Collage by aesthetic-cat


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hey cutie
just sitting here a lone hbu
I want to join you
ok *joins you*
why do you turn away
I will never cheat on you. I’m not like that
who was it
he needs to leave. I love you more than him
looks back
smiles back*i enjoyed that*
kissing back
holds you
squeezes your hand
smiles back
will you go out with me?
so what you wanna do
sounds great
ok? you don’t have to
who is it?
oh ok I will be quite
I love you
ok where
ok sounds good
ooo your hxxxy?
ok *takes off my shirt*
*takes off pants and pushed you on bed*
wraps arms around your neck
kisses you
kisses you furiously
wraps legs around you
same here. pushes you in bed
haha wraps arms around back
mmm baby tell me what to do!
ok kisses neck hungrily
I moxn
mmm. baby! your so aggressive! slips hands down undies
😈 pull undies down
I’ll let you take off mine
*stands up*
mmmm baby
I love you so much
pushes you against wall my d*** going between you legs
pushes you on floor
puts my d*** in your p*****
goes harder
goes harder what’s my name?
louder *goes harder*
I won’t Abbas *hits your point *
no I spelled baby wrong so I pulled it again
hits your point again
hits point
goes harder
umm ima report u