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caption: hey y’all how are you doing!!! I forgot to add the caption as always but how this is? i need some feedback aotd: your fav book series....... Aotd: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and the tethering
I love the meaning behind the quote, and the split text!
the one that’s in my mind rn are the Boxcar Children, I remember I used to read them all the time when I was smaller! And the “Little House in Big Woods” although I haven’t read all of them yet😂 the book I’m reading rn though is “Love comes Softly”
sorry for such a long aotd😂
ofc 💕💕
I’m good getting ready for school lol hbu??
no my school starts at 9:15 it used to start at 9:00
Oh that sounds like a good book!
same here lol I just look at the cover and if looks interesting I read it, if not you’ll never make me!😂
really? well they’re actually pretty interesting if you like mysteries!
yeah same lol but the one we’re reading rn is actually pretty good lol
it's okay... I'm from Perú☺️ So cool you're getting a break and yeah we all need it sometimes, studying can be exhausting!!
this is gorgeous btw💖💖
So stunnnning
oh it’s ok it’s just because we have different time lol
ohh I have a friend in Canada, she says it's so pretty and she loves it there
aaah tysm😭💕 this is freaking gorgeous, those doodles are stunning i'm obsessed😭 aotd: mmm i'd say Harry Potter too!! 💕
aww tysmmm!!😊
this is so pretyyyyy
this is so cool!!! the doodles, the text, I love it so much!! 💕
Great, hbu?
Also I LOVE this <3
Aotd: idk I don't like reading all that much
I really love this style!
AOTD: hybrid chronicles. Harry Potter is up there too but something about the hybrid chronicle trilogy had me bawling
ooh nice!
I have been great thank you how are you?
why do you only have 300+!? You deserve was more followers and so does this college need more likes!!
Okay hi again but I just wanted to say whenever I go to your acc I.just stare at you pop and stare at the user like it’s just so nice😭
it’s also my favorite color😀
New post<33
Omg this is amazing!! I love the text and the doodles look so good 😍
how’d it get deleted?
Thank you!
those are all so good!
sry I’m late on replying comments:|
yeah same Idk how to make them myself so ask someone else to make them, so usually I just do plain braids
Yeah sometimes I'll read on Wattpad because I'm bored like you said, but I just can't put all my time into reading a book lol
TYSMM!! 💛💛
haha I can speak Chinese, but I’m not exactly that good at it lol. 😅🥴 what is the second language?? 👀
oh that’s still rlly cool! I tried learning French, but I kept messing up the conjugations. there’s so many to remember
I’m good! got my hair cut and dyed purple yesterday and I’m LOVING it XD ✨
and how are you doing? 😁
I’m pretty good hbu?
I saw you were online hru?
also im doing ok. pretty stressed atm that’s why i havent been active. hbu??
tysm!! and omg that sucks im so ready for summer and no school
I also have March break super soon I'm so exited
I’m great:))
thx for asking:))
ahh I’m sure you’ll do amazing! don’t worry!
are you exited for spring break!?😭It’s so far away😰
1 day is to long:((
Wait no it actually starts next week:( it’s in cali for me:((
Great thank you hru?
your so talented!
thanks :)
Thank you!!
tysm!! I always love getting ur super kind comments!
wow I love ur aotd, it’s so positive, fun, and honestly very true!
I’ve been pretty good, hbu?
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heyy, i've been really good, thanks❣️hbu??
oh yeah I’m Laura! should I just call u Sage?
Wonderful how are you? <3
so pretty, I love the text
hey amazing hbu?
no no that’s totally fine Sage!
this is amazing! also thank u so much ! aotd: hm probably harry potter !
this is just soo amazing
i’ve been great, how r u ?
I’m pretty good! how’re you??
hey I’m good hru?? btw thx for asking:))
ahhh good luck i’m sure you’ll do great!!!!
and take breaks if you need to
your amazing
thank you so is this ❤️
ofc ❤️
thank you! I didn’t create the bingos myself though haha I found them on Pinterest 😅
i’m pretty good! you?
ooooh this is so sooo pretty 💕
i absolutely love this theme!!! ty for the support on my acc! 💕💕