀️”