11 3
haha when I had YouTube I was obsessed with them!😅
I’m so sorry I was posting something for Mora and was having difficulties!
omg really? I love these now. it was in my recommended and I decided to watch it and I love it now 😂
it's ok
yeah I watched one where I big poisonous spider crawled in a girls ear and now I am terrified of spiders... not that I was b4 I watched them...😅
I'm watching the one where there locked in the tornado shelter
I never watched that one
it's sooooooo good
I watched a lot of nasty ones too
I learned more German words😈
I just watched the one where the girls brother was gay and he was making out with her bf
woah... I’ll need to watch that one...😅
I'll leave the long In my bio
I won’t be able to watch it now bc this is my school iPad
instead of a video you should have a link to ur YouTube account so people can find it!?
than you can get a million more subscribers😉
I might get the chance to train service dogs!
service dogs are so cool
yeah and they are good
I’m asking my mother for a black lab for my next dog and I’m gonna name him Bullet and he is gonna be trained so well!
I had a good dream last night
what was it about
it was about where there was this guy who got killed at the beach and I was on the beach with my grandparents and I found I note in bedroom that I was the next target that was gonna get murdered and then I stupidly woke up🤦🏼‍♀️
how is that good?
bc it wasn’t bad
🤱this emoji is weird...
but then my bad dreams are when there is a wild fire and my house gets destroyed...
man ur dreams are weird
yep mostly bc I am...
all the ppl in my class are so lazy and then there is me...
I wish you didn’t have to go in a couple minutes🥺
yh same. . . 😓
I wish u didn't have to go tomorrow
dang I gotta go to the orthodontist today and get my braces changed out🔥🔥🔥
me too🥺🥺🥺
when do u have to leave?
tomorrow at noon
I’m getting silver and teal😈
ok I thought u had to leave today
nope tomorrow
😂 ok
wait no it’s today
I went to the dentist yesterday😑😑😑🔥
when would u have to leave? . . . like the time
are u two going out already because u will be such a good couple
umm mmmm?
no I am single
ok bye! I’ll probably talk to you tomorrow
it’s hard to believe tomorrow will be the last time we talk🥺
wait why would it be
is someone leaving
haha I love them!
I was making a collage!
yeah I can’t find any pngs😂
yeah they are like little stickers
oh 😂
stupid bugs😑I have 5 million bug bites bc they enjoy eating me😑😑😑😑
that are so annoying and my parents and brother had 0 bug bites😑😑😑
I'll tell u a secret. . . some people have really sweet blood because they have a lot of sugar in it that why they are drawn to some people and not from other
well I gotta go bye I’ll miss you!🥺💞see you tomorrow💞
well I do eat a lot of sugar... it’s bc the sugar is in the grape juice I drink and boy do I love grape juice😅😅
yh same 😂
🧚🏻‍♀️new post 🧚🏻‍♀️
new post
hehe spam😝
this will be the last time we talk🥺
Yayyyyyyyy I get to see my cousin today!🥳🥳🥳
finally your on
😂😂. . . 😭😭😭
don’t cry bc I’m not gone yet😑
I’ll be back next year
I don't want u to leave 😭😭😭
I don’t want to leave either but school is soon over and next year I will be going in person
so I might not be as active next year as I was this year
bc I’m actually going to school instead of doing online school
won't u still have an iPad?
no bc I am switching schools
I went to a school called Dover and I am moving to a school called Northern
don't they have ipads?
and at me new school I will get a chrome book
u can use PC online uk right?
yeah but I’m going to be really busy in classes I will be on sometimes but not as often
ok. . . 😓🥺💔
ok let’s not talk as if I’m dying let’s just enjoy the time we have together b4 I go
ok. . . ok I'm actually crying now. . . my friends are looking at me weird 🤦🏼‍♀️
what if your teacher sees you?
he won't care
oh ok
yh😓. . . did u care at all about me?
yes your my friend
oh 🥺🔥
do we gotta have a fight on my last day or can we just talk like friends?
. . . ok
did u change ur icon?
oh I thought u did because I can't see it when people do
oh no I didn’t I’m never changing it bc Roxy made it 4 me
oh lucky the only nice thing she did for me was give me the copy and paste message she gave everyone else she knew. . .
she is me best friend
yh she was mine when I got on this app this year and then we drifted apart
yeah she is a good friend
well it’s probably time for you to go and I will really miss you and I will wish you a good summer and you will be in my prayers💞
when do u have to leave?
whenever I say bye to all my friends
sooooo. . .soon? 💔
bye I love u so much 💔
yeah and I am going to my grandmas house for the night
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