🌵i'm back🌵
missed you all sm!heres a collab with @_tropical- aka sweet lavender go follow both accounts!lmk what all i missed on break i love to hear from y'all


🌵i'm back🌵 missed you all sm!heres a collab with @_tropical- aka sweet lavender go follow both accounts!lmk what all i missed on break i love to hear from y'all

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Sooooo pretty 🤩
it was so funn!
soooo cute!!
This is stunning ❤
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so happy to see you’re beautiful collages again!💕
Yay your back I am so glad to see your stunning collages again just asking do u want to be friends?💖
check out my recent post :)
aww tysm! btw this is beautiful!
Amazing collage
love this!<3 i’m so glad ur back! i would love to collab sometime!!
hey i'm back from a (unintentional😂) break too!! how've you been! i've missed you so much💗
your collages are gorgeous as ever!
ty! glad to have ya back! cant wait to see ur future collages!!
Thank you!!
*sorry for copy n paste feel free to delete* Hey! @peachyxeditz here and this is my extras! I’ve got a contest going on so I’d rlly appreciate it if you could come check it out 😁
Thanks so much that means a lot coming from you! You are like my idol on Picollage maybe we can collab some time?
thanks your collages are amazing and gorgeous
🦖…and the poem is out!!🦖
you’re welcome!
Yea of course you can do background sorry did not reasoned earlier I was hanging out with my friend we can do kind of like your aesthetics if you want!💖
new postt :)
oh my gosh this is so good
we should collab😩
awww thx, I love urs too!
thx 💕💕
thank you!
ahh thanks 😭❤️❤️
would you like to collab with me?
love, love, love❤️
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help this is so beautiful omg
thank you
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new post!🌻🦋🌵
ahh thx😘
sorry for the spam of comments😅 this is my new account hopefully it works this time😂😎
So pretty!!! Please enter my contest and follow!! I’ll follow back <3
hey hey !!! missed you!!! this is gorgeous!!!
Amazing collage also doing a contest would you like to enter due date 17th of September
lovin the new bio!!!
lol literally not me saying i'm back from break and then forgetting to check my comments😂
anyways i'm actually doing really good! i'm super busy but i haven't been happier!
(also so i've moved on from the one guy and now there's another guy who is literally always looking at me and ngl he's kinda cute😂😂)
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thx 💕💕💕
Amazing collage also I’m doing a contest in celebration of 1,000 followers on my account
so so so pretty <3
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woah this is beautiful 🤩 come check out my new post??
love it!! can u check out my account? I am trying a new style u might like!!
omgoodness.. this looks so good!🤩
thank you!
np 😁
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can we collab ur amazing 🤩
text me on ur page if yes
tysmm! yes! friyayyy!
Ok sounds good so will I!Lucy💖
tysmmm 🥺🥰
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Also hi! How are you? Hope your week was great! I was wondering if you would like to collab again??? 😁♥️
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Awe thank uuuuuuuu 💕 Yeah sounds good! I was thinking of doing a collage similar to my recent collage I just posted! I'm not sure if an aesthetic got any ideas??
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thx 💕
Thank you ❤
hiii! ooh sounds good! I'll get started on the background today! also happy fall! 🍁🍂
i luv ur collages!!!
love the orange tones!
🌸 🌸 🌸 cute!