Collab with🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁
TouchBlue! She did the gorgeous quote and pngs and I did the background!


Collab with🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 TouchBlue! She did the gorgeous quote and pngs and I did the background!

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gorgeous darling
whoathis is so gorgeous!! goegeous gorgeous collab!
thank you!! I’ll hv our collab done soon!! sorry for the long wait, I hv like 5 collabs piled up😂
hiiii! It's cookies-and_cream!! Check out my latest post, it would mean the world💜💜💜 I'm hoping to get a 2nd feature, but I need your help! 😊
just letting you know task 3 is due today !!
thank you so much!!!
are you going to able to enter for task 3?~HollyRogers7
hey hope your doing amazing today! please follow my friend L0vedFlower!! I repeat follow L0vedFlower SHES super kind. sweet. and she’s the bestest friend anyone can have! she’s talented and I’d appreciate it and I’m sure she would as well if you followed her and spammed her with likes!! // like all her collages!! if you do that comment on my recent post “💯L0vedFlower💯” and I’ll follow you! thank you so much! xoxo ANONYMOUSSS💛💛💛
yaya liking all ur collages tysm
thank you
thank you so much!!💘
and wow this is amazing
ok I promise I’ll get it done in 2 days!! I was planning to do it today but then HEČK OUTTA NO WHERE MY TEACHERS GOTTA BE ALL LIKE MEAN AND GIVE ME HOMEWORK😂😤
this is so beautiful
so beautiful!😍
Thank you. This is gorgeous as well!
thank you so much!! that means a lot!!
ty this is so pretty
thank you😩🖤
good ideas!! thank you!
hahahaha skipping out on kickball and watching the office instead sounds hecking awesome.
One time during science fair, my partner and I asked if we could watch educational videos and she let us go into the supply closet/room thing so it was quiet. We watched spongebob for the entire period.
AW THOSE NAMES😍 Awww that’s so sad. But I bet they’ll be so excited to see you when you get back
thank you ! so is this ❤️❤️❤️
btw that’s collages I did a year ago
wait, is bear the all brown one
ur good 😂
yep! you did pretty good!
aww thanks just saw the insanely sweet comment love urs too!
aw thank you💓 and lol i’m already ready for the holidays😂
Hi! you are so nice! thanks so much, for the glitch effect i used a picture that already existed. But if you want similar "hand" pictures and PNGs, I looked up "Aesthetic Hands PNGs" and that should give you some results 😉
thank u for doing my quiz :)
That is the perfect reason for getting a new phone case.
wow my history teacher wasn’t nice eitherr
oh my goodness haha
np 😆
nice account
haha yeah. I have two cats, two dogs, a ghost shrimp, and three hermit crabs.
yeah it looks cool too. her name is Joyce. from stranger things
thank you!!
thanks! ♥️