☀️ t a p ☀️
Wow... no one is ever active here anymore☹️ this new update is terrible ugh🙄 anyway, my last collage didn't get 75 but no one is active so I'm posting this. Have a good day!💕


☀️ t a p ☀️ Wow... no one is ever active here anymore☹️ this new update is terrible ugh🙄 anyway, my last collage didn't get 75 but no one is active so I'm posting this. Have a good day!💕

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This is really good!!💕👑 And yea the update isn't that great.
I haven't updated yet😂😅and I'm too active on here😅💕
Okay, thanks for the head's up😊👍🏻💜✨
I'm active on here mostly xD and the update isn't good😣
hai lovelyyyy
ikr! someone told me it could be loading and when I finally got internet and had full bars it never showed
this should definitely be featured
I didn't read anything until I updated it 😂😆😅😅
heyyyyy Mal u on?
I'm kinda upset with u atm
no problem
looking for a PicCollage Bestie? Come to my account now!
thanks💕 awe i love this! I know I hate this update🙁
YAY! #wengietwins!
well, I'm not sure how you're😂 but I'm good. you said how r I?😂 (autocorrect, no one likes you!)😂😂😂
I was playing scable with my mom but ended up laying on the floor getting her to find words for me😂😂 but I still lost...😂
I'm terrible at it too😂
tysm babe
no, it's another Mallory (spelt differently) who's nickname is malpal😂😂
you're the other Mallarie in my bio😂😂 (I hope I spelt that right😂)
I'm gonna go to dinner soon!
Nice icon! xx
hi there!❤️👋would u like to me friends? Sorr for bothering im just trying to make some new friends onhere🙈
yay TYSM!❤️so what do u wana do first as frens?
love this
join my scavenger hunt!
hey, Mallarie💓 its been awhile😂 how have ya been? I see you took out slush crush in your bio😂😂
life is confusing😂 I'm goooooood
I can do you if you want!!😂
wanna chat?
hi hi hi how's life for ya?😂
mines ok but I hope it gets better💖
yeah, I'm fine don't worry💓 I just have moderate depression
NP!! 💞
well, I hope yours gets better
I want you on sc to💕why can't you add me?
HI Mallarie. I miss you a ton too! 💜 I have no homework so I'll be on as much as possible this weekend! 💫😜
lol. awe that's pretty!
np! 😊
okay even tho I already no😂
enter my contest plz
Hey girl! How's life for ya?
love this!!!! how's life?
how's andallie?😂
well you don't need makeup to be beautiful! that's so sweet of him tho. I feel ya completely with the confused part... it's good that he makes you happy! so it sounds like it's going good with him😂
I'm fine! exams start tomorrow!
@icon omg Mal you are so pretty what the heck 😍😱
Aw np. Oohh your bio. 😏😏Tell me about this andallie😂👌🏻
how are you?
well, my tongue hurts cause imma complete idiot😂😂 you prob saw on nanis acc but I was eating cake with a steak knife :/
but other than that pretty good!😂
uhh cause there was a piece of cake left and a knife and I'm an idiot😂 perfect reasons!!😂😂 ahahaha callies IQ😂
haha thanks
That's super long! I would never be able to last through that😆😂
hey Mal, I can't find Nani. her acc doesn't come up. I think her acc got deleted cause all her comments are gone too
Nani's @Tropical_Dreams
Nothing much, you?
hello! how are you today?
that's good! I'm tired and have hurting feet from going shopping😂😂
hi!! :)
Hey Mal! It's been awhile since we've chatted. anything new?
how are you?
Hello!🌸 Want to read a great magazine with interesting topics?😁 Well follow us!💞 We post every Friday!😃 So come check us out and tell others!💕
Heyy! Yesrerday my grade went to lame compunds. And oml a boyfriendd💕💕
wait I completely forgot what I was gonna say 😂 what's new with you? (maybe later I'll remember 😂💕)
aww what's his name? I must create a ship name 😂👌🏻💕
heyyy Mal!! I'm finally back!!
guess what?!?
I got a crush on here 😂💚😍
he's awesome
his name is Brady and he's on a group acc and its soooo amazingggg
same 😂 r u out of school yet?
I got out the 18th of may 😂😂
got to the acc b0ys and look for a guy with a dog and a dog snapchat filter
hey OMG it's lydia!!!!!!!! I've missed you sfm
I missed you Mallarie
found him??
he doesn't like me......
I mean I'm over Jake.... (long sad story broke my heart) lets just say he was holding hands with a another girl.....
I mean I hope me and that guy can be friends still..... but I mean I'll be hated my whole life so why do I even try anymore??
Aye! May I have a icon pleaseee?
ty 😍😱(and btw this is Nani 😂) ITS MY COMPLICATED EDIT ACC😂😂
BUT IM NOT TALENTED 😂😂anyways hru? 😁
Sure! Of course!
hiiiiiiii I miss talking to you💚💜💚
please follow
nothing much you???
and I have an icon contest!! enter??
nothing much! SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER VACA!!!🍉🌸🍦☀️
umm it's classified 😂😂 but I am not gonna be back till JULY 🙄🙄
I KNOWWW 🙄😭16 more days including today till I'm home 🤞🏼
ok so after our convo about texting, he just texted me 😂 that makes three 😂😂😂
^^^^^ Do it in random unpopular remix. I own A-Chance BTW
I'll tell ya later, WHATS YOUR PROBLEM!?!?!?!
aww :( I honestly don't know what to say, that really sucks :((( can you still text him?
I'm sorry 😓😓
awe! your so pretty too! I know it's been so long, miss you! I have 9 more days of school left! So excited! what's up with you? Yeah I'm excited and nervous too. ah! we're gonna go through highschool together tho lol
wow, I love your collages!!!