🌞August 10,2021 🌞
Totally recommend these songs 🤌


🌞August 10,2021 🌞 Totally recommend these songs 🤌

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I love amour plastique my fav songs are space girl by Francis forever Ophelia by the lumineers are you bored yet by wallows and Clairo and sweater weather by the neighborhood m
i can't remember too many songs so i'll just do singers :)
btw this might take a while cause i have a lot~
sza, griff, ariana grande, tate mcrae, billie eilish, sabrina carpenter, lennon stella, dua lipa
oh yeah! how could i forget 😩
never gonna give you up by rick astley*
Soul Asylum
not me adding all these song to my playlist
if you want I can share my spotify playlist with u 😂
well it’s a band but np💖
cemetery by coin, best friend by rex something (iforgot the name), and can i call you tonight by someone :))
when is the contest going to start? also can you let AudreyDavid have peachy?
also cage the elephant is good my fav songs of theirs are cold cold cold and cigarette daydreams and why’d you only call me when your high by the Arctic monkeys and if you’re looking for a chill song I usually draw to dandelions by Ruth B.
I have a lot of depressing songs too because I’m a ✨mentally unstable reader✨
crashed my bike, bye Sun Room
my future, by Billie Eilish
Daft pretty boys ( i don’t remember who it’s by lol )
Gaslight, by WILLOW
bedache, bye Christian Leave
😂 your all good
ooo I rlly wanna learn spanish tbh
I only know some
okay hang on imma remix it to you
my fav song from there is lovely and July
heyy, suggestion of artists u should try and check out: BENEE, Clairo, PinkPantheress
then lmk how u feel about it😌