tap for challenge 📝

write a short story, but don’t fix
any mistakes and send without
proof reading


tap for challenge 📝 write a short story, but don’t fix any mistakes and send without proof reading

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as nerd_potato4ever looked at the post...she though “so true”,and just sat and stared at it because she could relate too much. she wanted to share this with her friends,but of course,she couldn’t.she was shook by how relatable these could be,and how this challenge was kinda hard because her fingers literally flew all over the keyboard
Once apon a time ther was a girl nnamed CreativeMind687 and she just go to 100 followers and was so happy the every day she gains two to three followere now she is at 113 folloews and she is so happy for all of her followers and loves pic- collage and posted alost every orher day. The ens.🙂
So true lol
one day a girl read this and decided to take the challenge. she was in the car and she’s a pretty fast typed so she didn’t know how many mistakes she would make hah
As Tom_Holland_Infinity_War looked at this account she started to rethink life and her existence. she then decided to enter the competition because why the not. the end.
once upon a time there was a cow this cow liked to eat grass and it said moooooooooooooooo thin it would eat more grass and one day, it said quack and made headlines around the world, then it it was ha.lf duck nd half cow and then it traveled to narnia amd was never heard from again
as sunlights ght# rad this, she thought, let enter this comp because why no
once upon a time there was a bord the bird like to fly all around the world his favorite places were paris and australia. (i have no idea where this sory is goind.) the bird found an wife and he loved her bery much, he decided to stay in paris with his wife... they all lived happilyever afyer.
😂 that’s so true 😂
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there was a fat unicarn it eas sooo fluffy it ate rain bows for breackfast then it grew wing and fleww away the ebs
(without mistakes) There was a fat unicorn, it was sooo fluffy. It ate rainbows for breakfast. Then it grew wings and flew away. The end
one day I went the she store and bought three things: oranges, and apples. it was a good day and I liked having the oranges at my house, because later my car broke down and they were all I could eat.
so if y’all are interested I wanna was a way I could go get home ima is that time for you guys I gotta was a little bit off of the school test and then you gotta I wanna go