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what parts do u want to do
I don't mind
k well I could get the background and some quotes and u could add the images and stuff!
I meant to put ? not ! 🙄😂
sure. so you do background and choose the quote and I do pngs and the layout for the quote?
ye if that’s ok?
so what’s the theme going to be?
I don't mind
you can choose if You want
what colours do you like?
sunset and ocean colours
ooh yeah nice
if you start a background and get some quote ideas then we could start the collab
hey I am really sorry that I haven't been able to finish our collab. my new phone doesn't let me comment on collages and it's Really frustrating. I have had to log into my old phone to be able to do it. if you are still wanting to finish the collab then I would love to